"The Erotic Mister Rose"

The Erotic Mister Rose (1964) -- Normally, I wouldn't do a project with nothing but unknowns, but several things make this very interesting. It was Nick Phillips' second film, and was a blatant attempt to cash in on the financial success of The Immoral Mr. Teas, which played in virtually every grindhouse with runs as long as 27 weeks. Mr. Teas was a door to door dental appliance salesman. Everywhere he went, he encountered nude women. The film is narrated in true Nick Phillips style by Satan. His nemesis is Mr. Rose, who, when he is not collecting butterflies, is out stamping out porn. Most of the film is shot in B&W, and mostly in L.A., although it was set in San Francisco, so some exteriors were shot there. The nudity comes from 4 exotic dancers, the first three seen by Mr. Rose in a grind house while he was still on his crusade, the last observed from his apartment window, which succeeded in corrupting him.

Three women are named in the credits, Dani Fontaine, Laura Loren, and Mitzi Roget, but there is no way to tell which name belongs to which of the four women. It probably doesn't really matter, as I am sure those are stage names of L.A. area exotic dancers. All four women show breasts and a flash of buns, which was still enough to get you busted in 1964. All four scenes with the women were shot in color with no permits in different hotel rooms.

Interesting points:

The women have natural breasts. It was too early for implants, and none look like they have had silicone injections.

The idea of feminine beauty was very different then. All four would be unacceptably fat by today's standards.

It is a rare glimpse at 1964 San Francisco. A beach, for instance, in the film, is now the tourist Mecca, Pier 39.

IMDb knows nothing of this film

The transfer quality is amazing for a 1964 grindhouse unknown film.

We owe a debt of gratitude for these early pioneers in sleaze. Had they not risked arrest, we would not be seeing the same level of nudity in mainstream films today. This is a C+. For aficionados of early porn, this is a must see.

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    "All for Lust"

    All for Lust (2003) is a straight to vid titty flick rated 2.2 at IMDb, and deservedly so. The acting is bad even by genre standards, there is virtually no simulated sex, and what sex and nudity scenes there are have so many cross fades they are nearly unwatchable. Several woman show their aftermarket assets, including Jacklyn Lick, Samantha Sterlyng and Julien Jackson.

    However had a really nifty story. Total spoilers ahead, since I don't think any of you will want to see this film.

    A man is about to leave for a fishing trip with his buddies as a replacement for the bachelor party that his bride to be, Samantha Sterlyng, wouldn't let him have. As they leave, his two buddies inform him that they are not going fishing at all, but to a swingers resort. Once there, the friends explain the weekend contest. They draw sex conquests from a bowl, and whoever is successful the most times wins $2,000.00. Our hero wins, but one of his buddies convinces a girl (Jacklyn Lick) that he will probably marry her, and gives her the bridegroom's name.

    The girl starts a Fatal Attraction stalking routine, but directed at the wrong man. This is a very clever twist of the fatal attraction theme, and could probably have been turned into a decent film by talented people.Unfortunately, there were none involved in this effort. Despite the good story idea, this is a clear F.

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  • Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy)

    Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Song (1971)

    Since there is some current interest in Mario Van Peeble's film Baadasssss!, which about his own father's making of Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Song, I thought I'd take a look at the original. The discussion of this movie has to be divided into two separate issues: the movie and the cultural phenomenon.

    It truly was a phenomenon.

    Sweetback was the first highly profitable film made by a black independent filmmaker for a black audience which had previously not been clearly identified or measured.

    Melvin Van Peebles was the director, composer, writer, editor, and star of this film. Having already directed five previous films, he sought financing by a major studio and failed because of the film’s inflammatory racial politics and x-rated sex scenes. Investors felt that the film was earmarked for black audiences only, and when Van Peebles cobbled together the financing for this film, nobody had any clear idea of how large that market was. 

    Late in the financing process, Bill Cosby anted up some money to cover a budget shortfall, but he never expected to make a profit. He wouldn't even take an equity position in the production, but just wanted to make the deal a straight loan. In fact, he was surprised that he ever got paid back at all.

    If Cosby had taken the equity position, he would have been paid back somewhere between ten and a hundred dollars for each one he invested, because Melvin struck gold, and found out about the upper limit of the market's potential. He made the film for $150,000-$500,000 (depending on who you believe), and grossed $10-$15 million! Sweetback proved to be the black equivalent of Easy Rider. Peter Fonda had proved in 1969 that a cheaply-made independent film appealing flagrantly to the core values of a highly targeted audience, and made by someone who shared those values, could make a lot of money even if that audience was normally thought to consist of non-moviegoers and even of fringe participants in the economy. Just as Peter Fonda had gotten the Hollywood suits to recognize the potential of the hippie/counterculture market, Melvin got the studio boys to recognize the untapped urban African-American market.

