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My Third Wife, George

My Third Wife, George (1968) is an exploitation comedy out of Florida. It starts with a Mama's boy spying on the naked upstairs maid (Regina Koo). Mama made short work of that, returning him to his room with her cane in a most uncomfortable place. The remainder of the film is narrated by the boy, now grown into a man looking back on his life. We see him go into a bar after mama died. He is lonesome, and begins to tell his story in flashback.

His first real experience was with three "hippie girls" who took turns with him after getting him high. He appreciated it, but he had little in common with them. Still lonesome, he hired a housekeeper, and ended up marrying her, but she had flings with a swimming coach and a gorilla impersonator, and that ended that. He next wife was trying to catch him doing something that would cause her to win a big divorce settlement. When the detective she hired couldn't find anything, he took advantage of a stenographer's visit to force indiscretions at gunpoint.

Then there is his third spouse, George, who doesn't seem to be at all sexual.

The entire film plays out tongue-in-cheek, and rather silly. Ralph is supposedly getting increasingly drunk as his story goes on, making him harder and harder to listen to. The humor, intentional and unintentional, far outweighs the eroticism, but I did get the occasional smile from this one. It also has a fitting twist at the end.

This is a genre-specific C-, watchable only because of copious nudity and bad movie energy.

IMDb readers have this at 4.9 but with nearly no votes.

As seen below, all of the women show breasts and buns, including Regina Koo, Bunny Ware, Barbara Walker, Sheila Howard, Erika Von Zaros, Bonnie Laurant and Majesta.


Regina Koo


Bunny Ware


Barbara Walker


Sheila Howard


Erika Von Zaros


Bonnie Laurant










Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo


Today we look at the sequel about everybody's favorite silly man-whore.


Elisabetta Canalis with some very nice mega-cleavage.


Hanna Verboom is the love interest, no real skin, but a real cutie.


Katie Downes plays a sexy window washer with a wet see through top.



Monica Kuczowska plays a topless weather girl. The Weather Channel should try this; ratings would go up.








Die Mörderin

(The Murderess)

A woman goes crazy and kills her husband and children. A psychologist starts to study what brought this woman to commit the crime.


Ann-Kathrin Kramer






Notes and collages

Helen Mirren - Day 7

Cause Celebre and Hussy


Cause Celebre







The Thirst

In order to judge a movie like 2006's The Thirst, you first have to ask yourself if you like vampire movies. If you don't, then don't waste your time. If you do, this one has a little different slant to the typical vampire story, a "vampires gone good" kind of tale, so it's a little different. It also has tons of blood and gore, so it's not for the faint-hearted.

Lisa (Clare Kramer) and Maxx have a long history together. They both were heavily into drugs and then cleaned up, with one another's help. Now, though, Lisa is doing exotic dancing and Maxx suspects she's also back into drugs. She is, but the drugs turn out to be chemotherapy drugs, because Lisa is dying of cancer. As Lisa lies in the hospital waiting for the end, she is visited by Miss Mariel, who bills herself as a "death therapist". Shortly after, Lisa, faced with inevitable death, kills herself, and Maxx drops into a deep funk.

After turning himself into a hermit, friends come and drag Maxx out to a weird Goth nightclub, where among other strange things, Maxx sees a girl he is sure is Lisa. From there, things turn very crazy, and ultimately, very bloody and gory.

No, it won't win any awards (unless there's one for blood and guts), but it does have some interesting twists along the way, as Maxx eventually has to decide what is most important in life (and death).


Charlotte Ayanna Clare Kramer Serena Scott-Thomas others








Death to the Supermodels



Jaime Pressly


Sung-Hi Lee


Maria Arce


Marcelle Larice



Kimberley Davies



Eva Derrek


Brooke Burns









Continuing the classic nude scenes, this is one of the ten most explicit sex scenes ever performed entirely by A-list stars (Sharon Stone and Rocky Balboa). The shower scene from The Specialist.
Kelsey McCann in Chicago Massacre: Richard Speck
Roxy Jezel in the June 3 episode of Entourage

Petra Nemcova on the runway completely topless, but with a bit of ink or paint on her. My kind of fashion.