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  • Speaking of controversy, several people wrote me to say the Angie Harmon picture from Lawn Dogs is a fake. Absolutely not true. I did the capture in yesterday's page, direct from the DVD. Apparently, there is another version of the movie in which Harmon is wearing a bra. This version has been aired by some satellite or cable companies. The filmmakers either filmed a second alternate version, or added the bra digitally for some broadcasts, but the official Trimark DVD release has no bra.
  • Oompa, loompa, lumpity loo. I have another riddle for you. These caps are from a movie called Drawn to the Flame. The actress is not credited in the film. Is it Carla Scott aka Tobe Kai? It looks more like non-Asian Lisa Boyle to me, btu I think the submitter has a good reason for asking, so who knows? This sentence links to one picture. This sentence links to another picture.
  • Master Bagger
  • The tough-talkin' b-movie giantess and former Penthouse Pet, Julie Strain.
  • Zononon Zor
  • From left to right, Garbo, two of Betty Grable, Rita Hayworth, two nudes of Bettie Page,
  • More Noteworthy Scans