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Malibu High


More seventies drive-in trash. This was truly trash as nobody can act, the script was a joke and the film quality was not good. This piece of garbage starred a "one time and done" wannabe starlet named Jill Lansing. The only thing Jill had going for her was a fairly impressive rack which she displayed several times for us, but she was a horrible actress who was never to be seen again on the silver screen. Caps and eleven clips.







Notes and collages

Night Moves


Jennifer Warren



"Charlie's Angels," Season 1

Episode 7
Episode 9
Episode 13
Episode 22








Dany Verissimo

in Manuela

Catalina Larranaga

in Loveblind






Film Clips


Sam Jenkins in Ed and his Dead Mother. Completely weird 1993 zombie comedy starring Steve Buscemi. One of those movies where you're not sure whether you liked it or not. My review is here.

Angela Ferlaino in Fallo, a Tinto Brass movie from 2003. The Tintmeister was 70 when he directed this. The only Tinto Brass film rated lower at IMDb is the execrable Bob Guccione version of Caligula.

Betty Mars in Emilienne, yet another example of seventies Eurotica. (1975)

Sophie Marceau in Fanfan (1993). Sophie was 26, looks vibrant.


Erica Leershen in Organizm (sample right) 2008 horror film, made for the Sci-Fi channel, filmed entirely in New Mexico. Also known as Living Hell.

Sophie Thompson in A Harlot's Progress (sample right) A made-for-TV 2006 biopic about the 18th century English artist/cartoonist Hogarth.

Brooke D'Orsay in It's a Boy-Girl Thing (sample right). 2006. Yet another one of those body swap comedies. That's practically a separate genre.

Samaire Armstrong in It's a Boy-Girl Thing  (sample right)

Martina Gedeck in Sommer '04 (sample right). German art film from 2006.

Anna Bergman in Intimate Games (samples below)

1976 softcore. Notable only because Ms Bergman is the daughter of THE Bergman.