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Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.



Finishing the episodes in the fifth season of Baywatch, which were made in 1994 and 1995.

Episode 9 - Red Wind

Bobbie Phillips - upskirt

Julie Strain - lovely thong and cleavage

Lisa Stahl - bikini

Pamela Anderson - cleavage

Yamine Bleeth - lovely

Unknown - pokies by some lovelies

Episode 10 - I Spike

Pamela Anderson - pokies

Rebekah Carlton - pokies

Episode 11 - Silent Night, Baywatch Night Part 1

Pamela Anderson - cleavage

Paula Trickey - pokies

Rebekah Carlton - sexy

Unknown - lovely bikinis

Episode 12 - Silent Night, Baywatch Night Part 2

Pamela Anderson - sexy

Paula Trickey - sexy

Yasmine Bleeth - sexy

Unknown - bikini babes

Episode 13 - Rubber Ducky

Danielle Raciti - cleavage

Pamela Anderson - pokies

Rebekah Carlton - sexy

Yasmine Bleeth - sexy


Episode 14 - Homecoming

Alexandra Paul - pokies

Gretchen Palmer - sexy

Keri Jo Chapman - cleavage

Episode 15 - Seize the Day

Alexandra Paul - pokies

Yasmine Bleeth - pokies

Scoop's note: Did Alexandra Paul have a lip-slip in the top right image above?

Episode 16 - A Little Help

Jill Pierce - sexy

Pamela Anderson - pokies

Yasmine Bleeth - lovely

Episode 17 - Fathers Day

Alexandra Paul - sexy

Julie Michaels - curiosity, Dalton's dancer

Yasmine Bleeth - lovely

Episode 18 - Fire with Fire

Unknown - cleavage

Episode 20 - Promised Land

Heidi Mark - pokies

Unknown - very sexy


Episode 21 - The Runaway

Jayne Leigh Collins - bikini

Pamela Bach - cleavage

Yasmine Bleeth - cleavage

Episode 22 - Wet 'n' Wild

Heather Campbell - sexy

Pamela Anderson - cleavage

Unknown - bikinis



The L Word

(Season 1, 2004)

Mia Kirshner and Erin Daniels film clips. Captures below.








"The Line"

 seasons 1 and 2

Cable series from a few years ago which showed a lot of new Canadian skin. From the looks of it season 2 (episode 8 to 15) never aired in the United States as there are no collages on the internet.

Season 1

Sarah Manninen: three nude sex scenes. (The third collage is from season 2.)

Kimwun Perehinec: two nude sex scenes.

Yanna McIntosh: nude sex scene then nude in bathtub.

Linda Hamilton: the former Mrs. James Cameron is topless and showing the Titanic director what's he's missing.

strippers: obligatory strip club scene in first episode.

Lisa Marcos: fully clothed sex and very sexy.

Sharon Lawrence: fully clothed sex and side boob.

Tasha Lawrence: fully clothed sex.

Genelle Williams: very sexy as baby mama.

Ingrid Hart: sexy.

Season 2

Helena-Alexis Seymour: fully clothed sex. She looks like the sexy stepdaughter in The Cleveland Show.

Kate Spurgeon: brassiere as hooker.

Jazz Testolini: top heavy in brassiere.

Allison Graham: buns having doggystyle sex.

Kerry Lai Fatt: bikini.



Kiss the Night

(Australia; 1987)



Kiss The Night (aka Candy Regentag) is a 1987 drama about a prostitute at a Kings Cross brothel named Candy (Patsy Stephen) who is going through a tough time. Her boyfriend and their friends are leeching off her and she is starting to hate being a prostitute. One night while going out with her fellow sex workers, she meets Reg (host of The EXTRAORDINARY, Warwick Moss) who protects a co-worker's boyfriend from a beating. He is instantly attracted to her and is told that he can find her at the brothel. A few weeks later he visits the brothel and asks for Candy. Over time, Reg sporadically visits the brothel to get full service from Candy and over time Candy falls for Reg and becomes increasingly disgruntled with working at a brothel. She sees him as her way out, but he is only after a quick paid fuck. And it's going to end in tragedy.

Not a bad look at the ins and outs of brothel work and of someone who wants out, but can't find a way. Doesn't show legal prostitution too glamorously (like Satisfaction does), and has two strong lead performances from Patsy Stephen (later a regular in Chances) and Warwick Moss. The film is relentlessly grim, which I don't mind, but I really didn't like the ending, sure it showed Candy's desperation, but really did she need to kill Reg when she found out that everything she thought of Reg was a complete facade. As if that isn't the case for pretty much all patrons of brothels. Worth a look if you like things grim and depressing.

The VHS of Kiss The Night posed a few problems. First of all that 80s look doesn't translate to well to DVD quality. A number of 80s DVDs haven't come out too well, something about the way these films were made that makes the transfers look fuzzy. And it only seems to happen in 80s films. Films from the 70s look better. Maybe it's to do with the use of cheaper film that came about from this period. I don't know. Also, Kiss The Night is very much a widescreen film and pan and scan doesn't suit it at all. At least the pan and scan is half decent on this transfer. I've looked at some others I have and they're dreadful, pure amateur hour stuff. Looking forward to making something out of those...

The videos of Patsy Stephen are long and spoiler-heavy...

Collages below:




Film Clips

Carole Frank and Anne Consigny in E-Love (2011; see below)

Anne Consigny in E-Love (2011; see below)

Gaelle Bona in Je, Francois Villon: assassin, voleur, poete (2010 TV, 720p, see below)

Solene Bouton in Je, Francois Villon: assassin, voleur, poete (2010 TV, 720p, see below)

Marie Gillain in Harem Suare (1999, 720p; see below)

Salli Richardson in Posse (1993; HD; see below)



Danish film corner

Pernille Kaare Hoier in Hvem braender bornene i Helvede (2010 short; see below)

Malin Brolin-Tani in De unge ar (2007; see below)

Patricia Schumann in De unge ar (see below)

Therese Damsgaard in De unge ar (see below)

Anni Fonsby in Ogginoggen (1997; see below))




Claudia Cardinale in Once Upon a Time in The West (1968)