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Season Three

today: s3e7

Ayse Tezel and T-Ann Manora

Gwendoline Taylor

Jenna Lind




January Jones


The Movie Out Here

The DVD still hasn't been released but here are some IDs from last week's clip.
Lisa Durupt: bare butt.

Caley Dimmock : topless.

Chasty Ballesteros: topless.

Jasmine Mooney: sideboob behind Chasty,

Rebecca Husain: partial boob milking with breast pump.

"Orphan Black"

Now that season 1 has ended the question is would a lesbian clone have lesbian sex with one of her other lesbian clones?

episode: "Unconscious Selection" (s1e09)

Tatiana Maslany:  lesbian kiss with Evelyn Brochu.

Evelyne Brochu: sexy.

episode:  "Endless Forms Most Beautiful" (s1e10; season finale)

Tatiana Maslany: sexy as soccer mom clone.

"How to Live with Your Parents

(For the Rest of Your Life)"

Unfortunately canceled.

episode: "How to Have a Playdate" (s1e10)

Elizabeth Perkins: boobs blocked out by nudity bar but one almost pops out again.


 episode: "Goodbye Blue Sky" (s1e08)
Jaime Murray & Mia Kirshner: Jaime shows partial boob in lesbian scene with Mia.

The Feast of the Goat


aka "La fiesta del chivo"

Stephanie Leonidas: Future Defiance star shows her rock hard puffies.
The best pre-scifi nudity since Star Trek's Deanna Troi.

"Rookie Blue"

episode: "Surprises" (s4e01)

Missy Peregrym: sexy in bikini top.


web series

Season 2 ended recently.

Elitsa Bako: hi-def topless showing some cameltoe from first season.

Shannon Guess

Texas zombie bit actress Shannon Guess, aka Shannon Rogers Guess Richardson, was arrested recently for confessing to have mailed some ricin-laced letters to Obama (story here - outside link). At first an earlier suspect was an Elvis impersonator. The next one will be a backstage fluffer from a porn reality series.

Film/TV clips

Margareth Made in the making of the 2012 Pirelli Calendar

Susannah Fielding in The Knot (2012). Not much nudity, but a cute scene.

Ginger Roman in Les Lezards (2012) in 720p

Ursina Lardi in Die Frau von frueher (2012)

Marketa Irglova in The Swell Season (2011) in 720p

Jennifer Lothrop in Love Her Madly (2000)

Lali Espinet in El Pico II (1984)

Lali Espinet in El Pico (1983)


Emily DiDonato virtually topless

Brandi Glanville flashes the beav

Denise Richards flashes a semi-beav (not new, but good quality)