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Catherine Oxenberg
  • Well, this is a very interesting little situation. Here we have a former Dynasty star who is lovely and, in general, underexposed on the internet. I don't think I've ever seen her in a real nude scene. These 7 VERY nude collages are from a movie called "Time Served",
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  • Crow
  • Excellent find from Crow. I didn't know that Debra Winger's breast was revealed briefly in "Everybody Wins"
  • DB
  • Most of you are familiar with the fact that DB's postings are unique and virtually impossible to duplicate. He has an extraordinary collection of filmed performances of classical music. These four collages are from Monteverdi's Banquet of the Senses, a "madrigali erotici", as performed by the Consort of Musicke in transparent nighties. The three performers are Emma Kirby, Evelyn Tubb, and Mary Nichols.
  • Banquet #1 ......, "Banquet" #2 ...... , Banquet #3 ......, Banquet #4
  • This is a bonus. Publisher capped Faye Dunaway's "nude" scene in Bonnie and Clyde. The camera is positioned so that you can't see anything, so don't expect anything, but the caps don't do anybody any good on my hard disk, so here they are.
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  • RDO
  • RDO pointed out that it has gotten much harder over the years to find material that hasn't been capped to death. True enough. When RDO started contributing, he was the first one to cap many of the scenes that are now internet staples. But now there are so many cappers and so many sites, that it's difficult to come up with new material unless the movie is new to video, or the woman is obscure, or it's a bootleg. When a movie is first released on video or DVD, tons of guys rush to their store or Blockbuster to cap every stray millimeter of aureola. The other regulars all say the same thing. Anyway, click here for a new one of Maggie O'Neill in "Under Suspicion"
  • and three of Natasha Gregson Wagner in "Another Day in Paradise". Does anyone else find her whiny little voice as irritating as I do? Oh, well, she does seem like her mama reincarnated at times. This movie managed to do nothing with a cast that included James Woods, Melanie Griffith and Wagner. It's really a same old same old, and I can't give you one good reason to see the movie itself unless you like classic R&B, in which case the music is outstanding. The DVD is a great rent, however. One scene got cut to avoid a nc-17 rating. Wagner goes for the man-slurpee, there is graphic male nudity, and lots of really dirty talk, and a very hot sex scene which includes every ingredient except Wagner nudity. That scene has been restored on the DVD, and there is also a second audio track with director's commentary, which is fascinating. Larry Clark, the director, is no NASA candidate, but he is very candid and outspoken in his down-home no-bullshit Oklahoma way, so his unguarded comments offer real insight into the moviemaking process. While I can't recommend the amateurish movie, which isn't a hell of a lot better than "I Spit on Your Grave", I recommend the DVD heartily. Listen to the songs, watch a few scenes of James Woods going ballistic, listen to the director's commentary, and satisfy your curiosity about the deleted scene. By the way, the DVD got printed wrong, and the director's cut and commentary are on the opposite side from the indicators.
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  • Stephanie Seymour, acting as a judge at the Miss Universe Pageant. Thanks to Why for responding to this request. The four frames are very similar, but Stephanie with a nipple out in public is worth a little repetition, don't you think? The third one is the best combination of nipple and pretty face.
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    Jennifer Aniston removing her robe on friends. No nudity, but sexy.
    Don Bun
  • Three of Antonia Dorian in Dinosaur Island
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  • Four of Wendy Schumacher in "Animal Instincts: The Seduction"
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  • And one of Vanessa Taylor in Femalien
  • Other new and noteworthy vidcaps
    New. Hugo cap of Uma Thurman in Dangerous Liaisons. This is perhaps the clearest cap I've seen of this poorly-lit scene.
    Requested. Angie Harmon in "Lawn Dogs"
    New. Abi Tucker in "Wildside", from Aussie. (He has a Brittney Powell film clip for us tomorrow)
    New. Gabi Gottschalk in "Die Suende der Engel", from Dildo Porn
    New. Sara Jessica Parker on Letterman. No nudity, but really worth a look if you like SJP.
