"Once Upon a Time in America"

Once Upon a Time in America (1984) was recently reviewed by Scoopy. I had never seen the film before today, and was somewhat skeptical of his near love affair with this film. Now that I have seen it, if anything, he understated how good it really is. Not only did Hollywood cut it by more than 50%, but they changed the time line into a linear progression, destroying all possible meaning, and didn't even bother with the Ennio Morricone score, which would have been a sure Oscar winner. The version recently released is very close to the "directors cut," but is missing a few minor scene snippets, because they were never looped in English.

I am a very visual person, and the visuals in this film are amazing. The period detail is perfect, and the camera creates mood without calling attention to itself. Perhaps what I like best about this character driven crime drama is that the show me the story, rather than tell me. I believe you could understand most o the film without speaking a single word of English. Scoop had trouble deciding between a C+ and an A. I don't understand how anyone who likes film could not love this one, making it a clear A. I normally wouldn't gladly sit through a film this long, and crime drama is not my favorite genre, but I was entranced beginning to end.

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    Emmanuelle Vaugier
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    The Canadian actress topless in scenes from the Josh Hartnett flick "40 Days and 40 Nights" (2002).

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    The pop singer stuffing her big'uns into a tight tank top during an appearance on Conan.

    Nicole Kidman
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    The movie "Eyes Wide Shut" was kinda lame in the plot department, but first class all the way when it came to the nudity. Here is Kidman showing off her amazing bum, and also topless.

    Ava Lake and Chennin Blanc

    Chennin Blanc and Heather Lynn

    Chennin Blanc and Jacklyn Lick

    Heather Lynn, Ava Lake and Chennin Blanc (1, 2)

    A ton of breasts, bums, bush, lesbo lovin', pseudo-sex and even an occasional gyno-view! Vidcaps by Dracul from the Skinemax flick "Naked Betrayal" (2002).

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    Michelle Pantoliano
    Michelle Pantoliano
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    The girls of Naked News. Full frontal nudity from the 2002 Halloween special. Vidcaps by PAL.

    Tina Krause
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    aka Mia Copia. Co-star of several grade Z (or lower) flicks. Here she is baring it all in scenes from "Titanic 2000". Thanks to Señor Skin.