     ... Or maybe "like the Black Easy Rider" is the wrong simile ...

    Maybe it should be "like the soul Fantastiks", at least from the longevity standpoint, because I read not too long ago that there is a theater somewhere that has been playing Sweet Sweetback continuously since it was first released in 1971. Unfortunately, the stories about this film are a curious mix of fact and fancy, and I don't know which ones to believe.

    Whatever the correct comparison might be, the point is that Melvin Van Peebles proved that there was a lot of money to be made by making films for the urban African-American audience. The film credits “the Black Community” in its opening scene, and is dedicated to “all the Brothers and Sisters who are tired of being held down by the Man.” It made a ton of money. Blaxploitation was born.

    And the movie?

    There is no kind way to say this. This film was made in 19 days and is about as bad as a film can be.

    • The lighting is so bad that some scenes just seem to consist of a dark screen with an occasional flickering of light. When I was a kid, a popular school joke for art class was to hand in a blank white piece of paper with two pink dots somewhere in the middle, titled something like "Albino rabbit in a heavy snowstorm". I suppose if we changed to a black piece of paper with some white dots, we might have called it, "Dark skinned guy wearing black clothing in an unlit room on a moonless night." I don't recall Melvin Van Peebles being in any of those classes, but he must have done the same kinds of thinks in his youth, because that's what some of his scenes look like.

    • What else could be bad about a movie? You name it, it's here. Sound recorded off a tiny camera mic, a corny collage of neon signs to show the passage of the night, non-actors delivering lines, psychedelic kaleidoscope montages in primary colors, phones ringing after they've been picked up, unrealistic plotting (I'll get to that), long stretches with nothing happening except a guy jogging and jogging and jogging over a jazzy, looping background score. I suppose there must be 30 minutes which consist of nothing but Melvin jogging. The film may be the "black Easy Rider" as a cultural landmark, but evaluated as technical filmmaking, it is the "Black Manos".

    I hope that the cost of this film was really on the low end of the estimated range. If Melvin really spent $500,000 on this film, as some claim, I can't even begin to imagine what he did with the money. He used non-union help. He wrote the score and played the lead. He directed and edited. Maybe he paid himself generous salaries for each of his contributions. I had a friend who used to make movies just for fun with a home video camera. He did all the writing. His other buddies and I would play all the roles. Those movies were far superior technically to Sweet Sweetback. The sound was better. The lighting was better. The acting was better. And they were made with a budget which consisted solely of the cost of the blank video tapes.

    I guess I have already belabored the point that the film is technically weak.

    What about the storyline?

    Sweetback, a male street hustler witnesses two white cops beating a black radical of some kind. Sweetback attacks the cops, frees the Panther, and spends the rest of the film running. I should say "jogging". He jogs through urban streets over the official Bart Simpson neon sign montage. He stops at the home of an old friend in a poor neighborhood. As he exists the back door, two cops wave handguns at him. He gets out of that scrape. He joins up with some white bikers, and eventually takes refuge in their tool shed or something. He's in there for five minutes when two cops burst in waving their handguns. He gets out of that scrape. Near the end, he rides on the top of a vehicle, then in the back of another vehicle (unknown to the driver), then hitches a ride with some migrant workers, then hops two different trains, then hops off in the desert - and within about 30 seconds, an army helicopter is checking him out, and some more cops are chasing him. This time, it turns out that Sweetback changed clothes with some hippie, and the cops are following the wrong guy.

    Cut to the real Sweetback, now wandering through the mountains, seemingly hundreds of miles from civilization, but before we get a chance to think he's safe, we see two guys chasing him with some vicious dogs, and ...

     ... and you get the idea.

    As it turns out, he gets out of that one too. We see the two guys let the dogs go, then sit down for a rest. They hear the dogs stop barking, and assume that to mean the killer animals have found and disabled their quarry.

    Then we see a river full of blood and ...

     ... dead dogs.

    (That was the one scene in the film that I thought was really cool, except maybe for the scene where the two cops render a guy deaf while questioning him - by blowing off a gun next to each ear.)

    After we see the dogs, another word slide comes up and says something like, "Watch out. A baad asssss is coming back to collect some dues."  And then we see Sweetback one last time, still running, while the closing credits crawl. We hear dissonant music and police sirens.

