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Demon Seed


Julie Christie film clip (samples below)

Julie was 36, just past her period on the A-list. She's kept a low profile for many years, so that most of us have forgotten how huge she was in 1965-75, and not just on screen, but in the tabloids as well. She and Warren Beatty were a couple off and on again from 1967 to 1974, and were the Brangelina of their day. Julie was still a beautiful major star when she agreed to appear in this offbeat sci-fi story. More important, she agreed to remove her duds.





Kate Jenkinson film clips (collages below; minimal nudity)



Jane Clayton in the immortal cinema classic, The Sadist With Red Teeth

Rebecca Love in another enduring screen romance,  Housewives from Another World


Christina Nguyen in Housewives from Another World


Monique Vandeven in Housewives from Another World


Kate Blanchett's body double in Elizabeth: The Golden Age

Adrienne Curry hanging around in Costa Rica

Lohan hanging out in her SCRAM anklet

Zoe Tapper in Desperate Romantics

Amy Manson in Desperate Romantics



Ariadna Cabrol and Diana Gomez in Eloise

Micaela Nevare and Candela Pena in Princesas

Fanny Valette and Elsa Zylberstein in La Petite Jerusalem

Nova Meierhenrich in Der Club der gruenen Witwen

Marie-Josee Croze in Ne le dis a personne-HD

Emily Beecham in the first episode of Pulse