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Better Than Chocolate


Karen Dwyer and Christina Cox film clips (samples below)



Dwyer. The tiny redhead's career never took off.




"Doctor at Large"

(TV, 1971)

The Doctor at Large TV series was made in 1971 and follows the adventures of three stars in the earlier Doctor in the House (1969 and 1970) TV series, Michael Upton, Paul Collier and Dick Stuart-Clark, after they had graduated from medical school. I didn't  think it was as funny as the earlier series and I think the joke had been done to death. Only one series was made. There is no nudity but there were some lovely looking women in mini-skirts.

Episode 4 Doctor Dish

Unknown - some over-sexed school girls down to their underwear

Episode 11 Saturday Matinee

Maureen Lipman - in her underwear

Episode 18 A Little Help from My Friends

Joanna Shelley, Shirley Cheriton and Maxine Casson - looking lovely

Episode 23 Pull the Other One!

Andrea Lawrence - very short skirt

Deidre Costello - upskirt

Janina Faye - in her underwear

Maggie Henderson - cleavage

Episode 27 The Viva

Melita Manger - lovely hot pants


Je n'aime que toi

(2004; aka "My One Only Love")

My favorite find this year so far.

Noemie Godin-Vigneau: full frontal and more.

Why I Wore Lipstick to My Mastectomy

(2006 TV movie)

Lifetime movie about breast cancer which provides a perfect opportunity for an A-list actress to bare her boobs for the only time.

Sarah Chalke: as topless as this Scrubs star will ever get.

strippers: topless.

Laurie Elliott: bra-less comedian almost falling out of her sweater.

Robin Brule: butt crack flashing boobs along with Sarah Chalke and Mayko Nguyen.

Ursula Campbell: sexy as waitress

Talia Russo: sexy as waitress and still managing to fill out a loose blouse.

Le piege americain

(2008; aka "The American Trap")

Quebec JFK conspiracy movie which is quite good despite the dialogue being in French.

Janet Lane: cleavage, in first frame she can be seen having doggystyle sex in the reflection.

Kamala Brownrigg: topless sex as hooker.

3 saisons

(2009; aka "3 seasons")

Amelie Dallaire: boob and butt as hooker.

Carinne Leduc: buns having bare-assed sex.

Caroline Neron: sex scene, sitting on toilet.

Marie France Denoncourt: stunt sex double.

Mora Rozum: fully clothed sex as hooker.

"Bob Gratton, ma vie/My Life"

le saison 2

Caroline Bernard: mega cleavage, bare back, fake disco bush.

"Murdoch Mysteries"

episode: "In the Altogether" (s3e12)

Sima Fisher: dead but in some very naughty Victorian era photographs.



Non-nude nudes of Chelsea Handler.

Lady Gaga shows a breast in her Alejandro video

Christine Dupree in Armed and Dangerous

Rare nudity from Judy Landers in Armed and Dangerous

Elizabeth Berkley in Showgirls

Ashley Rhey in Cannibal Taboo

Caitlin Saibins in Cannibal Taboo




The women of Female Perversions:

Speaking of Tilda Swinton, here she is in Io sono l'amore

The women of Vatel: Marine Delterme, Uma Thurman, and Philippine Leroy-Beauleiu

Eve Mauro in The Steam Experiment in 720p

A Laia Marull double bill: La Herencia Valdemar (sample below), and Te doy mis ojos.

The video from La Herencia is a re-run, but the pic below is new.

Anastasia Ganias and Jennifer Wenger in Party Down, s2e8, 720p (sample below)

River George in Cut (sample below)