Other Crap:

Say what? Ambitious movie mogul JERRY BRUCKHEIMER is keen to reteam TROY stars BRAD PITT and ERIC BANA in an "architectural musical comedy" with JENNIFER LOPEZ.
  • I didn't know that Bruckheimer was into architecture, but every time I think of him I am immediately reminded of a flying buttress

Baby Born to Brain-Dead Woman, but Tom Cruise says he still loves them both.

Net neutrality or not? CNN presents both sides of the issue.

A pretty funny interview with Sandra Bullock and Keanu

The Straight Dope: What does "OK" stand for?

  • The answer is "oll korrect," and it first appeared in the Boston newspapers in 1839.
  • It was part of a local "silly abbreviation" fad that began the prrevious year. Other examples included OW = "oll wright," KG = "know go," and NS = "nuff said."
  • That having been said, the Martin Van Buren story does hold some water. The term was popular in 1840 and Van's followers did jump on the fact that Old Kinderhook was Oll Korrect.

The great Lost in Translation mystery*** SUPER SPOILER *** Don't read this post if you don't want to know what Bill Murray whispered to Scarlett Johansson in that scene.

  • This link is the actual sound track amplified.
  • I suppose you need better ears than mine, but according to people who have analyzed it with top sound equipment, the dialogue is, "“I’ll always remember the past few days with you … Don’t part mad, tell him the truth, okay?” "OK."
  • I think the director made the correct decision to make the sound inaudible. The mystery allows each viewer to complete the screen relationship in his/her own way. Does Murray offer fatherly advice? Does he make plans to call her back in the States? Does he offer a confession of love and/or passion? The choice involves you, and you get to decide based upon your own interpretation.
  • (I faced almost the exact situation once myself, leaving a foreign city and breaking off a really great relationship before it had really gotten a chance to begin, so I pretty much penciled in what I said in that moment.)

Greatest 500 Albums of the 20th century (And a system to order tracks from them as MP3s - it's for profit, but very useful and convenient, anyway.)

Carol Lynn Price: Super Patriot (Anne Coulter parody)

URL says it all: WeGotUsSomeMedicalWaste.com

From our "ooga-chucka" department: "Get The Hoff to Number 1"

  • Think what he's given to the world. Knight Rider. Baywatch. The reunification of East and West Germany. Untold laughter from forwarded e-mails of him in hotpants. He's given a lot. It's time we gave something back."

Entertainment Weekly's complete list of the most controversial movies

  • They did include Birth of a Nation, Caligula, and Triumph of the Will; but the earlier AP story never mentioned them.
  • They did not include Women in Love, in which two major male movie stars (Oliver Reed and Alan Bates) did a lengthy nude wrestling match with all their manly bits on display. To imagine how controversial this was, imagine a movie today with Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp wrestling naked for five minutes, with nothing hidden by camera tricks. Even after three decades, that scene still remains the all-time highlight of male nudity in mainstream films.
  • They did not include Pretty Baby. This film is still so controversial that it is screened far less often than even Birth of a Nation, and the nude scenes with Brooke Shields do not appear on my nudity site or on Mr Skin's! Although many people consider it art, and it was directed by the distinguished Louise Malle, it is considered kiddie porn by the modern definition. (In all fairness, you can probably buy it from the shelves at Frye's or Best Buy, so it has stayed under the radar of both the left and right wings of nutbag America.)
  • Two others I'd add to the list (removing some not-really-so-controversial films like United 93) would be Salo and The Sign of the Cross.
  • The list omits Brokeback Mountain. I'm not sure whether I agree with that.

A three-minute preview of 30 Rock, Tina Fey's new series.

Political Arithmetik: Presidential Approval in Historical Perspective

  • The graphs are interesting. I never thought of it before looking at the charts, but most Presidents' approval ratings have declined steadily throughout most of their tenure (excluding extraordinary events.) This is true of both Bushes, LBJ, the Trickster, Jimmah Carter, Truman, and Kennedy. In general, we get fed up with our leaders.
  • A few exceptions: Reagan and Ike held fairly steady. Clinton and FDR improved.
  • The biggest surprise: JFK's downward trend was a sharp as anyone's, but martyrdom salvaged his reputation.


Which celebrity would you like to invite to dinner?

  • If it's at my expense - Nicole Richie.

One of the animators for A Scanner Darkly: "There are a couple of scenes in which Winona is topless. I'm sorry to have to break this to you but she filmed the scenes with an exercise top on. The animators had to imagine what her specific attributes might look like. So there won't be any bootleg video floating around of nude Winona."

