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Les Anges Exterminateurs

Exterminating Angels (2006) is the latest erotic drama from Jean-Claude Brisseau.

A director is trying to cast his latest film project, wherein he hopes to get to the bottom of what women want sexually and how they go about getting it. The script will actually grow out of the casting sessions, and rehearsals. He wants a great deal of improv among the actresses so it doesn't become a film about his fantasies. It proves difficult to find women willing to participate in the casting sessions because they include nude masturbation. Further, the film is to include girl/girl/girl footage. He finds actress one, who effortlessly masturbates to two climaxes in front of him. Actress two asks to meet him in a restaurant, where she precedes to masturbate under the table. He commands her not to come yet, as he has invited her costar. It has become triply exciting, as a waitress has figured out what is going on, and is clearly excited by it.  When the other actress arrives, the two play under the table, but again our director orders them to wait for orgasms until they can be alone, and takes them to a hotel room where we have two remarkable girl/girl scenes. He decides he needs to cast a third, who ends up being the waitress. We are also treated to her masturbation scene and a three way among the three women.

Once the cast is assembled, things do not go smoothly, which had been predicted by many metaphysical omens throughout the film, including dead grandmothers, female muses, and announcers randomly saying cryptic things.

Most critics talk about the sexuality, and how successful the scenes were, and call the film engrossing, but very few tried to explain what the film was trying to convey. It is possible that there is no simple answer to that question. A female acquaintance once explained to me that men were simple, but women were more complicated. That might well be the main message of this film.

The nude scenes are long and explicit, with one exception: Apolline Louis, playing a replacement actress, only shows a brief glance of her breasts. The principals, Maroussia Dubreuil, Lisa Bellynck and Marie Allan all show everything, alone and together.

This is a strong C+, and works equally as erotica, and in the peculiarly French genre of mainstream art films with explicit sexual content.

IMDb readers say 6.2, but based on 171 votes. Metacritic: 54. Rotten Tomatoes: 46%. It is still enjoying a very limited US arthouse release, and is scheduled for DVD release July 25, 2007. The screener I viewed was in French with burned-in English subtitles.

Scoop's notes:

You will find the film clips in the March 26th edition. The film is currently available on a Region 2 French DVD, but I didn't order it because the retail is some thirty bucks. The good news is that it will become available on July 24th on a Region 1 DVD, priced at a more modest seventeen bucks.


Here is the trailer, with sub-titles



Apoline Louis


Marie Allen


Lisa Bellynk


Maroussia Dubreuil









Cameron Diaz festival.


Cameron on "Leno" with some leg and cleavage.


From "The Mask" more leg and cleavage and even a brief "Babe in Bondage" scene.


In "There's Something About Mary" Cameron is sexy with just a hint of tittie tease.







Hot Milk


Ricardo Bofill is a rich daddy's boy. His father is a famous architect in Spain and he studied architecture too. Of course it took him quite a while to finish with all the alcohol and drugs he was taking.

No, that is not the story of the movie. Ricardo is the director of this film, not a character.

He was the boyfriend of Mexican Singer Paulina Rubio, but he got into rehab and she ended the relationship. I guess she didn't want to stop the fun. He then moved to the movies. He is independently wealthy, so he can do it. He made a trippy movie about a girl who milks cows, then moves to the city to see the world, then moves back to the cows when she doesn't like what she sees

That's the whole story.

Like any new director, he experiments a lot. Like many other directors who experiment, his movie is bad, so bad that it stayed canned for a couple of years. The only good news is that he starred his latest girlfriend, Ana Turpin, and while I can't recommend the film, Ana is very beautiful and very talented as well. She has it all. Except the right boyfriend.


Ana Turpin

Vanessa Otero

Macarena Gomez

Vanessa Otero AND Macarena Gomez

Laura Dominguez







Notes and collages

Helen Mirren - Day 2

The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone









Big Tit Superstars


Among the self-proclaimed Big Tit Superstars, the one closest to some sort of stardom is Uschi Digart. In her little vignette, she and an unnamed cutie get very friendly. A noteworthy triple-B performance from Uschi and her gal pal, worthy of 10 collages and 5 clips.










These are the film clips that accompany the collages from LC's last post.

Pretty Cool








A film clip of some brief nudity from Farrah Fawcett in Extremities
The film clip to go with those collages of Sonia Walger in The Vice

Maggie Gyllenhaal, relaxed as always, breastfeeding in public


The Comedy Wire

Gallup released its 2007 Values and Beliefs Survey, which tracks how Americans feel about various moral issues.  On the "No" side, large majorities agree that suicide, cloning humans and polygamy are morally unacceptable.  They are about equally divided on doctor-assisted suicide.  But about two-thirds think that gambling, divorce and human embryo stem cell research are morally okay.  The most frowned-on activity (by 91-6 percent) was married people having affairs.  And the one thing that the most Americans agree is morally acceptable (by 66-27 percent) is the death penalty.

*  ...For pollsters.

The Cadbury candy company polled over 1500 UK adults and found that while 90 percent of men would prefer sex to eating chocolate, 52 percent of British women would take the chocolate.  Cadbury's science director said chocolate not only releases the pleasure chemicals endorphins, but "as it melts in the mouth at body temperature, chocolate's creamy texture and unique aroma hit all of the body's senses, heightening the sensuality of the experience."  Or as one woman who prefers it to sex said, chocolate provides "guaranteed pleasure... Chocolate never disappoints."

*  And it's actually better when it's soft. 

The San Diego School of Medicine says that macho men could live longer than sensitive metrosexuals.  The first study to look at normal, relatively fit males found that men with lower levels of the male sex hormone testosterone tended to have fatter waists and higher blood pressure and blood sugar levels, while men with high testosterone had a lower risk of heart disease and diabetes.  Over an 18-year period, men with low testosterone were a third more likely to die than men with high testosterone. 

*  The really good news: I'm going to outlive Ryan Seacrest.