Classic Nude Scenes

After the HD clip of Phoebe Cates yesterday, it seemed like a good time to revisit some of the other scenes often mentioned among the all-time great celebrity nudity. I found three very nice third party clips, and two of them were nice enough that I thought they could provide upgrades to our still images.

(1) Kim Basinger in 8 1/2 Weeks. We have plenty of stills of this, so here's the film clip of the famous rain scene. I love the visuals in this scene, but after watching it again I decided I'm not crazy about the music.

(2) Laetitia Casta in The Blue Bicycle. One of the most beautiful women on the planet in her youthful prime, making love to an original musical score by the legendary Michel Legrand. The French know how to do romance! This was not a movie, so it must have been the best TV show ever! French TV must have improved a lot since I was there in the 80s. Back then it seemed to consist mostly of one-camera talk shows with people smoking a lot of cigarettes. (Film clip.)

(3) Laura Antonelli in L'Innocente, Visconti's last film. You may notice that she is with Giancarlo Giannini, as required by Italian law. He's kind of like the Italian version of Depardieu. Although he is now a fixture in all arty-ass films, Giannini was then an unknown who got the part only because Alain Delon had a scheduling conflict. If you have not seen this scene, then you should. It was the hottest scene of its era, and is still pretty damned hot today. (Film clip.)




Black Rainbow

It's a movie with an intriguing premise. Rosanna Arquette plays a traveling medium who rides the small-town circuit in the Bible Belt, claiming to pass on messages from deceased relatives to the gullible and bereaved. Her life changes radically one day when she starts to experience genuine messages from the dead - and what makes it spookier is that the person speaking from beyond is not dead - yet. One night Rosanna describes a grisly death scene to a woman. The graphic and depressing scene is off-message to begin with since people do not come to hear about the suffering of their dead spouses, but what makes it truly horrifying and confusing is that the allegedly dead husband is home watching TV. The drama intensifies that night when the husband is killed by a professional hit man from Chicago, in the exact manner described earlier by Rosanna.

Gaining the gift of prophecy could be traumatic enough on its own, but the impact of it goes beyond trauma and into outright danger when Rosanna realizes that she has told everyone she can identify the murderer. As a general rule, hit men do not appreciate publicity (I notice that very few of them use the Yellow Pages), and this one is no exception. Rosanna has not actually named him yet, so he gets on a plane to East Jesus, Alabama with a plan to silence the clairvoyant before she can reveal his identity to the world.

Tom Hulce plays a skeptical reporter who first becomes convinced of Rosanna's psychic powers and then starts to notice that she's smokin' hot and becomes her lover. Jason Robards plays Rosanna's alcoholic father and manager who just wants his daughter to do the bland phony spiritualism that pays the bills, and doesn't cotton to this new business of actually providing the communication with the dead that his customers are paying for.

The film is very similar to the old Twilight Zone episodes in that it uses a supernatural story to make some serious points about society and religion. Unfortunately, it takes the philosophy too seriously and leaves too many loose ends in the story. The dialogue is stilted and artificial, like something from a Tennessee Williams play, while some of the characters' actions seem inexplicable at times (a major character seems to change loyalties without and justification or explanation), and the final showdown with the hit man is more confusing than suspenseful.

The narrative structure is clumsy as well. The story is built inside of a framing device in which Hulce plays a much older version of himself trying to find Rosanna many years after the incident with the hit man. There was only one reason to add the framing device, and that was to add a nifty Rod Serling ending to his search. Unfortunately, the script keeps going after the "gotcha" moment has already revealed the big secret.

Sometimes ya gotta know when to sign off and roll dem credits.

It's not a bad movie, just a disappointingly mediocre one, It's one of the rare films that might actually make a good candidate for a remake because it had an excellent premise but couldn't make it all work properly.

By the way, if they ever explained why the film is called Black Rainbow, I missed it. My best guess is as follows. Black rainbows are created by the moon at night. Although all the colors of the spectrum are present in them, they appear black to us because they are outlined against a black sky. (The colors can appear in certain lighting conditions.) Rosanna, however, is a person who can see those things which are there but cannot be seen by the rest of us - like the colors in a black rainbow. I realize that is obscure, but it makes sense, given the tag line: "There is a spectrum of terror that only a few can see ..."