A quirky clip from Linklater's live/animated curiosity, A Scanner Darkly, which is based on a story by Philip K Dick (Also the source of Blade Runner, Minority Report, and Total Recall)

  • The early reviews are not positive. Two thumbs down from Variety and Hollywood Reporter. One reviewer wrote, "Without the rotoscoping, the movie would be completely undistinguished, competent but only mildly entertaining."

Six clips from Click, Adam Sandler's new film.

16 Foot, One Ton Golden Fisherman Statue Missing

Amid all the bad news we read each day, it's good to know there are life-affirming moments of hope and redemption, like in a Cameron Crowe movie. "A main ingredient in beer may help prevent prostate cancer "

Ohio filled with the un(claimed)dead

"Another funny Lord of The Rings Parody - or funny in a fucked up way ..."

"Night of the Living Doo"

  • Scooby-Doo parody. Nicely done.

Tom Petty's video for Into The Great Wide Open - starring a young Johnny Depp, and featuring Faye Dunaway

The trailer for Borat's guide to America.

The ultimate teenage weapon: "a ring tone that adults cannot hear"

  • The scientific principle behind it is that humans gradually lose the ability to hear high-pitched sounds. The science seems to be right-on, because the website includes an .mp3 of the sound, and I could not hear it.
  • That also explains why old people are so disappointed by that Broadway show about Frankie Valli

Seth MacFarlane's Harvard Class Day Speech 2006

What happens when you put liquid nitrogen in the swimming pool?

The National Safety Council warns: drinking and lapdancing don't mix

The Chosen One returns to LA, where she stopped at a temple to discuss theology with the doctors.

  • She was too young to walk on water to America, but she did crawl part of the way.

Britney Spears denies that she has Federline chained up in the basement.

The small-town West Texas boy who created 'Conan the Barbarian'

Heterosexual wins a Tony!

  • Nah. Just kidding.

British actress Redgrave protests open-air gold mine project in Romania

  • Vanessa is protesting its impact on the enviroment, and I have no idea what that might be, but she sure seems to be on the right side of the protest, if possibly for the wrong reasons. Consider these facts
    • Building the mine would require the destruction of half a city -- including its churches and cemeteries -- and force the relocation of some 2,000 people.
    • It will cause the destruction of an archeological site at Rosia Montana, unique in Europe, where a vast network of Roman mining tunnels, dating from the second century, have still not been completely explored!
  • That must be one shitlode of gold

Websites take bets on Hurricanes

Pizza Man Dressed As Superhero Comes To Rescue

  • Gotham City has Batman and Minneapolis has Luke Pie Walker. That seems appropriate in a way I can't quite describe. I'll bet he has one of those Fargo accents.

Judge Allows Public to See R. Kelly Sex Tape

  • He ruled there is no reason to keep it from the public! I don't care about R Kelly and some underage girl, but we need to get that same judge to rule on some other sex tapes. Make him the official sex tape judge. I like his attitude.

Shaquille O'Neal vs. Reporter

The Millionaire Fair

  • It's like an Auto Show for people in tuxedos

The "Art" of Science Competition / 2006 Gallery

Roethlisberger hurt in motorcycle crash, has surgery

World Cup mania - USA loses 3-0. Three? In soccer terms, that should be a "mercy rule"

Storm Watch - Alberto

A Family Guy Blog "Peter tells his family his dirty secret, he didn't like The Godfather."

"Airbus to build seven story airliner ... Passengers will have choice of restaurants and theatres"


"This is a collection of 'spy equipment' we have found for sale around the internet. Everything here is completely real"

"Online marketplace eBay Inc. is set to unveil a keyword advertising system for eBay sellers to promote auctions on other Web sites, borrowing from the strategies of Google and Yahoo."


  • President George W. Bush today said that he would seek a constitutional amendment banning so-called “queer eye” or gay makeovers in an effort to protect the institution of heterosexual makeovers in America. “Our country was founded on the principle of women making over the slobs they date and marry,” Mr. Bush told a Republican rally in Erie, Pennsylvania today. “Only a constitutional amendment can protect the sanctity of those traditional makeovers.”



Movie Reviews:

Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe). White asterisk: expanded format. Blue asterisk: not mine. No asterisk: it probably sucks.


