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The premiere episode of Murder in the First features a bare butt from Brianne Davis

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Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.


"Ray Donovan"

Season One in 1920x1080

Today: episode 11

Brooke Smith


Alpha House


Mindy Robinson in Alpha House

This is one of what look to be 100 movies Mindy has made in the past twelve months. She plays a college student, even though I gotta guess her class graduated in the previous decade.

Jacquelina Cardinale

and Nina Kate look more age-appropriate.

Heather Paige Cohn rounds out the team.



 tv series

Now renewed for season two. Here's some coverage of the uncredited extras who played the 'hoes, some whom also appeared as dead bodies, zombies, and nekkid Puritans.

episode "In Vain" (s1e03)

Brittany Prevot: nude as dead corpse.

Roxy Rebel: cleavage in hooker fight.

Ana Parks: cleavage in hooker fight.

episode "Lies" (s1e05)

orgy: guy having threesome with two bare ass hookers.

Ana Parks: bare ass having sex in threesome.

Brittany Prevot: bare ass having sex in threesome.

Brittany Prevot: nude as dead corpse.

episode "Our Own Private America" (s1e07)

Sandra Nicole Wilson: partial boob as hooker with back tattoo in lesbian threesome reminiscent of a Lloyd Simandl czechploitation film.

orgy: guy having orgy with five naked hookers (must be a record for post-skinemax cable television).

Ashley Beckel: partial boob in orgy.

Paula Marcenaro Solinger: in red smock, bare ass in orgy.

Brittany Prevot: in lower left-hand side, nude in orgy.

Morgana Shaw: cleavage as old brothel madam.

Sammi Hanratty: fully clothed sex, Puritan style.

unknown: almost full frontal as Puritan in open dress.

various: prostitutes.

episode "Departures" (s1e08)

Morganna Shaw: wet dress getting water dunked for being a witch, aka the wet t-shirt contest for Puritans.

 Sandra Nicole Wilson: cleavage.

various: prostitutes. Two of the unidentified ones are in the orgy sixsome.

Behind the scenes:

Paula Marcenaro Solinger

Ashley Beckel (with Paula Marcenaro Solinger and future guest star Harry Potter)

Brittany Prevot

Roxy Rebel (aka stuntbabe Roxanne Rebel)

various: prostitute group shot.


Sandra Nicole Wilson: modeling pics.

Sandra Nicole Wilson: sexy in leotards in dance video.

Paula Marcenaro Solinger: bikini in promo for the movie "Velvet Vengeance".

Paula Marcenaro Solinger: pokies in tank top in demo video.

Paula Marcenaro Solinger: bikini in pool video.

Ana Parks: cleavage in instagram photos.

Roxy Rebel: cleavage in facebook photo.

Ashley Beckel: bikini on your left in facebook photo.

Brittany Prevot: bikini in instagram photo.

Last but not least

Elise Eberle in a bikini in the short "After School" (2009).

Johnny's comments:

Don't really watch a lot of Dutch movies, let alone cap them, but I caught The Last Days of Emma Blank on early morning TV a few weeks back and liked it, then I found out the director had a new movie out. Both are here today.

Just a quick warning that the Emma Blank videos come with a Russian voices overdubbed during the dialogue. It was the best version I can get and there's not a lot of it in the videos below, but it's fine. The Borgman videos are the normal audio. All clips are 1080p.

The Last Days of Emma Blank


De Laatste Dagen van Emma Blank (The Last Days of Emma Blank) is an absurd comedy where a family is waiting for the death of the matriarch Emma Blank (Marlies Heuer). But, she's decided to use her family as forced help if they want their inheritance. They do so begrudgingly including forcing her ex-husband Haneveld (Gene Bervoets) to sleep in her bed. Things get more frustrating for Emma's daughter Gonnie (Eva van de Wijdeven), sick of her husband and being a slave, takes a lover, much to the chagrin of Theo (Alex van Warmerdam, the writer/director) who is almost like a human dog (and is treated as such) and desperately wants to rut Gonnie. Emma pushes Gonnie too far and announces to the family that she lost all her money and assets except for the house and this turns everyone against Emma and her last days will end not as she expects them to. Fairly funny satire about what people will do for a jackpot of money and what happens when this guarantee is taken from them. It is wildly absurd, sometimes even ridiculous but there's plenty of moments that make this movie an oddball gem.

Eva van de Wijdeven film clips (collages below)



Borgman is a Grimm fairy-tale like thriller where vagabond Borgman (Jan Bijvoet) and his two disciples are flushed out of the living in the catacombs and are forced to live elsewhere. Borgman attempts to have a bath at the home of Marina (Hadewych Minis) and Richard (Jeroen Perceval), but Richard is having none of that and bashes Borgman to a bloody pulp in front of Marina. This horrifies her and she decides to let him stay briefly in the guest house without telling Richard. But, Borgman slowly infiltrates the household, befriending the three children and Marina. He asks Marina whether he can do one thing and that's kill the gardener, which he does along with the gardener's wife with the help of his wife and daughter. He then sets about becoming the gardener for the family and when he is, begins digging a huge hole in the backyard. Meanwhile, the children are becoming very sick and something weird is happening the both Richard, who has an X marked on his back and the nanny, Stine (Sara Hjort Ditlevsen). Not to mention the extremely violent dreams Marina is having while a completely naked Borgman overlooks her. What is Borgman and his friends and family up to? What the FUCK are they up to...? A truly bizarre and somewhat disturbing but absurdly funny movie that I don't quite have a full handle of. At times it's quite fascinating watching Borgman weave his magic, but there are times where the movie is quite disturbing like what is happening to the kids and the whole gardener plot which ends in one of the most troublingly funny ways I've seen in a long while. I'm assuming the movie is something about freeing people of their programmed way of thinking, but there a quite a bit I'm still struggling to understand. But, I became more and more fascinated the longer the movie went. I'll have to watch it again now...

Sara Hjort Ditlevsen film clips (samples below)

TV and Film Clips

Belen Rodriguez in Se sei cosi ti dico si (2011) in 720p

Amy Irving stark naked in Carried Away (1996) in 720p

Joan Severance in Criminal Passion (1994)

Dominique Sanda in Sans mobile apparent (1971)


India Oxenberg (Catherine's daughter)

Kate Upton's SI pics (left - as publ;ished; right  - unedited)