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"The White Queen"


Today: episode 1

Rebecca Ferguson

Eve Ponsonby


Sweet Prudence and  the Erotic Adventure of Bigfoot


Albina Nahar in Sweet Prudence and the Erotic Adventure of Big Foot. It is wise to notice it is Adventure - singular - and not adventures because, well, you know Big Foot is no raging beauty and so he should count himself fortunate that he ever got lucky.

Albina got all nekkid for a few movies earlier this decade but then she just stopped and I say that's a shame. You can see from the angles taken by the camera during this scene that the director of photography loved Albina's caboose. Me too. #6 is the real winner of the bunch, when for one frame and despite all attempts to keep it hidden, we all get a very nice look at Albina's holiest of holies. That is not a shame.

Albina Nahar


TV and Film Clips

Daniela Lavender in A Birder's Guide to Everything

Sadie Katz, Heather Tyler and Cheryl Sands in House of Bad (2013) in 1080p

I don't know this film, but from the IMDb score (3.1), the title seems appropriate





HQ pics of Cindy Crawford, as she looks now

an upgraded pic of Angie Harmon, from about five years ago