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Alex Kingston film clips (samples below)

Kate Hardie film clips (samples below)



The theme for this contribution is British movies, mainly early movies, with most made before the 90s.

Barry Lyndon

There is a little breast exposure in Barry Lyndon (1975), especially by

Marisa Berenson

and a couple of unidentified women.


Brazil (1985) was made by Monty Python's Terry Gilliam and it shows - it rates 8.0 on the IMDB and is number #241 in the top 250 movies.

Kim Greist shows some breast and butt.

Doctor at Sea

Doctor at Sea (1955) was the second of a series of 'Doctor' movies.

No visible nudity but Brigitte Bardot shows some lovely cleavage

and Jill Adams looks very sexy.

Doctor in Clover

Again, no nudity in Doctor in Clover (1966).

Fenella Fielding shows some cleavage

and Elizabeth Ercy is some lovely eye candy.

Doctor in Distress

It's all eye candy in Doctor in Distress (1963) by

Amanda Barrie,

Jill Adams

and Mylene Demongeot.

Doctor in Love

No nudity in Doctor in Love (1960).

The lovely Liz Fraser

and Joan Sims are down to their underwear.

There are also some unidentified women in a sort of burlesque show.

Doctor in Trouble

Doctor in Trouble (1970) is the one movie in the 'Doctor' series with a bit of nudity.

Angela Scoular, who 12 years later married the lead actor Leslie Phillips, briefly flashes her breast.


The rest of the women add to the glamour:

Janet Mahoney,

Marcia Fox,

Sylvana Henriques,

Yutte Stensgaard

and several unknown women.

Joseph Andrews

Some breast exposure by the lovely Natalie Ogle in Joseph Andrews (1977).

Ann-Margret shows lots of cleavage and pokies,

and Karen Dotrice

and Vanessa Millard show a bit of cleavage.


Some brief pokies by Susannah York in Loophole (1981).


Plenty of nakedness in Nutcracker (1982).

Carol White,

Patti Hammond

and Liz Green show just about everything.

Joan Collins shows her breasts but the quality is not good enough to see things clearly.

Cherry Gillespie shows her butt

and a couple of unidentified women are naked and show their breasts.

Finola Hughes,

Jane Wellman

and Liz Green are looking good.

Ordeal by Innocence

Cassie Stuart shows her breasts in Ordeal by Innocence (1984)

and Phoebe Nichols is topless but nothing shows.

Port Afrique

No visible nudity in Port Afrique (1956).

Maureen Connell is naked but nothing is seen.

Romeo Is Bleeding

Lena Olin


and an unknown show their breasts in Romeo Is Bleeding (1993).

Juliette Lewis does a striptease and gets down to her underwear.

The Long Ships

No visible flesh in The Long Ships (1964).

Beba Loncar is topless but there is nothing to see.

The beautiful Rosanna Schiaffino

and some other women look lovely in their harem outfits.

The Wicker Man

Plenty of nudity in The Wicker Man (1973), which is much better than the crap 2006 remake - IMDB 7.8 vs 3.6!

Britt Ekland shows her breasts, although her butt shots are probably a body double.


Ingrid Pitt also shows her breasts taking a bath

and Lorraine Peters briefly shows her breasts.

Barbara Ann Brown,

Diane Cilento

and some unknowns are also in various stages of undress.



The controversial nude pics which Courtney Love posted on Facebook come from a photoshoot for i-D magazine. Here are the uncensored David LaChappelle pics.




It turns out that there is sex in the Danielle Staub sex tape, although there is not much and what there is lacks any variety or pizzazz. Here are a few samples of the tape to give you the flavor of it. I concentrated on her body rather than on the coupling.

Amber Sainsbury in The Ferryman

Amelia Warner in Gone

Jenna Elfman in Obsessed in HD (kind of a non-nude nude scene)

A Natassia Malthe triple feature: Chaos, Stark Raving Mad, and Wish You Were Here

Susan Lynch, Lisa Catara, and Angeline Ball in Holy Water

Wunmi Mosaku in Father and Son, s1e3, 720p (Another non-nude nude scene. See below)