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"Ray Donovan"

Season One in 1920x1080

Today: episode 4

Kristin Minter

Aubrey Wood




Yekaterina Rednikova



Friends was a comedy show that went for 11 years, from 1994 to 2004, so it must have something going for it. It must be still popular given that it is still on high rotation on pay TV, at least here in Australia. There’s no nudity but the women do look good, especially Jennifer Aniston. Continuing  the second series, with episodes made in 1996.

Episode 13 The One After the Superbowl - Part 2 (1996)

Jennifer Aniston

Julia Roberts

Episode 14 The One with the Prom Video (1996)

Courtney Cox

Jennifer Aniston

Episode 15 The One Where Ross and Rachel... You Know (1996)

Jennifer Aniston

Episode 16 The One Where Joey Moves Out (1996)

Jennifer Aniston

Josie DiVincenzo

Episode 17 The One Where Eddie Moves In (1996)

Jennifer Aniston

Episode 18 The One Where Dr. Ramoray Dies (1996)

Courtney Cox

Jennifer Aniston

Episode 19 The One Where Eddie Won't Go (1996)

Jennifer Aniston

Episode 20 The One Where Old Yeller Dies (1996)

Courtney Cox

Jennifer Aniston

Episode 21 The One with the Bullies (1996)

Courtney Cox

Jennifer Aniston

Episode 22 The One with the Two Parties (1996)

Jennifer Aniston

Episode 23 The One with the Chicken Pox (1996)

Courtney Cox

Jennifer Aniston

Episode 24 The One with Barry and Mindy's Wedding (1996)

Courtney Cox

Jennifer Aniston

Gods of Youth

(2008; aka Run Rabbit Run aka Candyland)

Canadian version of Larry Kent's "Ken Park" but it's lame especially with the faux lesbian sex video. The movie changed its name twice before finally getting released in 2012.

Ashley Whillans: topless having sex.

Jordana Largy: bra and panties in lesbian sex video.

Farrah Aviva: bra and panties in lesbian sex video.

Tanya Lee: topless in bit part.

Naked Bike Ride


Jennifer McLean: nude riding bike but it's obvious she's wearing a crotch patch.



Michelle Sabiene: boob and butt having sex.

Natasha Quirke: side boob having sex.


Natasha Quirke: arms-over-boobs, rock hard pokies in some modeling pics.

Souffle au Chocolat


This is an odd French-language Canadian movie as it was filmed in British Columbia using local actors.

Emilie Gosselin: bikini, then brassiere in lesbian action with Mel Dion.

Mel Dion: partial boob and butt after threesome with Emilie Gosselin.

  Erica Bulman: sexy in black bathing suit.

Seed Money

(2011; video short)

Lilli Clark: partial boob having sex.

The Girl in the Rubber Mask

(2012; le short)

Mistaya Hemingway: Montreal dancer is topless with very perky nipples.


  Hemingway virtually topless in see-through costume dancing in the play "Amelia"

Mars & Venus

(2010; le vidéo short)

Melanie Pilon: lesbian guard from lé tv series "Unité 9" is sexy.


(2008; hi-def short)

Jennilee Murray: this is done in highest def available (1080p) in order to make out a whole nipple (which according to the FCC and Instagram the sight of will make you blind).


  Jennilee Murray: partial boob, nipple pokies in some modelling pics.

"13 Witches"
(web series)

Andrea Stefancikova: having non-consensual sex with guy against his will. She's not a witch, she's a monster!

Hastings Street

(2013; trailer)

Actually most of the collage is from Andrea's demo reel.

Andrea Stefancikova: showing a lot of cleavage.

"Gaia: The Series"

(web series)

Janessa O'Hearn: she's so stacked she can't hide under a loose-fitting blouse.

Ninja Horny

(2012 short)

Lila Popa: some upskirt but no crotch shots.


  Lila Popa: full boob exposure in "American Pie Presents The Book Of Love" (2009)

Lila Popa: arms-over-boobs topless sunbathing from her facebook account.

"TV with TV's Jonathan Torrens"

(tv series)

Kirstin Howell: cleavage.


  Kirstin Howell: showing more of her bountiful bosom in some modeling pics.

"Unusually Thicke"

episode: "Baby Talk" (season finalé)

Allison: in very revealing halter top. Don't know what’s her last name but as Alan Thicke's intern she's dumb as a bag of hammers.


  Renee Chouinard: showing off her bountiful bosum in various plays.

Talia Russo: hidef upgrade of her best gyno-cam performance to date in "Teddy Bear" (2008).


(2011 short)

This short starts out with a sexually frustrated woman masturbating in the shower, the skinemax version of a Lifetime Shower.

  Joanne Tucker: very nice topless.


Joanne Tucker: brassiere in a teaser trailer for the short "After You Left" (2010).

How It Ended


From the makers of Loft.

Halley Feiffer: topless having sex.


(2011; da shørt; aka Air Balloon)

A Norwegian lesbian short.

Tone Skaardal & Mia Caroline Bratz: topless in the tub.