    There isn't a lot of dialogue. Melvin is on screen almost continuously, and I don't know if his lines would amount to more than a paragraph. He fucks, he fights, he runs, he fights, he fucks, he runs, he runs, he runs ... People speak to him. People speak about him. But he rarely speaks.

    What about the X rating?

    Bad Movie Night summed it up:

    Very rarely does a film begin with child pornography during the opening credits, then go on to display penises, strap-ons, sex parties, a fat man defecating on camera, brutal beatings, brutal torture (a man has his eardrums blown out one by one by the police), slow and agonizing murders, sex acts with nearly every female character, rotting dead skinned dogs, a gangrenous pus-infected wound, and an interesting use of what is probably urine but quite possibly may be semen.

    The sex is explicit - an X or NC-17 by the standards of any age. I've seen softcore porn films with less explicit sex. The film begins with Sweet Sweetback as an orphan boy being taken in by some ladies of the evening. One of those ladies takes his cherry. The young Sweetback is played by Melvin's own son, Mario Van Peebles, who could not have been more than 13 or 14, but the scene includes full frontal nudity from the actress playing the whore, as well as from young Mario. The camera also watches from above as the naked boy movies on top of the woman. The scene could not be filmed at all these days. It would clearly be considered exploitation of a minor.

    Later on, Melvin performs in a sex show. In his visit to the biker camp, he jumps on the biker chick. All of these scenes show Melvin's genitalia, as well as extensive nudity from the women. In fact, Melvin admits in an interview on the DVD that he actually had sex with at least one of the women. According to legend, Melvin contracted gonorrhea from one of the actresses while filming one of the sex scenes in the movie. He applied for compensation from the Directors Guild because he "got hurt on the job" and used the money to buy more film.



    Along Came Polly (2004)

    This is an average,  moderately entertaining studio-produced romantic comedy with Jennifer Aniston and Ben Stiller. Stiller is the most controlled and conservative guy in the world, a risk analyst in the big-time insurance racket. Aniston is a carefree, risk-taking hippie drifting through life with no set plans.

    Both Ben Stiller and Hank Azaria did nude scenes, but there was no female nudity. Aniston offered pokies and short-shorts.

    • Aniston (1, 2)





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    • Barbara Bach full frontal in a Sergio Corbucci movie, Ecco noi per esempio. No help from me on the movie. Once you see the clip, you'll know as much about it as I do. I suppose that she was once a Bond girl (The Spy Who Loved Me), and has been married to Ringo Starr since the beginning of time. (.avi) (.wmv)

    • Caren Kaye in My Tutor. I don't know what she did before or after this movie, but so many of my friends had a crush on her back then, just because of this scene. (.avi) (.wmv)

    • Jamie Lee Curtis shows off some of the best breasts in screen history, in Trading Places.  (.avi) (.wmv)


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    When I cap big brother's I use hypercam mostly & sdp & asfrecorder if the set up allows me. I stopped using camtasia cause the file sizes were always too big, could never figure out the process, over my head lol, plus it cost too much to buy in my opinion.

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    'Caps and comments by Brainscan:

    If someone described each scene of Super Troopers to detail... you'd probably think the movie sucked. I did when my chortling fifteen-yr-old nephew went through each scene, chapter and verse. Couldn't see why he or anyone else in possession of more than two neurons and one synapse (pretty much leaves out cicadas) would laugh at that shit. Then I watched it and despite my best intentions, I chuckled like a lunatic.

    Imagine my eagerness to see the second heaping helping of what the Super Trooper zanies had to offer. Imagine, also, my disappointment at what they produced. Club Dread is simply dreadful, a record-breaking waste of time and talent on a scale that Pluto Nash worked hard to establish. In this case I could describe the scenes, you would say, "That sucks!" and you, prescient being that you are, would be correctamundo. They even went and wasted Bill Paxton, who can't seem to help being funny no matter the subject... until now. A fucked up mess, that's Club Dread.

    But that brings me to Jordan Ladd. Since the Funhouse has become the unofficial Jordan Ladd nekkid site I thought it wise to join a dozen other fellows of the Vidcappers Guild and do Jordan. As it were. In fact I went all obsessive on ya and made nine collages of Jordan Ladd toplessness. Numbers 4, 6 and 9 are single frames, the rest are composed of frames numbering 2 or 3 or some other integer greater than one.

