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Breaking and Entering

Breaking and Entering (2006) is a complex and multi-layered film, which perhaps was its downfall. It was released as Oscar bait, and never caught on. At 120 minutes, it is certainly long enough to be Oscar material, and it touches on many important themes. but at no point does it ring the emotional bell. Jude Law is a landscape architect working to rebuild Kings Cross into a high income neighborhood. He lives with long time partner Robin Wright Penn, but is not satisfied, as she is totally absorbed by her Aspergers daughter, who only excels at gymnastics. Jude's building is burgled and all of their computer equipment stolen. The break-in was accomplished by Rafi Gavron, a very promising youngster who, in real life, is a free runner, a very gymnastic sport. Rafi is an immigrant, and lives with his mother, Juliette Binoche, who is clearly damaged, and makes a living as a seamstress. Jude Law stakes out his own building, where he meets Vera Farmiga, a hooker much brighter than he is, and catches Rafi in the act, follows him home, and learns where he and his mother live.

Rather than turn him in, he decides to investigate on his own, and starts a sexual relationship with Juliette Binoche. So, we have a parallel structure here, with Jude involved with two women, both damaged emotionally, and both with troubled children that are very athletic. The main resolution of the film is that Rafi Gavron and Juliette Binoche end up causing Jude Law and Robin Wright Penn to find each other again.

There are numerous other subplots and themes, including urban renewal and its effect on the residents, the plight of immigrants, the fact that many in the police have far more understanding and sympathy for the poor who turn to crime and the fact that landscapers talk about loving nature and believe that adding a clump of grass here and a small tree there makes a neighborhood "natural."

Vera Farmiga shows her left breast and her buns. Juliette Binoche shows breasts and buns.

IMDb readers say 6.5. Those who crave plot and pace will find this slow going. Those who, like me, have a strong interest in cross cultural understanding, on the other hand, will enjoy the story telling perhaps more than the actual story. Based on critical and box office response, the proper score is C-, but I enjoyed it.

Scoop's note: Actually, the film would technically be a D+ on our system, since it was killed by both critics and audiences. It scored 33% with critics and did so little business that it was virtually a total write-off for the investors. However, I also elevated the film to C-, as Tuna did. Unlike Tuna, I didn't really like it, and I found much of its running time to be occupied with unimportant distractions and irrelevant characters, but I could see why others might like it, and I think the film is important enough and ambitious enough to merit a qualified recommendation.


Vera Farmiga


Juliette Binoche







Angel Fist


The Time Machine travels to 1993 for Angel Fist.  This one starred Catya Sasson the daughter of Vidal Sasoon and actress Beverly Adams. Tragically Catya died of a heart attack on New Years Day, 2002, at the age of 33.

Catya shows off the hooters


... then showers down with Melissa Moore and reveals some full frontal goodness.



Melissa Moore winds up as a 'Babe in Bondage" as the bad guy cuts open her top.


Sheila Lintan plays a topless dancer.


Wrap it up with some unknown shower babes. It was a clean movie.







Notes and collages

Helen Mirren - Day 9

Savage Messiah, Part 2











Trastorno (Upheaval)



Natalia (Najwa Nimri) lo tiene todo: un buen marido, un buen trabajo, y, lo más importante, un hijo en camino. Después de mucho tiempo sin verse, decide reencontrarse con su hermana Elena (Ingrid Rubio), a quien las cosas no le van igual de bien. El mayor deseo de Elena es ser madre, y aún no ha conseguido quedarse embarazada. Sorprendentemente, durante el fin de semana que pasan juntas en casa de Natalia con sus respectivas parejas, Elena descubre que por fin está encinta. Una noticia que los llena a todos de alegría. Sin embargo, esta aparente felicidad comienza a verse afectada por juegos de celos, manipulaciones y engaños por parte de Elena. Se desata entonces una lucha a muerte dominada por la obsesión y los recuerdos del pasado, en los que Elena cegada por la envidia intenta arrebatar la vida de su hermana.