Room 7

(2011; die shört)

German short about motel sex but if the title was "Room 9" that could mistranslate as "No Vancancy".

Katrin Bühring: having efficient fully clothed sex, German style.


(2013; short)

Ashley Almon: very sexy in leotards which ride high up the crotch. She has the misfortune of sharing the same name of a Canadian b-movie actress.

Hope Rubinkowski: sexy in leotards.


(2010 video short)

Katerina Mikailenko: bra and panties, arms-over-boobs after being forced to strip.

10 Years Later

(2012 short)

Katerina Mikailenko: bra and panties dressing after getting out shower.

The Right Hook

(2000 short)

Keri Szymanski: very nice pokies as angry lesbian.


(2007 short)

Keri Szymanski: cleavage.


(2012 short)

Edy Ganem: Devious Maids star in skivvies having choke-sex.


Edy Ganem: sexy modeling photos.

I'm Coming Over

(2011; short trailer)

Erica Newhouse: sexy in leotards.

This Is Not Your Movie


Something tells me this is a working title.

Brenna Rhea: very nice cleavage.


  Brenna Rhea: revealing modeling photos with major side-boobage.

  Rebecca Rowley

The only nudie pics from googling the name of this American actress are actually nudie pics drawn by a Calgary artist of the same name using a similar looking Canadian model.

Ukulele Baby

(2006 short)

Farrah Aljuri: underwear as bondage babe getting raped by lesbian nurse while wetting her panties.

Joyce Clarke: as lesbian nurse having her way with Farrah.


Farrah Aljuri: modeling pics.


(2012 short)

Another film by the makers of Ukulele Baby.

 Portia Victoria: UK model/actress is sexy only but much more to come.


Portia Victoria: topless in UK minseries "From Here to There" (s1e01).

Portia Victoria: censored topless in an episode of "Celebrity Super-Spa" (s1e04).

Portia Victoria: partial boob in the a promo for the short "Familiar Spirits".

Portia Victoria: full nude in the erotic video "Performance & Appreciation" (2013) with explicit panties crotch shots with cameltoe and vag-slip. Looks like a Miley Cyrus porn music video.

Portia Victoria has also modeled as Victoria Porter AKA Melanie Kate AKA Melody Wilde.Here are various nudie modelling pics.

Portia Victoria: hardcore explicit. First part is with disco bush and the second as a shaved Miley Cyrus.

Scar Tissue

(2013; trailer)

The ubiquitous Portia Victoria (see above) plays a prostitute in this movie and the DVD is being released this August. This topless woman, however, is unidentified.

Beyond Innocence


Johnny's comments:

I haven't dusted off the old VHS player in a while, so let's see what's left in there today.

Beyond Innocence (aka Devil in the Flesh) is a 1989 (but filmed in 1985) drama set during World War 2 where Paul (Keith Smith) sees the daughter of an old family friend, Marthe Foscari (French/English actress Katia Caballero) and instantly falls for her. But, there's two problems. He's a school boy and she's a married Italian woman awaiting the release of her husband Ermanno from a prison camp. But each find it hard to resist and an affair develops between the two of them. If they were to be found out, it would lead to untold scandal and when Marthe becomes pregnant, they attempt to live life together, bugger the scandal. But, with Ermanno close to coming home and the passion dwindling, this is not going to be easy. Fairly run-of-the-mill young someone has an affair with older someone drama, nothing really outstanding about it and for a movie set in the 40s, there seems to be a casualness that even when found out, it's hardly the end of the world, which I'm sure would not have happened in reality. Hell, even Ermanno seems pretty cool with it. He even gets a son he can later disown if he wants out. Also, if you're interested, there's a Dutch movie from 1986 called Devil in the Flesh based on the same novel, but features a real blow job scene performed by Maruschka Detmers. Nothing like that in the Australian version, but plenty of nudity nonetheless. There also seems to be a French movie a year later which adapted the same novel. Can't see the attraction myself...

Also, there's a scene towards the end where Paul walks onto the street during a celebration for the war being over and a girl stops him and says a few words to him. She is not credited in the movie, neither is the character, which is bizarre considering she seems to have been cast in the role, but that girl looks and sounds remarkably like Naomi Watts. Might not be her, but she does a very good impression if it's not her.

As always with a movie capped from VHS, the quality is down, but this one isn't too bad, just the occasional issue that doesn't really take away from viewing. I doubt we will ever see a DVD/Bluray release of this movie, it's pretty obscure and has no stars in it (apparently it's the lead actor's only role, no wonder, he's not very good) and no real value outside of that apart from maybe a little flesh. It would be nice to get a version where the framing was a better, a couple of scenes below would've benefited from better pan and scanning, but I'm not holding out for it.

Katia Caballero film clips (collages below)

Louise Elvin film clips (samples below)

TV/Film Clips

Two of the greatest nude scenes of all time in 1080p:

Sherilyn Fenn in Two Moon Junction (1988)

Maria Schneider in Last Tango in Paris (1972)


Lily Allen topless from a William Baker photoshoot about five years ago

a breast from Adriana Lima