    New. Julie Andrews in SOB, from Graphic Response.
    New. A very young Rosanna Arquette in SOB, from Graphic Response .
    New. Nastassia Kinski in "Cat People" from Master Bagger.
    Requested. Pamela Paulshock in VIP, from Maelstrom. .
    New. Sandrine Kiberlain in "Staatsauftrag: Mord".
    New. Milla in "The Fifth Element", from a new contributor called mrZ. He did a good job on this visually beautiful movie from Luc Besson.
  • Crow watched a PPV show entitled American Pinup Girls. Here's Amy Rochelle. The two of Rochelle are arty, but nude
  • Amy Rochelle
  • Avalon Anders. This one is topless only.
  • Aesthete, part 2
  • Aesthete is really into showers this weekend. His second group of the weekend is the shower scene from Starship Troopers - not Dina Myers, but all the unknowns and extras.
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  • Pioneer internet entrepreneur Danni Ashe on a German TV show
  • more Danni
  • more of the big-chested Ms Ashe
  • Lea Bosco, unrelated to St John Bosco (undisputed patron saint of chocolate flavored milk drinks), in Tristan und Isolde. Good capture by AP, and she is a beautiful woman.
  • Sandy Bullock in an ultratight dress, as scanned from a German newspaper
  • Doreen Jacobi in "Die Stunde des Loewen"
  • Christine Kaufmann posing naked at age 50+
  • Ann-Kathrin Kramer in "Callboys"
  • Ann-Kathrin Kramer in "Callboys
  • Beatrice Manowski in that nude Hot Sand video
  • Beatrice Manowski in that nude Hot Sand video
  • Birgit Schrowange acting as a TV presenter, with a semi-transparent top.
  • Katja Glienke in "Benzin im Blut"
  • Sophie Schuett in "7 Tage bis zum Glueck"
  • Natasha Gregson Wagner
  • We have two versions of each of these, one from Palemo, one from Dingo. They are nice nude photos of Natasha Gregson Wagner, just short of the full monty, in issue 37 of B&W. Palemo's are 100-210 k, Dingo's are much smaller, from 39 to 63 k, if you care about bandwidth.
  • From Dingo ...
  • From Palemo ...
  • Alice in Wonderland
  • Graphic Response did a collage from the x-rated musical version of Alice in Wonderland.
  • Kristine de Bell is always much requested, so I took GR's filmpack and strung together four additional sequences. Here's the masturbation scene.
  • Here's Fellatio, my favorite character in Shakespeare. "Alas, poor Yorick, I knew him, Fellatio." (From Shakespeare's rarely published xxx-rated musical version of Hamlet.) Only one question. I can understand singing while masturbating, but don't most opera singers say that it is difficult to sing and swallow the salami at the same time? Maybe she just hummed the tune.
  • Here's Fellatio's girlfriend, the woman who opened an Irish Airline, Connie Lingus.
  • and here's your basic, straight, unadorned penetration.
  • Publisher
  • As Publisher promised, here are his last 26 frames from Straw Dogs, featuring Susan George. The first sequence is the head and breast close-up. The second sequence is the full length shot of her on the couch. The third sequence is the medium-close shot. All the frames are very similar to the adjacent ones, as you may know, so choose any one if you want a taste. Or choose all of them if you are a fanatical collector. The quality is superior- about as good as DVD captures can get with existing technology. Jumbo frames (picture area 1024x496), small file sizes (about 70k), almost no loss of sharpness.
  • Close-up #1, Close-up #2, Close-up #3, Close-up #4, Close-up #5, Close-up #6, Close-up #7, Close-up #8, Close-up #9, Close-up #10
  • Longer shot #1, Longer shot #2, Longer shot #3, Longer shot #4, Longer shot #5, Longer shot #6, Longer shot #7, Longer shot #8, Longer shot #9, Longer shot #10, Longer shot #11
  • Medium shot #1, Medium shot #2, Medium shot #3, Medium shot #4, Medium shot #5, Medium shot #6
  • Saturday
    Web and Celeb
  • My mailbox says that the off-broadway play, Killer Joe, does include full frontal nudity from Dawson's Creek's Michelle Williams. Furthermore, Lori Petty is naked below the waist for about five minutes, and spreads her legs to torment a male character. Sadly, Killer Joe closes soon, and we haven't seen any picture leaks.
