Today's images
Milla Jovovich
  • From RJL, it's Milla up to her zany hijinks again! Here she is from MTV's House of Style showing the world her personal choice in feminine hygiene product. Suddenly I have that not so fresh feeling.
  • Alright, on to more normal scans...Once upon a time, Milla actually looked mormal, as well as very beautiful. From Helcrom, a large sequence from the movie that gave almost every actor and actress in Hollywood a job, 1992's "Chaplin".
  • Caroline Key Johnson
  • Once again, the Anonymous Guy has 'capped one of his favorites and sent them in for our viewing pleasure. Here's CKJ in a sex scene (of course) from "Erotic Confessions".
  • Another series of vidcaps featuring CKJ entitled "Fun with Produce: Part 2".
  • Rebecca Romijn
  • From RJL, a fantastic bonus collage from the MTV Movie Awards. The bonus...Jennifer Love Hewitt and Rebecca Romijn! Rebecca was interviewing celebs as they went in, naturally, and had Jennifer show off her mostly backless dress. This almost counts as the most skin she's ever shown!
  • ZonononZor keeps sending in better and better stuff. Here is a great example, Rebecca barely wearing a swim suit.
  • Fun House Variety
  • Lot's of hot images in this section today. First is a semi-nude of Joey Lauren Adams that's not from "Mallrats". It's from a real piece of cinematic art, well, more like cinematic crap. The movie was "SFW". If you're looking for a real "film" about misspent youth, and teen angst, then this is something else all together.
  • Last week we ran a scan from the erotic fantasy drama film "Aria". One sexy French star from that film also did a little educational programming, in fact that's where I first saw Valerie Allain. She was sort of hard to miss, after all, it was the only show on cable in French, and she never wore a bra in any of the episodes. Here's a fabulous sample of her from "French in Action".
  • As most regulars know, I'm a sucker for Neve's co-star from "Wild Things", Denise Richards. Not nude, but a great SBS scan with some cleavage.
  • Since we've mentioned Milla already today, we would not be doing our duty if we didn't run this topless vidcap of her "Chaplin" co-star, Moira Kelly. Like I said earlier, that movie had pretty much everyone in Hollywood who needed a job that year.
  • Vidcaps
    "Bitter Moon"
  • Usually Saturday is vidcap day, but I just had so many that It seemed like a good idea to get them out earlier. First up is a Parisian brunette with her own idea for a "Got Milk?" ad. Emmanuelle Seigner.
  • Thanks to Don Bun for both of these scans. I give you the fact that Emmanuelle does have a nice bod, but I can't tell if she's trying to put on her bedroom eyes and look sexy, or if she's stoned out of her mind. Perhaps she's just really sleepy.
  • "Massuese"
  • With a name like "Masseuse", you can be assured of Jessica Lange acting quality, and Jessica Rabbit bodies. Well, one of those anyway. Among Griffin Drew's other film achievements..."Dinosaur Island" and "Dinosaur Valley Girls". My guess is the Academy overlooked those greats because of politics or something. Free Tibet!
  • Former Page 3 girl, Robyn Harris. In this flick she's supposed to play the secretary who is forced to have sex with her scum bag boss.
  • Here's another bikini bimbo from "Masseuse", Amy Rochelle. Amy plays Rosa, the maid who is forced to have sex with the same scum bag boss. Later in the movie, the secretary, wife and maid turn their house into a massage parlour to get back at the scum bag. Oscar worthy for sure.
  • Monique Parent, another b-movie queen. There is at least one notable exception in her case. She played a "Nude Ninja" in a movie called "The Making of...And God Spoke" (A.K.A. "And God Spoke") If you're hip to poking fun at both movie making and religion, then I highly recommend this one. I laughed so much that I had to rewind it and watch it again.
  • "Body Chemistry 2"
  • Here's the woman with a name not to be mistaken for that new anti hair loss pill. This is Lisa Pescia.
  • One more look at Lisa in the tub, thanks to Elliffen Graphix.
  • "The Dallas Connection"
  • This was one of those infamous, low budget, large breasted, bimbo, Sidaris movies. You know, quality entertainment! First up and helping to give a nice double meaning to the phrase "Big D", the well endowed Julie Smith.
  • The other Julie from this b-grade bikini bimbo classic, Julie Strain. I think she played the bad guy in this one. That's why she's wearing the leather and chains.
  • Personally, I prefer natural breasts, but you must admire a woman with the courage to stare down the laws of physics. Someone like Samantha Philips who looks gravity in the face and shouts aloud for all of science to hear..."Gravity, I defy you!"
  • Wendy Hamilton, also from "The Dallas Connection". Thanks to Pal for these vidcaps.