    And while I was at it I capped the stunt double who did the gymnastic work for Jordan. I said to myself, "Take a look. Maybe IMDB says who she is." Yes I did. Sho' 'nuff IMDB does name two women as stunt doubles. Better yet it identifies one of them, Dina Lynn Margolin, as a former USA National gymnast. Eureka! To my aged eyes, that's a two plus two equals four type situation. So I'm sending along two collages of she who appears to Dina Lynn, appropriately labeled.

    • Jordan Ladd (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9)
    • Dina Lynn Margolin (1, 2)

    Crimson Ghost
    Today from the Ghost, some 'caps and clips from an episode of the Skinemax series "The Best Sex Ever".

    • Isabella (aka Isabella Camille), showing all 3 B's in a couple of sex scenes. (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
    • Isabella .wmvs (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

    LC takes a look at the multi-Oscar nominated "Cold Mountain". (Due out on DVD June 29).

    Lindsay Lohan
    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10)

    The "Mean Girls" star showing a whole lot of leg and a little cleavage on Tuesday night's Leno (note: he's caught checking her out in #10). Excellent HDTV 'caps.

    Leonor Watling The beautiful Spanish actress goes topless and full frontal in scenes from "Son de mar" (2001).

    Catherine Bell
    (1, 2, 3)

    "JAG" fans will love these! These are some high quality production stills from an episode featuring Bell in a bikini!

    Mandy Moore
    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7)

    The pop singer and star of the new movie "Saved!" looking absolutely gorgeous (and showing a little cleavage) at a recent fashion awards show.

    Erinn Bartlett
    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)

    'Caps by C2000 of Bartlett showing some excellent cleavage and also briefly topless in scenes from "100 Women".

    Pat Reeder
    Pat's comments in yellow...

    Going Around The World With Seven Women - Just as Arnold Schwarzenegger is gaining respect in politics, an unwelcome reminder of his wilder days is surfacing. The movie "Around The World in 80 Days," which he shot before announcing his candidacy, is finally about to be released. Arnold has a cameo as a drinking, belching, leering, oversexed Turkish prince with seven wives, one for each night of the week. He paws the hero's girlfriend as he suggests she take over Tuesdays. Arnold declined to promote it, but he called it "a wonderful family movie."

  • It promotes Schwarzenegger Family Values!
  • The role was perfect practice for becoming a politician.
  • He took this part to make Maria glad he was quitting movies for politics.

    Cheap Trick - "Survivor" producer Mark Burnett is planning a hip rip-off of "American Idol," where contestants won't be packaged pop singers but cool rock singers who could immediately step into an existing famous rock group and go on tour.

  • This sounds like a trick to help Van Halen find another no-name singer.
  • If you think rock stars aren't packaged, you need to go on "American Idiot."
  • News flash: if you'd go on this show at all, you are NOT cool or hip.

    F***ing Is As F***ing Does - 150 people who live in the village of F***ing, Austria, voted not to change the name. A spokesman said, "Everyone here knows what it means in English, but for us, "F***ing is F***ing, and it's going to stay F***ing, even though the signs keeps getting stolen" by English tourists.

  • F***ing tourists!
  • I shudder to think what they suggested changing it to, if this was better.
  • 150 people is an awfully small population, considering the name.

    Nap And Tuck - The Wireless Flash reports that Dr. Anthony Griffin, who did a Brazilian Butt Lift on "Extreme Makeover," has created a new plastic surgery procedure for men: the Six-Pack Tummy Tuck. Regular tucks pull the skin down like a roller shade, but after sucking out the fat, Griffin rolls the skin up on the sides like a fitted shirt and sews the abdominal muscles together to bring them forward like a pumped-up six pack. He says it looks like you've done 1,000 sit-ups. But it's mostly requested by women who've had children, not men, possibly because it costs up to $15,000.

  • And think of how many real six-packs you could buy for that.
  • It would be cheaper just to DO 1,000 sit-ups.
  • One caution: if a woman has this done, she'd better not get pregnant again.
  • One minor side effect: you can never stand up again.

    That's A Lot Of Scratch - In 1982, Ken Green paid $1.25 million to buy Nevada's Chicken Ranch, which is named after the famous brothel in "The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas." He's now offering it for sale for $7 million, but he developed it from two double-wide trailers into a 40-acre spread with a bar, pool and three bungalows with Jungle, Wild West and Victorian themes. Green says it's a great business opportunity, but he's turning 63 and "I'm just working a little more at it than I want to."

  • Are there really THAT many customers who want to have sex with him?
  • Yeah, that's what the girls say at age 23.
  • He paid $1.2 million for two double-wide trailers, so he worked harder than he had to.
  • A lot of men want to buy it, but they're chicken.