  • Johnny Web
  • We figured as long as Johnny Web was temporarily near a scanner on the shores of the Irawaddy, we may as well pay the natives to chain him to his scanner for one last hurrah on those former playmates. Here's Janet Lupo, Miss November, 1975, and possibly the bustiest (natural) woman ever to grace the center staple. When she was a playmate, I though she was just OK - a woman with a massive chest who was pretty old (25) by Playmate standards, but time has been very kind to her. She is 49, gorgeous, and that chest still looks remarkable. She better watch out for that candle.
  • One more of Lupo today. You can find her at
  • Carol Vitale, veteran bunny who became the centerfold in July 1974. You can find her at
  • This is Linzi Drew. Not a centerfold, but a hot babe notwithstanding. She has had small parts in "a" movies, and larger roles in the kind of movies that can be shot in a couple days, if you catch my drift.
  • There is no dedicated Johnny Web site, but we've archived every single frame in our subscription area, and his work is exclusive to our site. We have more than a year of back issues of the Fun House, plus the rasslin' babes site, the fakes, the Fun House, the Encyclopedia, and the Mardi Gras pics! Search for "Johnny Web" with the search function in the back issues. Click here to sign up, log in, or get info.
  • The Realist
  • These Realist caps are from the much reviled "I Spit on Your Grave". Made in the late 70's with a cast of amateurs, most of whom never worked again (and deservedly so), it was a movie with very little redeeming social importance. The plot: female intellectual writer from New York takes a summer rental in a sleepy rural burg. In a twist on Deliverance, local hayseeds rape her brutally, again and again. She takes revenge by killing the guys who raped her. The cinematography is surprisingly sharp and colorful, but that's the only good thing to say about the movie. It's good for us, because Realist's caps came out about as good as you can get from a movie this cheap. The acting, script and characterizations are generally below the level of community theatre. The guy who is supposed to be a little slow plays the part with a lack of subtlety that would embarrass Larry Storch. The politically incorrect graphicness of the violence got the film banned from some countries that enjoy violence less than the States. Well, I guess we could say one more "good" thing. There is a lot of nudity. The first one is probably the best frame in terms of nudity. After the first guy rapes her, Camille Keaton starts to crawl away, and the camera actually shoots right up her Yahoo
  • The rest are self-explanatory from the thumbnails, and if you can't figure out what's happening, does it matter? We ain't talking Branagh's Henry V here.
  • One more from The Realist. This one is out of left field. Amy Jo Johnson in "Without Limits". It's probably not even her body, but even if it is you can't see squat anyway. This was kind of a disappointing movie. I kept saying to myself, "how can you make a dull movie about Steve Prefontaine", but this is the second one. His life story is perfect for a movie. He went to college in the late 60's era of revolt, and unlike college athletes before him, felt free to say what was on his mind to his coach, reporters, race officials, whatever. He once called the Olympic Organizing Committee a pack of corrupt leeches, he publicly accused top AAU officials of being on the take. (He was right, by the way. The AAU got its balls cut off, but some of the Olympic and NCAA abuses continue to this day.) He refused to run a standard race - preferring to run in front from start to finish. He screwed every woman within reach, even on the night before a meet. He broke every rule, and usually proved he was right. In addition, his college track coach invented Nikes, and Pre was the lab animal.

