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52 Pick-Up

52 Pick-Up (1986) is a Golan-Globus production of a John Frankenheimer thriller. That tells us a lot already. It was made by a former major director well past his prime, and had a relatively small budget at a notorious assembly line studio. (This film was one of 43 films churned out by Golan-Globus in 1986!)

Roy Scheider plays a former military officer and wealthy industrialist who owns a patent that gives him huge yearly royalties from the space program. His wife (Ann Margret) is a deputy district attorney who has just decided to run for city council. Scheider is a straight shooter for the most part, but has a critical chink in his armor. He has been seeing a stripper (Kelly Preston) and three evil underworld types filmed them together and decided to blackmail him. Instead of paying, he tells his wife. They haven't been sleeping together anyway, so he figures he doesn't have much to lose. The bad guys consider this the wrong answer, so they kill Kelly Preston and edit the film to frame Scheider for the murder. He feels like he can't go to the cops, so his only choice is to outwit the baddies. Fortunately for him, they are as stupid as they are nasty, and he manages to turn them against each other, but not before they kidnap and possibly rape Ann Margret.

I personally did not like the performances by Scheider and Ann Margret, but found it otherwise enjoyable with plenty of action, really evil villains, cameos from Ron Jeremy and various other porn stars, and excellent nudity.

  • IMDb readers say 5.9.
  • Vanity was nominated for a supporting actress Saturn.

This is a C+. Solid thriller.

The body count features breasts and buns from Kelly Preston, as well as breasts from Amber Lynn, Vanity, and several unknowns.


Kelly Preston




Amber Lynn









After yesterday's mess-up we have a double feature.



First a "Babe in Bondage" as Diane DiGregorio is all tied up in Psyclops, just a hint of nipple.





Then from "Species" we first have Marg Helgenberger with some nice leg and a flash of tit.


Marliese Schneider is a "babe in bondage" - no nudity


The good stuff comes from Natasha Henstridge as she displays that awesome rack in several scenes.









Old Gringo


Harriet Winslow (Jane Fonda) is a school teacher and spinster who lives a stifling and boring life with her widowed mother in 1913. She wants to leave it all behind for adventure in Mexico as governess for a wealthy family. However, much to her surprise, she arrives to assume her new position and lands right in the middle of Pancho Villa's revolution where she is used by General Tomas Arroyo (Jimmy Smits) to gain access to the government-held mansion.

Meanwhile, the elderly American writer Ambrose Bierce (Gregory Peck) is also in the area. This world-weary author of tales such as "An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge" has come to Mexico to die. Together, the odd threesome must deal with the past, love, death and the ties that bind them together.


Jane Fonda







Notes and collages

Helen Mirren - Day 5









A very catholic contribution this time - 15 movies or shows from 15 different countries.


Hotel Erotica - Stakeout

Starting with the USA, we have an episode called Stakeout (2003) from the Hotel Erotica series.

Scarlet Johansing (aka Monique Parent) is completely naked but wearing some kind of crotch patch.

The patch is visible in collage #2

Elizabeth Grace is also starkers

and Tina Leiu shows her breasts.





Going North we have the Canadian film Captive (1998) and a topless Marie-Josée Croze.



City of God

To South America and Brazil, we have City of God aka Cidade de Deus  (2002). The movie highlights the gang problems inherent in some of the cities in Brazil.

The topless nudity is only brief and by some unknowns during a small orgy.

There are some nice caps of Alice Braga

and Leandra Miranda.



Tristan + Isolde

This is filmed in Ireland and there is not really any nudity.

Sophia Myles is supposed to be naked but can be seen wearing a nipple patch and knickers.

Bronagh Ballagher plays Sophia Myles' handmaid and is also supposed to be naked.



X 2000

Going East, we come to France and the short movie X 2000 (1998).  (FILM CLIP)

Denise Schropfer Aron is completely naked

and Lucia Sanchez is topless.



A Soap

From Denmark, we see Trine Dyrholm topless in A Soap aka En Soap (2006). (FILM CLIP)



Jalla! Jalla!

Still in Scandinavia, we have the Swedish movie Jalla! Jalla! aka The  Best Man's Wedding (2000).

Sofi Ahlström Helleday is topless

and there are pokies by Tuva Novotny.



Little Otik

Little Otik aka Otesánek (2000) is a weird Czech Republic movie. The total nudity comes from an unidentified pregnant and naked lady. We don't even get to see her face.



You Bet Your Life

Next up is an Austrian movie You Bet Your Life aka Spiele Leben (2005).

The topless nudity comes from Birgit Minichmayr,

 and Gerti Drassi is in her underwear.



The Spectator

Some nice nudity in the Italian movie The Spectator aka La Spettatrice (2004).

Barbora Bobulova is completely naked (FILM CLIP)

 and Chiara Picchi is topless.




El Calentito

El Calentito (2005) is a Spanish movie about a group of female punk rockers who like performing topless. (FILM CLIP)

Macarena Gómez

and Verónica Sánchez

and Ruth Diaz are all seen topless.




Down to the African continent and Senegal, we have Moolaadé (2004), a movie tackling the problem of mutilation of young girls by female circumcision.

Fatoumata Coulibaly is definitely no spring chicken but is topless.



Magic Blade

There is some topless nudity in the entertaining Hong Kong movie Magic Blade (1976).

I had to use the Internet to identify Tien Ni, although as you can see from the caps it is a body double.

Two other  women are also shown topless.



Island Warriors

I couldn't identify the topless woman in the Taiwanese film Island Warriors (1981), which is about an island of Amazonian women.




From South Korea, we have 3-iron aka Bin-jip (2004).

The rear nudity comes from what is supposed to be a photograph of Seung Yeon Lee.










Trish Goff








The Olivia Mojica sex tape has been all but forgotten for some months, but now seems to be back on the front burner. Here's the trailer.
I'm pretty sure you want this one in your collection. Most polls show that this is the most popular nude scene of all time - Phoebe Cates in Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Now here it is in HD (1280x720)
Joleigh Fioravanti in The Trespassers (film clip here)


The Comedy Wire

Paris Hilton's early jail release sparked outraged reactions by everyone from law-and-order Republicans to Al Sharpton.  Sharpton announced plans to lead a protest and blasted the L.A. justice system for favoritism.  He said lots of poor, black women have health
problems or don't handle jail well, but they aren't released.  He noted that when he was in jail for civil disobedience, he went on a hunger strike.  The jail sent a doctor to see him every day, but they didn't let him out.

*  They figured Al Sharpton would last a lot longer on a hunger strike than Paris Hilton.

*  The L.A. justice system lets Paris Hilton get away with murder, and a black man would never get away with murder in L.A.!...Double murder, sure...


At the G8 meeting Thursday, President Bush met with Bono

* Bush told him he loved his "I Got You Babe" song


Kevin Federline dropped out of a role he was offered in a Mark Wahlberg movie, citing a schedule conflict

* The shoot took place when wrestling was on.