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Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell is a series playing on BBC America. Tetchena Bellange was topless, albeit in a non-sexy scene, in episode three.

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"The L Word"

beginning season five ...

1080hd. s5e1

Laurel Holloman

Leisha Hailey and Rose Rollins




Marla Malcolm


The Crown Jewels


Kronjuvelerna (The Crown Jewels) is a Swedish drama where Fragancia (Alicia Vikander) and Richard (Bill Skarsgård from Hemlock Grove), born on the same day at the same hospital, will be linked together forever whether they like it or not. Fragancia has been arrested for shooting Richard and in jail, she tells her story to the detective. On the day of their birth, Richard is dropped by his father and needs a plate in his head, but is slightly affected by this. Fragancia and Richard join the local kids ice hockey team with Fragancia marginalised because she's a girl although she quite good and Richard pushed hard by his father to be the next hockey star so at least he's good at something, but Richard is more interested in Fragancia. One day, Pettersson-Jonsson (Björn Gustafsson as an adult) joins the team and Fragancia instantly falls for him and he just happens to be an excellent player, so much so that he beats Richard to the position on the Swedish national team, where from there, Pettersson-Jonsson becomes an instant sensation and not just for his hockey skills. Richard's father (Loa Falkman) takes out his failure on he and his mother resulting in his mother leaving. Meanwhile, things seem to be going well for the Fernandez family until one day, Fragancia's mother Marianne (Alexandra Rapaport) is struck down with a sickness and Fragancia's father Fernandez (Michalis Koutsogiannakis) is sacked from his job at the shoe factory owned by Richard's father . Things get worse when Fragancia's brother Jésus, who has Down Syndrome, goes missing presumably drowned after an incident with Richard, who is distraught, leading to Fragancia's thirst for revenge. With more tragedy to come for the Fernandez family, Fragancia becomes more determined to kill Richard, but did she shoot Richard or was it someone else who has it in for him.

A total downer of a movie with so much tragedy and bad stuff happening it's hard to be positive about the movie, but it's not bad. Feeling a bit like a dark fairy tale, it is told in a whimsical way that goes a long way to countering the misery and the ending is never in doubt, but this is a solid tale with signs of the things that come from Alicia.

Alicia Vikander 1080hd film clip (collages below)

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