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Valentina's Tango


Valentina dances a solitary tango behind a sheet on the clothesline. Then a man, Eduardo, joins her. Cut to the afterglow. We learn three things: (1) just dancing the tango is enough to make her climax; (2) they had wild sex; (3) her grandmother caught them and forced them to marry. On their wedding night, she wore him out.

Jump in time twice, arriving at the present, in which they own a dinner club where they are the featured performers. They have two grown sons. One has aspirations of being a priest, the other is a gangster in training. The gangster's boss wants the club, and promises him a "boss" position if he can get his father to sell. Then things get complicated: the two brothers are hot for the same woman; dad is shot and relegated to a wheelchair; mom goes off the deep end.

The atmosphere is lovely, the tangos are sensuous, and the entire film is erotic, so I enjoyed moments very much. I was also glad to see the final credits rolling because the plot gets very muddled and far-fetched in the last act, and I'm still not sure how the film ended because dead people figure prominently in the final scenes.

Guillermina Quiroga, as Valentina, not only dances beautifully, but shows her breasts in two scenes.

 Dianna Miranda, as the love interest for both brothers, shows breasts and buns.









A quickie double feature from recent "Fun House" clips.


Advice from a Caterpillar


Sex and the City's Cynthia Nixon, with a little boobage




The lovely Anne Lockhart serves up her delicious tits








Notes and collages


in The Idol (2002)

in Walk All Over Me (2007)

(non-nudes continued from an earlier post)










"Crash for hosers" released to DVD in Canada last week. Only available at, the amazon website for hosers.
Camille Sullivan, the wife from Intelligence, has her nude debut with two sex scenes in a row.

Carrie-Anne Moss: sexy

Lauren Lee Smith: boob and butt

Camille Sullivan: boob and partial bush.


One Way


DVD still only available in Germany, also starring Lauren Lee Smith.

 Katie Keating: upskirt getting gangbanged.




A correction here, Julia Sandberg is the bare-assed groupie with Dave Foley's dick in her mouth. She later comes out of a room with semen all over her face (the semen being sprayed on her face was cut out) and then Dave Foley cops a feel of her boob.

Julia Sandberg

Jodie Stewart: there is not enough bandwidth in the internet for a video of her.



(2008) (V)

Australian model Natalie Pagnucco is the babe in the middle showing a bit of her wallaby.



Love Sick: Secrets of a Sex Addict

(2008) (TV)

One of those silly Lifetime movies with little nudity.

Sally Pressman: partial nude.

Sadie Lawrence: bra-less


"Corner Gas"

episode: "Spin Cycle"

Gabrielle Miller strips down to her birthday suit for a nude calendar shoot but with all the nudity blocked by strategically placed objects.


"Student Bodies"

episode: "Bad Girl Emily"

One of the racier episodes of the series, Nicole Lyn vamps by wearing a see-through blouse with a black brassiere underneath.


"Robson Arms"

Season 3

Linda Kash and Ingrid Torrance showing quite a bit of skin the past couple of episodes.

Linda Kash

Ingrid Torrance


American Pie Presents: Beta House

(2007) (V)

Another ID, the top heavy Christina Bilyk can be spotted in several scenes. You may recall her as the chick making out with Jessica Nichols in "The Jon Dore Show."

Beta House

Jon Dore Show








Boarding Gate


This action thriller was a big disappointment to me, although I should have been warned when I saw that Michael Madsen was the leading man. As often happens, the previews made it look a lot better than it was.

An Italian woman in London (Asia Argento) has an affair with a financial genius whose star is falling. So did the affair, but her next lover turns out to be a contract killer who is hired to kill money boy, and he turns to his new lover for help.

Reunion sex provides the perfect opportunity to off the guy, but the carefully planned escape may be thwarted by the hit man's wife, who is none too happy about her husband's lover/accomplice. This thing is mainly a jumbled-up boring mess, with mostly unintelligible dialog that makes it even harder to follow the action, such as it is. Things start to get frantic and interesting towards the end, but all and all, it's pretty poor.

Asia Argento







Ally Sheedy in Blue City

(A rare clear boob shot in the last one.)

Film Clips


Elizabeth Ashley in Paperback Hero. (1973) One reader requested these. I have not been able to find a legal DVD anywhere, but Mr Skin had some pretty decent film clips 480x360, so there ya go.

Frankie Thorn in Bad Lieutenant. (1992) Tuna and I were discussing her the other day on the phone. This gorgeous redhead is built like a brick shithouse and impressed the hell out of us in Warm Texas Rain in 2000, but she then disappeared from the face of the earth for six years (2001-2006), re-emerging in a tiny role in 2007 in He Was A Quiet Man. (I saw that Christian Slater film and liked it, but I can't remember who she was.) Bonus: here's Victoria Bastel, also from Bad Lieutenant

The Chachi Telesco sex tape. (2008) She's sexy and 19, the star of an Argentine version of High School Musical ... until this little adventure became public.

Julie Strain in Day of the Warrior. (1996) I have no more words to write about Big Jewel. You know what to expect. Click away if you're a fan.