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Unholy Matrimony

Unholy Matrimony (1966) is an East Coast exploitation film from a studio that seemingly only produced two films.

A magazine editor is beaten because he is looking into a scam involving swingers magazines and blackmail. Rather than scaring him off, it just pisses him off, but he has the good sense to have an employee stick his neck out, along with the employees girlfriend. They have some Polaroids taken and start answering adds. Their first meeting is a near disaster, when the other man tries to force sex. Our hero takes a few days off and convinces her to continue. They quickly discover that the couples provide all the material a blackmailer needs in the process of meeting other couples. They finally encounter someone who is being blackmailed, and a detective finds out where the blackmailer is delivering the money.

If you believe early sexploitation has merit, then this one should please you, the plot and acting are far better than the norm, it is not nearly as mean spirited as the typical East Coast film, and there is plenty of nudity given the year.


It is available on a "double feature" DVD with yesterday's offering, My Third Wife George, so the overall package is solid for lovers of early exploitation fare.

The film has no credits. Thankfully, the cast includes several East Coast T&A regulars, and I was able to identify them. We have breasts and buns from Sharon Kent as a topless model at the photographers, and Ute Erikson, as the wife of a rich Texan who slips our reporter acid, breasts from Monica Davis as the wife of the would be rapist, and several unknowns, including the female lead, also show body parts.


Sharon Kent



Ute Erickson



Monica Davis












Color of Night


Back to 1994. This one's all about Jane March as she and "Cousin Brucie" go at it underwater in the pool, in the shower and in the bathtub. 

Jane shows it all.

Scoop's note: Bruno also showed all, probably to his eternal regret.







Notes and collages

Helen Mirren - Day 8

Savage Messiah, Part 1










The Kovak Box

Movie House Review



Lucia Jimenez


El Ekipo Ja


El Ekipo Ja, un grupo de gitanos cabales capitaneados por el gitano Juan de Dios y están en posesión, sin saberlo, de un sello sagrado capaz de hacer que se cumplan los deseos de aquel que lo posea. Y quien desea poseerlo por encima de todo es 'La Marquesa', una extraña millonaria que no duda en utilizar a un astuto traficante italiano de obras de arte, perseguido por la policía y asociado con la mafia rusa, para quitarle el sello a Juan de Dios. Es una parodia de la famosa serie "The A-team" pero que ni de lejos tiene la misma calidad, es una película sosa, aburrida a pesar de que está catalogada como comedia. Antes de pensar verla, asegurate que lo más probable es que tengas mejores cosas que hacer los 90 minutos que dura esto a lo que llaman "película."


The Ekipo Ja is a band of gypsies under the leadership of their big kahuna, Juan de Dios ("John of God"). Without being aware of it, they are in possession of a sacred seal able to grant wishes. The antagonist of the film is "The Marquis," a rich and mysterious stranger. The plot involves the baddie's attempts to get the seal from Juan de Dios, and the action involves Italian art, the police, the Russian mob, and probably even the Oprah Book Club.

In theory, this is supposed to be an homage to and parody of the famous series "The A-team," but in reality is not able to match its source for quality or spirit. It is just an insipid, boring film, although for reasons unknown it is classified as a comedy. Before deciding to see it, you should evaluate the alternatives and realize that the most likely probability is that you can find a more enjoyable way to spend the 90 minutes it will take you to watch this so-called "film."


Regina do Santos


Sylvia Pantoja








Continuing the classic nude scenes, Chloe Sevigny in Boys Don't Cry. The "boy" in the scene is Hilary Swank.

A few from "Fashion Uncensored"

Eva Herzigova
Eva Herzigova
Adriana Lima
Naomi Campbell
Natalie Dormer in episode ten of The Tudors (Film clip)
Mary Castro in Reno 911 (Film clip)
Irina Voronina in Reno 911 (Film clip)
Julia Jentsch in Breakfast with a Stranger
Some Lohan shots, I guess, though I find it a bit suspicious that none of them reveal the real goodies. Did she pose for these?

Two galleries from Johnny Moronic. First, Jolene Blalock in Slow Burn


Second, Emmanuelle Beart in Un Crime. I swear there must be a portrait of her aging in an attic somewhere.



Sharon Stone sunning on the beach in the south of France. A couple of the shots even show her airing out the pubes.







The Comedy Wire

Comments in yellow...

Celebrity bodyguard Lee Weaver has even worked for Robert Downey Jr., but he told Britain's News of the World that Lindsay Lohan was his most dangerous and out-of-control client of all and he couldn't take the stress of keeping her alive until his shift ended. He said he saw her guzzling booze and snorting "mountains" of coke, picking up dozens of strange party girls for lesbian romps, and cutting her wrists
with knives.  Weaver says he finally quit after Lohan got into a fight with her coke dealer in the bushes and accused him of shorting her.  The dealer pulled a gun, but she just kept yelling and punching him.
Weaver managed to punch out the dealer and drag her into the car, but she kept screaming at him to go back.  He said, "It was like Pulp Fiction."

*  A much lousier version of "Pulp Fiction" - one that would star Lindsay Lohan.

*  Her mother says this just shows Lindsay is a very good shopper. 

FUNNIEST LINE ON PARIS!  The "What Would Tyler Durden Do" website (www.WWTDD.com) said Paris is such a retard, she'll probably stand in front of people with multiple sclerosis and describe her vision of a world where people have only one sclerosis.


The Pentagon confirmed to CBS that in 1994, they requested funding to research a "gay bomb," a chemical hormone weapon that would turn enemy combatants into ravenous homosexuals more interested in having sex with each other than fighting, but the idea was quickly dropped.

*  They could accomplish the same thing cheaper just by beaming in the Tony Awards by satellite.

A judge awarded child custody and spousal support to actress Anne Heche's estranged husband, Coley Laffoon.  She had claimed that Laffoon was an unfit father because he subjected their son Homer to poker games and porn, while Laffoon claimed she was an unfit mother because she's crazy.

* She tried calling dozens of witnesses to deny she's crazy, but their planet was too far away to get here in time.

* She probably shouldn't have filed her legal briefs in her own made-up language.