Animal Kingdom

s3e2, 720p

Christina Ochoa

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2000, 1440x1080

Laura Linney, in one of the best nude scenes ever performed by an Oscar-nominated star

(Although her three Oscar nominations came after this performance.)

Sheila Zane



Scrubs is a medical-based comedy set in Sacred Heart Hospital, which follows the lives of employees and patients in the hospital. It can be considered successful given that it went for 182 episodes over 9 seasons. There was no nudity. Sarah Chalke was in most of the episodes and is easy on the eye. There were also multiple appearances by actresses such as Heather Graham and Tara Reid that made the show more enjoyable. These collages are from the fourth season, and were made in 2004.

Episode 1 My Old Friend's New Friend

Heather Graham

Episode 2 My Office

Heather Graham

Episode 3 My New Game

Christa Miller

Heather Graham

Call Girl of Cthuhlu


Gypsy Love

"Auckward Love"

New Zealand series, s3e4, 1080hd

Jess Holly Bates film clip (sample below)


Scoop's note: She is not a Maori woman, but a white Kiwi in blackface and blackbody. Yeah, I know it sounds racist, but I don't know the context or back story.

Another look at Aubrey Plaza in Legion (s2e5), this time in 2160hd
(One of the most important nude scenes of the year to date)

Rea Lest in November (2017) in 1080hd

Carrie Fleming in an episode of Masters of Horror (s1e4) in 1080hd

Kate Lyn Sheil in Pollywogs (2013) in 720p

Bo Derek in Ghosts Can't Do It (1989) in 1080hd

Bo Derek in Bolero, and the Blu-Ray extras (1984) in 1080hd