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Season Three

today: s3e6

Anna Hutchison and an unidentified actress

Ayse Tezel and T-Ann Manora


Let's Do It


Brainscan's comments:
Sorry. Absolute shit VHS.  The reason for this is simple - it is the only format in which the 80's teen sex comedy, Let's Do It, can be found.  I ordered a DVD-R version but that one was a transfer straight from the crappiest possible videotape source.  It is so bad the recording drops out in a couple of places, where someone hit the pause button and burned out the original tape. Anyway, Let's Do It stars former Hefmate Missy Cleveland and that would be reason enough for me to spend time with it; the real star is the fabulous Britt Helfer.  She had a middling career in Hollywood and this was her first movie but the woman's body was to die for.  And she showed off her superstructure in quite the number of scenes, including a pretty kickass shower scene.  Several other women gave up some goodies, including Victoria Wells.  IMDb says she was the one who found Bob Crane beaten to death. Ouch.  So there are collages for each a clip or two or three, but the quality of the original material was pure feces.  Done what I could to fix em, but a body can do only so much.  Oh, the movie itself - plot and characterization and all that sort of stuff?  Well let's just say there is very good reason it has not yet been transferred to digital media.

Today: The last of this film

Bobbi van Eman (collage below)

Elodie McKee (no film clip)



Film/TV clips

Katja Riemann in Verratene Freunde (2013) in 720p

Barbara Auer, also in Verratene Freunde

Maria Venuti in Bathing Franky (2012)

Birgit Minichmayr in Gnade (2012) in 720p

Albina Dzhanabaeva in Izmena (2012)

Franziska Petri in Izmena (2012)

Celeste Cid in My German Friend (2012)

Teresa Palmer in Bear (2011) in 720p

Rachel Sterling and others in an uncensored scene from the TV series Las Vegas (s2e2). The same scene was blurred when it appeared on broadcast TV, but is uncensored on the DVD (although I think all the nipples have magically disappeared, either through high-tech editing or simple low-tech taping.)


Avril Lavigne's butt from an Ed the Sock DVD

Joanna Krupa

Isabella Ferrari, Caterina Valente, Eva Riccobono and others in E la chiamano estate (2012)