The HD was just more of the same. Just a couple of minor follow-up details

There is a still, not a clip, of Kerri Kenney topless, having sex with Ray Liotta. You may remember her from Reno 911. If that's really Kerri (and it appears to be), she's got a terrific figure.

And there is a pretty but unidentified blond woman topless in the background of a swimming scene.

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Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.


Natascha Paulick in Das Aelteste Gewerbe (2010)

Victoria Deutschmann in Das Aelteste Gewerbe (2010)

Natalia Belitski in Das Aelteste Gewerbe (2010)

Jen Taylor in Inheritance (2004)


Various clips from the venerable Tatort series:

Isabell Classen and Dijana Grilc (2012)

Susanne Michel (2001)

Susanne Luening (1998)

Rita Lengyel (1997)

Sophie Schuett and Vijak Bayani and some of Schuett alone (1997)

Claudia Stanislau (1992)
The show's video quality wasn't so hot in 1992, but the nudity was tremendous!


Exploitation classic corner:

Killer's Moon (1978)

Debbie Martyn

Lisa Vanderpump

Jane Hayden

Jayne Lester


All full frontal nudity today:

Annette Bening in The Grifters

Carey Mulligan in Shame

Mary-Louise Parker in Angels in America

Natalia Tena on Game of Thrones

Irina Voronina in Piranha 3DD