The Spanish Princess

episode 6, 1080hd

Charlotte Hope

Pagan Peak
season 1, 1080hd

Anna Sophie Krenn
episode 1

Natasha Petrovic
episode 5

Julia Jentsch
episode 6

season two

Melissa Barrera in episode 5

Melissa Barrera in episode 6

season one, 1080hd

Alexandra Chouraqui in episode 1

Camille Cotin in episode 3

June 1, 1080hd

Noemie Bousquainaud


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s1e2, 1920x960

Phoebe Tonkin


2019, 1080hd

Lola Coipeau

Celine Langlois, Elisa Retailleau, Jessica Brisset

Doubles Vies

2018, 1080hd

Juliette Binoche

Christa Theret

Tempus Fugit

2018 short, 1080hd

Roxane Duran

This week, starting with some Italian movies.

The trouble with these early movies is that they don’t show decent credits. They list the cast but not the role they play. The IMDB helps a lot but I’m not convinced it is always accurate.

The Playgirls and the Vampire

Maria Giovannini is topless in The Playgirls and the Vampire aka L'ultima preda del vampiro (1960).

Lyla Rocco is in her underwear

as are a lot of unidentified women.

The Lover

1992, 1080hd

Jane March film clip (collages below)

Lisa Faulkner film clip (sample below)


Tessa Thompson in an enhanced 2160hd clip from Westworld (s2e10)

This is a rerun, but what a rerun!