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Sarah Greene on Penny Dreadful (s3e6)

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2010; 1920x800

Helena Noguerra


"Penny Dreadful"

s3e5 (last week)

Jessica Barden



Cupid's Prey


Cupid's Prey is a 2003 thriller set in the US but made in New Zealand where grad student Rebecca (Katrina Browne) is invited by her boyfriend Matt (Glen Drake) to his family's estate to do some 'studying' and to meet his parents, Jeremy (Jack Wagner) and Iris (Joanna Pacula). They are very accommodating of her, in fact Jeremy wouldn't mind being with Rebecca and he gets the chance after she sees Matt flirting with another woman at a party. Rebecca stops Jeremy before it goes too far, but Jeremy is persistent and a man with some sway at the university and uses it to get Rebecca a prime research position. Rebecca continues to reject his advances while Matt attempts to woo his way back with her. Sick of rejection, Jeremy tells Rebecca to stop being involved with the family and to make it clear, he withdraws his support on her research position. It turns out that a housekeeper was murdered on the estate and Jeremy was suspected of murder although a transient was arrested. The harassment continues and now Rebecca must fight for her life, but is Jeremy the real problem or is he covering up for someone more sinister.

Basically a made-for-TV movie with a little bit more sex than usual, nothing special, but watchable even with a ludicrous plot that sets up a silly twist. Katrina Browne is not bad here but sadly she seems to have quit acting. She has a brief nude scene in this movie, but has a slightly better one in the TV show Outrageous Fortune.

Katrina Browne film clip (collage below)

Julia Ryan film clip (sample below)

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Marian Alvarez in Lobos Sucios

Minna Pualanto in Kaikella Rakkaudella (Finland; 2013) in 1080hd


A collage of ScarJo in that crappy movie where she got naked
 (Under the Skin. I had to look it up.)

Somebody did a nice colorized version of Carla Gugino in Sin City