TV Recap

Ditte og Louise ("og" means "and") is a new comedy show from Denmark. Each of the stars (Ditte Hansen and Louise Mieritz) appeared topless in the premiere episode, seen here in 1080hd




Westside is a new series from New Zealand, a spinoff from Outrageous Fortune. Eve Gordon is topless in episode two.


I've put a few of Defoe's clips in this section to keep all the new TV material together.

Caroline Delaunay in the season three premiere of Hard in 1080hd

Sonia Rolland in a TV movie called Le Vagabond de la Baie de Somme (2015) in 1080hd

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"The L Word"

continuing with season four ...

1080hd. s4e11

Grace Sherman


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Here is his other material for the week:

Deborah Francois in Mes Cheres Etudes (2010) in 1080hd

Laeititia Martinucci in Free Fall (2012) in 1080hd

Toinette Laquiere and Marie-Sophie Berthier in Fete de Famille (2006) in 1080hd



Intimate Parts


Dinara Vankovskaya

Kseniya Katalymova


Film and TV Clips

Lubna Azabal in The Honourable Woman (2014; s1e7) in 1080hd

Just for fun, Lubna in two much earlier films:

Lubna Azabal in Une Minute de soleil en moins (2003; the scene is better than indicated by the thumbnail)

Lubna Azabal in Viva Laldjerie (2004)

Carina Birrell in Demon Baby (2014) in 720p

Susen Ermich in Masks (2011) in 1080hd

Sonja Richter and Frida Bagri in Sonner av Norge (2011) in 1080hd



Parker Posey in Happy Tears (2009)

Find of the day: the Blu-Ray of The Last Kiss (2006) has a deleted scene in which Marley Shelton is topless. OK, the quality is absolutely terrible, but Marley has never shown her breasts in public!

Aleksandra Vujcic in Dear Claudia (1999) in 1080hd

A rare sighting of a Bernadette Peters breast in Pink Cadillac (1989) in 720p

Anna Forrest does naked yoga in Blue Thunder (1983) in 720p

Anne Archer in Lifeguard She did a completely nude scene on the stage in The Graduate, but the only time she ever exposed her own (non-doubled) breasts in a film was nearly forty years ago in Lifeguard (1976).

Note to purists: at age 48 she did kinda-sorta expose a nipple during a down blouse in Mojave Moon.

Carol Kane's full frontal nudity in The Last Detail (1973) in 720p. You go, Simka.

Pics and Collages

Amy Schumer hits the beach. Her show is genuinely excellent. She hired a great writing team, and she carries the skits very capably. I'll admit that I never saw that coming. I always liked her stand-up, but I felt it was workmanlike rather than brilliant. I never dreamed she'd come up with so many funny and completely different skits.