Tuna covered this film already, and did yeoman's work to produce good images from a very weak DVD. Rather than creating inferior images, I decided to stick to a film clip of Rosanna Arquette.



* Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe).

* White asterisk: expanded format.

* Blue asterisk: not mine.

No asterisk: it probably sucks.


Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.








Secret Needs

Secret Needs (1999) is a softcore with a strong element of "exchange of power," or bondage.

Nicholas Yff is less than pleased with his wife (Erin Marie), who not only nags him in a nasal voice, but doesn't even want sex with the lights on. Their best friends (Collin Toran and Heidi France) think they see a spark in her. Nicholas is off to the hardware store to buy a washer for one of his numerous Saturday "honeydos" and stares at a shapely pedestrian's butt. He rear-ends a car, and out jumps Lisa Comshaw, complaining about her bruised ass. Rather than exchange insurance information, she asks for a cappuccino, and gives him her card.

Later that night, he gets curious and calls. She tells him to hurry down. He has no idea what to expect, but she is a dominatrix in a fully equipped play room. He rather quickly becomes smitten, especially given his cold fish of a wife, but she will only have sex at his place. Things come to a head when their friends talk them into a little game of swaparound. Erin Marie has a fabulous time, but Nicholas Yff is not thrilled. Even after a three way with Comshaw and Tomi Luutsford, he decides to give Comshaw up and make things work with his wife, but he soon learns that he has far less control over his life than he thought.

Lisa Comshaw has real screen presence, but Erin Marie's nasal voice was enough to make me hate her. The film itself is long on nudity and sex and short on plot and character development. If you like a little kink in your life, this one is worth considering. The sex is hot, the bondage is lite but effective, and there is no shortage of nudity and simulated sex.

This is a C-.

Erin Marie, Tomi Luutsford, Lisa Comshaw and Heidi France all show everything, and it seems like Lisa Comshaw is naked for most of the film. I see that as a good thing. This is another RLDVD exclusive in a Region 1/4 edition. Click on the image for purchase info.

Secret Needs DVD Lisa Comshaw (1999)

IMDb readers say 3.3, but with not enough votes to pay attention to.


Erin Marie


Tomi Luutsford


Lisa Comshaw


Heidi France







Eyes Wide Shut

Today we have a short journey to 1999 for Kubrick's nudity classic. 


A masked and topless Abigail Good leads it off.


Then we have a totally naked and unconscious Julienne Davis slumped  in a chair and then on a slab in the morgue.




Dr. Tom examines a topless Lisa Leone.



And wrapping it up with the always willing to take off her clothes Nicole Kidman in various stages of undress.








The Set-Up


A security specialist (Billy Zane) gets out of jail, finds a very good and lucrative job, then finds out he has been hired to rob a bank which he provided with the best security equipment.


Mia Sara






Notes and collages

Helen Mirren - Day 6

Age of Consent









Leigh Taylor-Young was a major babe. A seriously beautiful woman with a recreational body. Not much of an actress but you want that stuff you hire Judy Dench. In her day, Ms Taylor-Young showed major goodies...sort of. Like in The Big Bounce. She's full frontal but for only a frame or two. And she spends 3 minutes of screen time topless but it's underwater or by moonlight. Damn. Anyway, her scenes were worth capping. And the movie? Naw. Stupid, dated and wretched. Thank goodness for Leigh Taylor-Young. Did I mention she was a major babe?

Film clips











Jennifer Aniston's famous braless appearance at Divas Live in 1998. DVD-quality film clip.
A very brief bit of side-boob exposure from Kristanna Loken in episode seven of Painkiller Jane. Film clip here, sample to the right.
Johnny Moronic did his take on Black Snake Moan. Here's a film clip of a scene we didn't see in the recent postings, and the following are Johnny's collages.


One more from Johnny M.

Eva Longoria in some crap or another she made before she became famous. Hot girl-on-girl bikini action.

And Elizabeth Vargas braless in a black blouse in strong lights - it's magic!