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Gentleman's Bet

Gentleman's Bet (1995) is couples softcore erotica in the form of an erotic thriller.

Michael Phencie has it all, a gorgeous wife (Neith Hunter), a home worth eight million dollars, and a business he enjoys - restoring and selling rarities. One day he has a flat tire on the way home from work and a man, Jack Turturici, stops to help him change it. By way of a thank you, he buys the man a few martinis and the two hit it off until the man proposes a Gentleman's Bet. They will each try to seduce the other's wife. Phencie wants no part of it, but Turturici considers the bet a done deal, and seduces Neith Hunter. Turturici's significant other, Betsy Monroe, suggests a plan to get even, and Phencie arrives at her house to put the plan in motion.

Of course, nothing is as appears above, and the first mystery to be solved is who planned this and how many of the principals are involved. The second mystery is who will get away with it, if anyone.

The plot is derivative, and the narrative structure is such that too much is given away too soon. That being said, the plot is very strong for a couples softcore effort. While you will recognize plot points from Body Heat, and several lesser erotic thrillers as well, it makes the effort, and does so well enough that the film is never boring. On the erotic side, Neith Hunter is hot and has acting ability as well.

This is a C as couples erotica.

IMDb readers say 4.9 with only 43 votes.

This is only available from RLDVDs in another of their exclusive Mexican dual region (1 and 4) DVDs in English with optional Spanish subtitles. Special features include a one hour making of featurette and a trailer, also in English. Get purchase info by clicking on the image below.

Gentleman's Bet DVD (1995)

Neith Hunter and Betsy Monroe do full frontal.


Neith Hunter


Betsy Monroe







Alpha Dog


Scoop's note: I messed up on this one. There was an attachment error when Hank sent in his column and I failed to get that info back to him in time, so there's only one pic!!! My bad.

Anyway, here's the post ... so far. (To be continued.)

Olivia Wilde showing off some very nice titties ...









Blue City


Blue City tells the story of a hot shot young man (Judd Neslon) avenging the death of his father. He suspects foul play by city officials. And of course, Hollywood movies are incomplete without the love interest sidekick (Ally Sheedy). The problem with this movie is not really the story, but the fact that there is hardly anything to remind the viewer that the movie was meant to be a thriller. Nelson comes off as the most arrogant character, who readily insults even his allies. And the villains, despite this, really don't act like they're bothered by this guy showing up all the time and accusing them of his killing his father.



Anita Morris

Ally Sheedy






Notes and collages

Helen Mirren - Day 3










Big Tit Superstars


And here is a mixture of clips and collages from the ever popular, never to be forgotten, Big Tit Superstars. it is the Battleship Potemkin of bazooms. Some of the women will be familiar to the faithful reader of the Funhouse.


Candy Samples has shown up more than a few times,



as has Roxanne Brewer.



But then there is Marla Monroe (the cutest and curviest of the bunch, IMHO)


Pepper Bond


and Darleen English (who sometimes went by the name of Yum Yum and sometimes Yuma Robertson).



That covers the collages. There are also film clips of Anna Ventura and Candy Samples









Alone With Her

By placing the cameras in hidden camera positions, Writer/Director Eric Nicholas brings out the voyeur in all of us, and creates a very creepy feeling in this 2006 drama.

Doug stalks women with a camera he hides in a bag he carries. When he spots Amy, he falls madly in love, so he breaks into her apartment and plants multiple wireless hidden cameras in every room, then monitors her day and night.

Using the information he learns, he first befriends her and then arranges to come to her rescue when she suffers a series of misfortunes, all caused by him using information he gained. The tension continues to build to a climax which is horrible and not totally unexpected, but chilling nonetheless.

This is a very effective thriller, enhanced not only by the camera work, but by good actors who manage to come across as real people living mundane everyday lives. Top notch.

Ana Claudia Talancon other









Rinko Kikuchi








Adriana Greenberg in the Shadow Walkers
Kate Walsh in Inside Out
Janet Martin in Dark Town
Meghan Stansfield in Dark Town

Britney Spears in her bikini (yawn)



The Comedy Wire

Republican Texas Sen. John Cornyn introduced an amendment to the immigration reform bill that would have barred felons, including those who are already court-ordered to be deported, from being awarded legal immigrant status.  The amendment was defeated 51-46.   Democrats defeated it by passing a rival version that bars only a limited set of criminals, such as sex offenders and certain gang members.

*  And Republicans.

Reuters reports that a group of Dutch college students have invented a form of powdered alcohol they call Booz2Go.  Just add water, and you have a lime-flavored drink with 3 percent alcohol
content.  The best part: they're going after the youth market.  One of the inventors said that because the alcohol is not in liquid form, they can legally sell it to people under 16, who are really "into it."

*  Lindsay Lohan suggests that instead of water, add vodka.

*  This give new meaning to the term "dry martini."