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Eyes Wide Shut



This is the final section from this, Kubrick's final film:

Leelee Sobieski film clips, 1920x1080

(By the way, her first name is Liliana, which is pronounced LEE-LEE-AH'-NAH, thus explaining her unusual nickname.)

Orgy film clips 1920x1080.







TV Land

It's a "Hankster Light" TV Land only edition today.

Lisa Rinna with a leg & thigh show and some cleavage as she visits Chelsea Lately. Caps and an HD clip.

Then from the soap opera world we have Crystal Hunt on "One Life to Live" showing off her new bra while doing a striptease routine. Caps and a clip.







Notes and collages

Rena Riffel film festival


(pre Showgirls)

Undercover Heat




Breast Men


Singapore Sling



Candyman 3







Hank and Mike


This 2008 comedy is about the Easter Bunny, actually a bunch of them, but don't think for a moment that it is a kid's story, because in this tale, the Bunny (at least one of them) is a cigarette smoking, womanizing, drunken, coke-snorting hell-raiser. And Hank's ways make things very hard on his partner Mike, who has won Bunny of the Year several times and is the latest recipient of the Golden Egg award.

The international corporation that owns holidays is in cutback mode, and since Easter is considered a "Tier 2" holiday, some of the bunnies must go. After the most recent Easter, they are accused of missing a house, and are downsized.

Hank and Mike are the Felix and Oscar of bunnies; Hank is a hard-drinking slovenly skirt chaser while Mike is serious and straight-laced. They are lifetime friends but as unemployment turns them into homeless Easter Bunnies, the friendship is seriously tested.

This totally weird comical fantasy is hilarious, as long as you are willing to suspend reality. Just seeing guys run around in bunny suits smoking and screwing is pretty funny all by itself

Aniela Kurylo Talia Russo






The Tribe

(aka The Forgotten Ones, 2009)

Low budget horror deemed so bad by the producers that it was completely re-shot with an entirely new cast and a different director. However the original movie is available on DVD in Germany (check next to the German sheister porn section at your local video store.) The the reshoot, "Primal" aka "The Lost Tribe," starring Lance Henriksen is currently awaiting release.

Jewel Staite: losing her pants

Nikki Griffin: bikini

There is almost no skin or gore on the German DVD release although the verboten Blu-Ray version runs several minutes longer.



Vampire Bats


Also next to the German sheister porn section is this Lucy Lawless horror. (Brett Butler without any makeup, now that's scary.)

Lucy Lawless: sexy

Stephanie Honore: bra and panties

Jacque Henry: bra and panties, she's not a dude!



Darkest Hour


Low budget Canadian horror with almost every cliche in the book.

Tristan Risk: topless

Lee Tomaschefski: lesbian kiss with Tristan Risk

Tamara Pender: cleavage

Angie Zachary: bra and panties

Krystal Vrba: very tight jeans


Never Cry Werewolf


Buffy knockoff this time with werewolves and crossbows instead of vampires and stakes.

Nina Dobrev: stripping down to her tank top in order to fight werewolves

Rebekah Boisvert: partial boob as hooker #1

Julie Sype: cleavage as hooker #2

Melanie Leishman: very sexy

Nahanni Johnstone: sexy after her first role since appearing topless in the career-killing Infested six years ago.








(2009, Mexico)


Maria Aura film clips. Collages below



Diana Garcia film clips. Collages below









Kelly Carlson during the filming of some new episodes of nip/tuck

Alexandra Holden in a 2002 episode of "Six feet Under"


Tanya Raymonde with the slightest hint of plumber's crack in Elsewhere (2009)

Spice Girl Geri Halliwell, back in the day.

Elle Macpherson

Helena Christensen


Film Clips