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"Carried Away"

Carried Away (1996) belongs in a small group of films that should have been very well known, but somehow went to video with a whimper after a token theatrical release. I was unable to discover why. Now that it is available on DVD, it may gain the audience it so deserves.

Joseph is a 47 year old teacher in a two room schoolhouse, crippled by a farming accident in his teen years, who still lives at home with his dying mother, and "fucks" fellow schoolteacher and widow Rosealee in the dark two to three times per week. He is uncredentialed, and the school will be closed after the current year. He feels, not without good reason, that life has somehow passed him by, and is not hot to marry Rosealee, as everyone expects him to, because she represents more of the same. Then 17 year old Catherine walks into his classroom. She is sexually precocious, drop dead gorgeous, and after deciding he is about as good as it gets in this hick town, has no trouble at all seducing him. Joseph, for the first time in his life, allows himself to be carried away. It begins to get messy when Catherine concocts some fantasy that Joseph will marry her, and then people start finding out. It is at this point that the film could have gone way over the top, but didn't.

Joseph was played by Dennis Hopper, in what I feel is the strongest performance of his career. Rosealle was played impeccably by Amy Irving, who was also executive director, and co-developer of the project with her husband, director Bruno Barreto. The Lolita Catherine was nailed by Amy Locane, who does the sultry siren and insecure little girl perfectly. Hal Holbrook simply is the country doctor and everybody's shrink, and Gary Busey rounds out the cast as the retired Major, father of Catherine, who has moved to the country to try and get his wife dried out.

You might call it a romance about Joseph and Rosealee, and how his affair with Catherine revitalized a dying relationship, but there are many other subtexts going on as well.

We have three B performances from both Amys. Berardinelli awarded 3.5 stars, and Ebert three. IMDb readers have it at 6.4, but a 1.5 male/female differential puts it in chick flick territory. The high female scores were across all age groups. A few juvenile comments at IMDb complain about Hopper showing his pecker, but I can assure you the scene was anything but gratuitous. The DVD includes a commentary with Irving and Barreto. Both feel it is a beautiful film, and their favorite of the films they have made. I agree. This is a very strong C+.



All caps and comments by Oz


No nudity by Kristin Booth in Foolproof, just a bit of nice cleavage.

The Arrangement

The nudity comes from Faye Dunaway (1, 2, 3) in The Arrangement. Not a lot is visible and it is obvious Kirk Douglas is much more modest, as shown by the string around his waist. There's also some distant rear nudity of Deborah Kerr, but it's almost certainly a body double.



A bit more modesty by Kate Bosworth in Wonderland. At the start of the scene she is obviously wearing a crotch patch and, later in the
scene, this mysteriously changes into some blue knickers. There's also some cleavage by the new wonder actress Paris Hilton. In Australia she would be known as the town bike.


Against the Wall

Some nice pokies and side nudity by Anne Heche


The Other Side of Love

Some unnamed topless women in The Other Side of Love as they are inducted into prison. Cheryl Ladd is supposed to be topless but she's a bit shy in front of the camera.


Her Name is Carla

Topless views of Julianne Nicholson and Mina Badie (1, 2) in the indie film


The Sin Eater

Some side nudity by Shannyn Sossamon


Indian Summer

Kimberly Williams is down to her underwear


The Quiet American

It's the same again for Do This Hai Yen (1, 2 )


Women vs Men

Plenty of topless nudity by some unnamed strippers (1, 2)  in Women vs Men, with pokies by Glenne Headly (1, 2, 3).


The Emperors's Club

Emily Dara Doubilet is a school girl about to go take her top off  before she is interrupted


Before the Night

Some topless views of Ally Sheedy ( 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8) in Before the Night, although I'm sure some of them are by a body double. A bit of leg is also shown by an unnamed woman.


The Foreigner

Some rear views of a naked Victoria Smirnova (1, 2) ,  and there's a nice looking Anna-Louise Plowman.


Escape from L.A.

No nudity but some lovely views of A J Langer


Hard to Kill

Some side nudity of Julia Stormson and Bonnie Burroughs (1, 2 )


Nobody's Baby

Some full frontal nudity by Robyn Adamson and some topless views of  Anna Gunn (1, 2)


Wayne's World 2

No nudity in Wayne's World 2 just sexy caps of Kim Basinger (1, 2, 3, 4), Tia Carrere (1, 2, 3), Heather Locklear and Drew Barrymore.


Racing with the Moon

Some brief breast exposure by Elizabeth McGovern (1, 2, 3). Carol Kane shows a bit of leg.


Moving Targets

No nudity but Libby Hudson removes her top.


Swimming Upstream

Elizabeth Harnois (1, 2) is down to her underwear


No Love for Johnnie

No nudity in the 1960 film,  but an unnamed stripper is down to pasties.