    He lost the big race of his life. He went to the cursed Munich Olympics, and when they finally resumed, he finished out of the medals in the 5000. Actually, the truth about the race is more complicated. The legendary Lasse Viren won the race with a time that would have been one of Prefontaine's slowest of the year, but Pre got boxed in and elbowed every time he tried to break in the first 2/3. Some people say the other racers agreed to box him because they despised his arrogance, although the movie does not really explore that possibility. The movie makes him seem like a guy whose abrasiveness was universally loved for its colorful rugged individualism, rather than viewed as the boorishness often associated with an arrogant loudmouth. Prefontaine ran two more international races right after Munich, but he had lost the eye of the tiger, and got whupped. Then he had to go back to Oregon to work as a bartender and try to train while living in dire poverty. At the same time, the East German athletes and others were free to train 16 hours a day if they wanted to, an hypocrisy which Pre pointed out often, to anyone who would listen.

    What I think is the most inspiring part of the story was shortchanged by the movie! Pre got himself back in shape despite inadequate facilities, running in sub-zero weather, and severe tendinitis. He just ran through the pain, as was his wont. Then he won the two mile race in the Sunkist Meet by a hundred yards over all the best runners in the world, including Liquori, Shorter, and Viren. He actually lapped two of the runners - how often do you see somebody get lapped in an eight lap race in world class competition? Now wouldn't all that make a good, long chapter in the story?

    Just when he was rolling toward Montreal, where he was expected to win a gold, he died in a car crash at 24, and his blood alcohol level showed he was drunk as a skunk.

    Anyway, great story, right? How could you mess it up? But the movie is duller than dishwater, as it concentrates excessively on technical insider crap about running, and the subplot with Pre's "pure" girlfriend, which is totally soporific, and should have been shitcanned from the script. (Robert Towne's last movie was Tequila Sunrise, which tells you more than six pages of my exposition. I just don't know what happened to the edge he once brought to his famous script for "Chinatown"). Plus, the lighting is often squirrelly. The one redeeming element of the movie was Donald Sutherland's complex portrayal of Pre's coach. The earlier Disney movie, "Prefontaine" at least got closer to the heart of some of the major issues, but neither was likely to challenge "Hoosiers" in the sportsmovie pantheon. Click here for Amy Jo, or somebody.

  • Aesthete
  • Aesthete's project this week is "Private School", a movie of no importance in the grand scheme of things, but something of a treasure for our purposes. It features some nude scenes from Betsy Russell, Phoebe Cates, Brinke Stevens, and a host of extras. Here's Betsy's shower scene. The best stuff is behind the glass, and you can't ever see the face with the goodies.
  • Here are several of the group shower scene
  • shower
  • shower
  • shower
  • shower
  • shower
  • shower, featuring Linda Wiesmeier
  • shower, featuring Linda Wiesmeier
  • shower, featuring Brinke Stevens (Follow her through - she starts in the top left frame, far left, and is on the far left of most frames. Beautiful butt, although she was about ten years too old for the role!)
  • graduation day mooning
  • graduation
  • graduation, featuring Betsy Russell (second moon from right) and Phoebe Cates (far right moon) with their pants halfway dowm
  • Phoebe Cates. You can't see her head, but there's no reason to expect her to use a double. This is a 1983 movie, and she had done extensive nudity in two other movies in the previous year. (Paradise and Fast Times)
  • Graphic Response
  • In his ongoing pursuit of material he hasn't done (difficult when you've done 7,000 collages), GR turns up some treasures. Here's Katrin Cartlidge in "Naked"
  • Karen Young in "Criminal Law"
  • Farrah Fawcett in "Myra Breckinridge"
  • Raquel Welch in "Myra Breckinridge". Not even a hint of nudity, but Raquel in her physical prime
  • Helcrom
  • Four storyline collages today. First, Moira Kelly in "Twin Peaks, Fire walk blah blah blah""
  • Sheryl Lee in "Twin Peaks"
  • Sheryl Lee in "Twin Peaks"
  • Sheryl Lee in "Twin Peaks"
  • Noteworthy Vidcaps
  • Dildo Porn collage of Salma Hayek in "Desperado"
  • Dildo Porn collage of Franka Potente in "Coming In"
  • some bootleg pictures of Natalie Portman in "Phantom Menace"