Natalia (Najwa Nimri) has everything: a good husband, a good job and, most important, a son on the way. Natalia decides to try a reconciliation with her estranged sister Elena, for whom things are not going equally well. Elena's greatest goal in life has been to be a mother, but she has not been able to get pregnant. They decide to pass a weekend together with their spouses and surprisingly, Elena reveals that she is finally expecting a baby, and the news fills them all with joy. This euphoria doesn't last. Their happiness is affected by games of jealousy, and various manipulations and deceits on the part of Elena. Elena's obsession with real or imagined slights in the past is so overwhelming that she even tries to kill her sister.



Ingrid Rubio


Najwa Nimri








Little Children

A top-notch cast and interesting story and script highlight this 2006 character study/drama.

The story examines the lives of several young marrieds, whose lives are tied together by the small community they live in. Characters include a woman in a loveless marriage whose husband contents himself with Internet porn while she devotes her time to her daughter. Eventually, she strikes up an acquaintance with a househusband caring for his son, but the friendship doesn't remain a friendship. It becomes an affair.

Meantime, a convicted sex offender is living with his mother trying to put his life back together, but is hounded by a disgraced ex-cop who decides that the man, convicted only of indecent exposure, should be treated like a murderer.

Chock-full of interesting characters in intriguing situations, this is a very good movie that will keep you involved throughout.

Kate Winslet Jennifer Connelly Sarah Buxton








Despite the title, this movie is set entirely in Spain, reaching only the border with Portugal, though the woman mysteriously walking along a Spanish freeway (Carmen Maura) is desperate to get to Lisbon. She begs a traveling salesman (Sergi López) to take her there for "personal reasons." He is bored with the endless driving and customers who like him personally, but aren't moving his merchandise (porno movies and music discs), and the woman's desperation seems to intrigue him, so he agrees to take her. Soon her family shows up in pursuit of her, and he has to figure out if she is trouble or just IN trouble.


Laia Marrull








Kate Mara in Shooter (Film clip)

Amber Valletta in The Last Time  (Film clips in German)
Sam Jenkins in Ed and his Dead Mother (Film clips)


Jacinda Barrett in The Human Stain
Britney Spears falling out of her dress yet again. According to the file name, she was at Josephs Nightclub in Hollywood on June 11th (Monday night).






The Comedy Wire

Comments in yellow...

A joint study by researchers from Poland and Britain's Durham University found that women's fathers are a major influence on the kind of man they find attractive.  Women were asked to rate their childhood relationships with their dads, then to pick out photos of various men they found most attractive.  The ones who had good early relationships with their dads picked men whose facial features were similar to their fathers'.  The ones with unfavorable memories of dad were turned off by faces similar to his.  A researcher said if your son-in-law resembles you, you should take it as a compliment.

*  It's amazing how many women's dads looked like Brad Pitt.

A committee of medical experts convened by the AMA and the CDC said doctors need to quit using fuzzy terms in an attempt to protect fat kids' self-esteem.  They said doctors are so afraid of stigmatizing children, they use phrases such as "at risk for overweight" that don't clearly tell parents their kid is obese.  The experts said doctors should find ways to accurately describe how fat the kids are without hurting their feelings by calling them "obese."

*  Instead, say, "Your kid is so fat, McDonald's lets him walk through their drive-through lane" or "Your kid is so fat, his butt cheeks are in two different time zones" or "Your kid is so fat, he could use the
rings of Saturn for a hula-hoop."

*  Just call the kid fat, then run.  It's not like he's gonna be able to catch you.

By custom, Chinese people are supposed to choose their surnames from a list of 100 traditional names.  But with the population exploding, China Daily reports that so many people now have the same name, it's getting really confusing. For instance, there are 93,000 people named Wang Tao. In fact, Wang is the most popular name of all. China now has 93 million Wangs, which experts say is too
many Wangs. 

*  Paris Hilton says God told her you can never have too many Wangs.

*  That's WHY they have a population explosion.

*  On the bright side, it is easy to find a bar "where everybody knows your name."