Frankie and Johnny are Married

Some brief pokies by Lisa Cross


Comments and captures by Dann:

Ah yes, Chucky is back, bloodier (and funnier) than ever, in 2004's Seed of Chucky.

Chucky (at least in this latest version) is definitely played for laughs, and even the bloodiest, nastiest scenes are done in humor, and to totally gross out the viewer.

The dolls don't have a straight line, although there is an actual pathetic and kindly demeanor from the "son", who really isn't too sure about this killing thing.

Jennifer Tilly, who plays herself (and also does Tiffany's voice), is hilarious, and while she doesn't do nudity, she sure flops them all over the place. Stephanie Chambers does do nudity, and her reward is about 30 seconds of screen time before she winds up dead in a pool of blood.

Fans of Chucky and/or extremely gory flicks will like this one. People who like their horror more subtle and thoughtful should take a pass

Caps and comments by Hankster.

Another "B-Movie" day.

The Andy Sidaris motto is "bullets, bombs and babes," and he delivers them all in the 1987 flick "Hard Ticket to Hawaii," starring Dona Speir (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) and Hope Marie Carlton (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) . Not a classic ...  well ... maybe it is for this genre.
For today we have this pair (1, 2, 3) (no pun intended) and they give us plenty of boobs & cleavage and even wind up as a couple of "Damsels in Distress." Next time we will have more "Boobs" from "Hard Ticket to Hawaii."
Ely Guerra

High resolution pics of her losing her top in concert.

Kerry Katona

Here is the high resolution version of the Atomic Kitten flashing her new FFs.

Phoebe Cates

Zipped .avi of Phoebe in her underwear in that "Lace" thingy
Jennifer Garner
(1, 2, 2l)

There is some speculation that these new poses show Jennifer in see-through panties. Number 2 is the original. Number 2l has been artificially brightened to highlight the see-through effect.

Elisabeth Shue

It's just a blue butt, but in theory, it should belong to Ms Shue in The Underneath.

Pat Reeder
Pat's comments in yellow...

What If It's An XXXL T-Shirt? -
Cargo magazine polled 866 women on what makes a man look sexy.  The #1 choice was a T-shirt and jeans, although 17 percent say a suit and tie turn them on.  Underneath, 48 percent like a man to wear  boxer-briefs, 46 percent prefer boxers, and only 2 percent like a guy who goes commando.  Women also prefer clean-shaven faces, not too much cologne, and a chest that's hairy but not too hairy.  The biggest turnoffs: a combover, untrimmed nose hair, odd facial hair, lots of back hair, thong swimsuits, short socks, sandals and leather pants.
*  Especially when worn all together.
*  Damn!  No wonder I keep striking out!
*  A combover is a real turn-off, especially if the man is combing over his nose hair.
*  Some women like a man in a wooly sweater, until they realize it's not asweater, it's back hair.


Commando Of The English Tongue -
The new edition of the Collins English Dictionary inducted a number of new terms from pop culture.  There's "supersize;" Joey Tribbiani's "going commando," for going without underpants; "wi-fi;" "back, sack and crack," beauty salon slang for a man's wax job; "drink dialing," or calling someone you're interested in romantically while drunk; "property porn," or TV shows about luxurious homes; "retrosexual," for a man who refuses to spend a lot of time and money on his appearance; and "heteroflexible," which
means someone who's usually heterosexual, but not always.
*  As in "The heteroflexible loves property porn."
*  When a heterosexual is finished being heteroflexible, he goes back to being a retrosexual.
*  You can tell when he's heteroflexible because he gets a back, sack and crack, goes commando and drink-dials another man.


Housework Of The Holy -
Robert Plant told the Sun newpaper that he's never  gone in for rock star "diva demands," but he does insist on one thing.  He said, "It's not very rock 'n' roll, but I like to look my best going on stage.  I find ironing helps get me in the mood before I perform.  I always have an ironing board in my room before going on stage."  Later, he told BCC's Radio Two,  "I've heard Keith Richards and Mick Jagger won't go on stage unless they've had a shepherd's pie.  I don't go in for all that nonsense."
*  He might get a spot of it on his shirt and have to order a dry cleaning machine.
*  All Mick and Keith demand is a shepherd's pie...with all the little brown bits picked out.
*  Mick and Keith also have irons in their dressing rooms, but they use them on their faces.
*  Russell Crowe also demands an iron in his dressing room, but just to throw at people.

A court in Karlsruhe, Germany, rejected a request by 12 nudists to bicycle naked along the Rhine River, ruling that nude cycling violates public decency and would be "highly inconvenient"
* Particularly for the poor guy who rented them the bicycles
* It does give a new meaning to the phrase, "Moon River."


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