Under Lock and Key (1994)

Under Lock and Key is a classic WIP (women-in-prison) genre flick. It starts right off in the prison, with shower scenes, cavity searches by lesbo guards, cat fights, a lecherous doctor, etc. Then, there is an escape, and it turns into a revenge picture. The only wrinkle this time is that the escapee, Wendi Westbrook, is an undercover FBI agent. She has gone undercover to get close to Stephanie Ann Smith, who was the girlfriend of a major drug dealer and fashion designer who uses his clothing business as a front for his real work. Stephanie stole the boss's little black code book as a kind of life insurance policy and the feds want it.

The two are transported to another prison, and a gang from the drug lord ambushes them. When the smoke has cleared, two prisoners and one guard are dead, leaving Wendi Westbrook and a woman who has always wanted to be an FBI agent. They learn that the drug lord has kidnapped Westbrook's daughter as insurance and, with the help of fashion model and super-duper international agent Sai Tyler, the three women set out to rescue the daughter while taking down the drug dealer and defeating his 1.87 million henchmen.

Based on many things, but most especially the ending, I am reasonably sure this was made as a pilot for late night pay cable, and I can see why nobody picked it up as a series. There were simply not enough sympathetic characters to carry a season, and how many plot variations can there be in stories about a single mother FBI agent?

On the other hand, this film can stand alone and meet all the minimum daily requirements of a genre which I am partial to. It features catfights, full frontal nudity, more catfights, lots of shower scenes, and then a few catfights and some more nudity. If you share my enthusiasm for WIP films, you should like this one, making it a nice solid C on our scale.

IMDb readers say 4.3 with only 41 votes.

Wendy Westbrook
Stephanie Ann Smith
 Sair Taylor
Trisha Berdot






As the Time Machine turns for home we stop off in 1995 for "Vicious Kiss."

This really bad movie with horrible acting starred B-movie veteran Monique Parent. Monique starts off by having sex while fully clothed with a guy she has drugged. Eventually we do get to see the boobs as she has sex with the drugged guy after he awakens.





Lena Olin in Enemies- a Love Story

Toni Braxton falling from her top at the World Cup

This zipped .avi is Jennifer Elise Cox (Jan Brady in the movie version) in Hard Pill. ("A despondent gay man throws his life and relationships into turmoil when he volunteers for a controversial pharmaceutical study for a drug designed to make gay men straight.")

Pat's comments in yellow...

It was reported Friday that al-Qaeda leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi did not die immediately when the US dropped two 500-pound bombs on his safe house.  Instead, he realized he was surrounded by US troops, got off his stretcher and tried to crawl away, but was stopped, then died. A military spokesman strongly denied a rumor that the Americans beat Zarqawi.  Meanwhile, an Investors Business Daily survey showed that with the killing of Zarqawi, President Bush's low approval rating leaped to 44 percent overnight.

*  To get it above 60 percent, Bush announced that he plans to drop a
500-pound bomb on Al Franken.

The City Council of Ontario, California, thinks the First Amendment shouldn't cover placing curses on them.  A pastor upset about his project being denied funding said he was placing a curse on the city manager and his wife and family.  It upset the Council so much, they asked the City Attorney to find a legal way to ban such statements.  But free speech advocates say the only limits are slander, hate speech and physical threats, and they don't see how you can legally ban someone from saying he's going to put a curse on a political official.

*  The First Amendment was invented to give you the right to curse government officials!


Fox News reports that the Tirolean County Museum in Austria is showing an exhibit of historical sexual items, including the oldest surviving condom.  It was made in 1640 and found in Lund, Sweden.  It's a reusable condom made of pig intestines, but it was never used.  It still has an instruction manual in Latin that advises soaking it in warm milk prior to use to prevent diseases. 

*  It was in Latin so the monks could read it. 

Scoop's note: Pat has a helluva good point hidden in his joke! How many other Swedes could read Latin in 1640? I suppose most of them couldn't even read Swedish.

The American Academy of Dermatology found that tattoos are no longer out of the mainstream.  The number of Americans age 18 to 29 with tattoos is up to 36 percent and rising.  The study author said it's become a standard rite of passage for young people to show rebellion.  

*  In fact, they have to show rebellion this way or they won't fit in. 


Kim Basinger claims that Alec Baldwin is violent, unstable and trying to
turn their daughter against her, so a judge ordered a court psychologist to
spend a week with Baldwin and assess his sanity

* What if he's crazy, but can fool the psychologist because he's just a really good actor?  Nah, that's too farfetched