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Dorothy Mills



Jenn Murray HD film clip

(collage below)







Emanuelle and the White Slave Trade


We return to Emanuelle. Laura Gemser shows off every inch of her lovely body in these caps and four film clips.



Part 3 tomorrow.




TV Land


Over in TV Land Leah Remini with some sexy cleavage in her nightgown on an old episode of "The King of Queens". Caps and a clip.








Notes and collages

The Caretaker


Jennifer Tilly









Meital Dohan (Israeli actress who had a recurring role on Weeds) with a wardrobe malfunction in St Barts

Lizzy Borden in Terror Toons

Cerina Vincent in the pilot for Manchild

Two months from the Dita von Teese calendar

Her body is just about flawless.

Natasha Mealey, Brit glamour model



Film Clips

Hot off the presses - the women of Batbabe: The Dark Nightie (2009)

The women of Drum (some of our faves). This 1976 film has been called "the funniest movie ever made about slavery." It was not meant to be funny. I think.

The rare bit of nudity from Diana Ross (Mahogany, 1975)

Probably the best looking Beatle wife, Barbara Bach, in Force 10 from Navarone in HD. They have been married for nearly 30 years. She is 60-something and still looks good.

Catherine McCormick in Loaded. According to her official bio, she is only 37 years old. I don't have any evidence to dispute that, but it's difficult to accept because she looks ten years older.

Jamie Lee Curtis in Mothers' Boys. (1993) Not much nudity, but a kinky tease. I believe the butt is a body double, if memory serves.

Claire Skinner in Almost Strangers (2001, TV movie)

Kate French in Fired Up (2009)

Tara Fitzgerald in A Man of No Importance (1994)

Lauren Bittner in Flannel Pajamas (2006)

Mary Steenbergen in Life as a House (2001, sample right). Steenbergen was 48, but her body was toned and fit.
Eva Loebau in Hotel Very Welcome (sample right)
Anouska Hempel in Tiffany Jones (1973). The quality is not good, and this would not be so interesting, except that she is now a prominent London socialite and the head of a top design firm. In 1998 she bought the UK rights to Tiffany Jones in order to keep it out of circulation. This effectively blocks any future UK television screenings or video releases. (sample right)