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Powder Blue


Part 3 of 4

Jessica Biel HD (1920x1080) film clips (part 3-4-5 of 6)

(samples below)







Black Emanuelle 2

Today the Time Machine takes another journey back to the seventies.

Now this one has nothing to do with the Laura Gemser series of "Emanuelle" movies. It stars Shulamith Lasri in her one and only screen role. Shulamith showed it all for the camera in these caps and 2 clips. There's lots more yet tomorrow.

TV Land

Over in TV Land another journey of the short variety as we look in on Amanda Peet as she puts on a leg & thigh show while visiting "Letterman". Caps and a HD clip.



Scoop's note: I screwed up the links to Hank's TV land film clips yesterday. The problem is fixed in the back issues.






Notes and collages



Kelly Preston








From Hong King comes A.V. (2005), which is about a group of blokes going to make a porn film.

Manami Amamiya plays the porn star and she gets naked.

We also see the rear of another actress who has her clothes off.

Blake's 7

From an episode of the sci-fi television series Blake's 7 called Duel (1978), we have some good pokies by Isla Blair.


Bruce Almighty

No nudity in Bruce Almighty (2003). Pokies by Jennifer Aniston

and Lisa Ann Walter,

and cleavage by Catherine Bell.



Some cleavage by Juliette Lewis in Grilled (2006)

and Kari Ann Peniche is in a sexy diaphanous outfit.


Haunting Fear

Plenty of topless nudity in Haunting Fear (1991) by Brinke Stevens,

Delia Sheppard

and Sherri Graham.

Unfortunately, it came from a tape and so the quality is not the best.

I Could Never Be Your Woman

Plenty of cleavage and pokies by Stacey Dash in I Could Never Be Your Woman (2007).

 Some cleavage and builder's crack by Sarah Alexander.


I Know Who Killed Me

The nudity in I Know Who Killed Me (2007) comes from some unidentified women.

Lindsay Lohan plays a stripper and, despite looking sexy, she keeps her clothes on, apart from a bit of side boobage.


Seed of Chucky

Stephanie Chambers is completely naked in Seed of Chucky (2004), and we possibly see a bit of bush in one frame.

Jennifer Tilly shows a lot of cleavage.


The Education of Charlie Banks

Again, in The Education of Charlie Banks (2007), there is no nudity.

Eva Amurri is down to her underwear and shows some cleavage.

The Satanic Rites of Dracula

Some lovely nakedness in The Satanic Rites of Dracula (1973), particularly by Maggie Fitzgerald.

Valerie Van Ost is shown topless

and Joanna Lumley shows some cleavage.


Sensual Friends

The softcore this week is Sensual Friends (2001).

Brandy Davis,

Nancy O'Neil,

Griffin Drew,


Jenna Mattison

and Kim Dawson

are all in various stages of undress.

Married with Children

These are the final caps from Married with Children and come from the last season, season 11

Season 11 Episode 13: T*R*A*S*H

Christina Applegate - cleavage, with small pokies

Season 11 Episode 14: Breaking Up is Easy to Do 1

Christina Applegate - very sexy

Lisa Robin Kelly - pokies

Season 11 Episode 15:  Breaking Up is Easy to Do 2

Christina Applegate - sexy outfit


Lisa Melilli - cleavage


Season 11 Episode 16: Breaking Up is Easy to Do 3

Christina Applegate - lovely


Season 11 Episode 17: Live Nude Peg

Christina Applegate - nice


Katey Sagal - cleavage


Unknown - some scantily-clad ladies from the jiggly room.


Season 11 Episode 18: A Babe in Toyland

Christina Applegate - pokies


Season 11 Episode 19: Birthday Boy Toy

Christina Applegate - looking good


Season 11 Episode 21: Lez Be Friends

Christina Applegate - looking good


Elaine Hendrix - a lot of leg


Season 11 Episode 22: Desperate half-Hour

Christina Applegate - sexy


Tricia Cast - cleavage


Season 11 Episode 23: How to Marry a Moron

Christina Applegate - pokies


Mason Dragotto, Lauren Hays, Rena Riffel and some others - looking good


Season 11 Episode 24: Chicago Shoe Exchange

Christina Applegate - looking good


Unknown - looking good









First up, paparazzi. Many reruns here, but worthwhile ones!

Amber Tamblyn

Emmanuelle Chriqui

Isla Fisher (these are new)

Evangeline Lilly

Anne Hathaway

Natalie Portman

Britney Spears (these are new)

Film Clips