Britney Spears
Britney (1, 2) #1...Brand new from Rixpix! Britney and a whole lot of cleavage at her 18th birthday party! It's hard to tell, but there may even be just a hint of nipple here too! #2 features a nipple really trying to break through her dress.
El Kabong
Cameron Diaz (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) Scans from Celebrity Sleuth. The only one of these that I don't recognize is #5. The rest have all been seen here before. In fact...#4 is shown here in color, but if I recall, originally it as a B&W.
Vanna Lace (1, 2, 3, 4) Former Miss Nude World, leaving very little to the imagination from the July issue of Busty.
Sean Young (1, 2) From "No Way Out", sure it's been done a few times, but there is no denying that the quality of these 'caps is fantastic!
Isabella Rossellini From "Death Becomes Her". Definitely an interesting choice of movie to vidcap since there is no real nudity. But there is Isabella wearing this outfit. And for many, that's close enough.
Catherine Bell As Isabella Rossellini's nude body double from "Death Becomes Her".
Kimberly Page (1, 2, 3, 4) All of the usual stuff(upskirts, cleavage) from Nitro, Raw, Thunder Smackdown, etc. I'll point out the highlights as I see them.....With Kimberly, I like #4. Cool leather pants!
Midlajah (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) Tight shirt + Big fake boobs = nipples poking through.
(1, 2, 3, 4) Upskirts and a lot of leg showing.
Stacey Carter (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) The best butt and upskirt 'caps in today's batch of Rasslin' highlights. Plus in that a nip slip?
Pamela A new interviewer on WCW
Teri Runnels From Smackdown
Nicole Gian (1, 2, 3, 4) Vidcaps from the movie "Striking Resemblance". If you ask me, I think she does bare a resemblance to "Who's the Boss" star Judith Light.
Jennifer McComb (1, 2) "Lost in Africa"
Amber Smith (1, 2) #1 from ""How to be a Player". #2 from an episode of "Red Shoe Diaries"
Jennifer Barker From "Centurion Force"
Julia Brendler Wet and nekkid in 'caps from "Sawdust Tales"
Cynthia Gibb The 'caps credit the movie as "Bodycheck", but most will probably know it as "Youngblood" The Patrick Swayze, Rob Lowe, hockey movie. I haven't seen it in some time, and I was a little surprised to see these topless 'caps. I can only recall a few nudes scenes with Cythia in the movie and I don't remember seeing her breasts. I recall a great but! But no breasts...until now. Either I missed her topless, best second guess is that since "Bodycheck" is credited as the German title in the IMDb, Cynthia's nudity may only be in the Euro version.
Hilary Shepard Topless 'caps from the movie "Weekend Pass". Many viewers may remember her as the "spiritual crazy guest" from the Rob Morrow, Johnny Depp, 80's-screwball-hotel-comedy classic..."Private Resort".
Locky Lambert Unknown source, but I will guess that they are from 1989's "Relentless".
Caroleen Feeney Vidcaps from "Bad Manners"
Aitana Sánchez-Gijón Vidcaps from "The Chambermaid on the Titanic". This was a French movie that came out about the same time as James Cameron's "Titanic". I haven't seen it, but it sounds like a rather interesting story. Here's the plot (courtesy of the IMDb)
"Horty, a French foundry worker, wins a contest and is sent to see the sailing of the Titanic. In England, Marie, saying she is a chambermaid on the Titanic and cannot get a room, asks to share his room. They do, chastely; when he awakens, she is gone, but he sees her at the sailing and gets a photo of her. When he returns home, he suspects that his wife Zoe has been sleeping with Simeon, the foundry owner. Horty goes to the bar, where his friends get him drunk and he starts telling an erotic fantasy of what happened with him and Marie, drawing a larger audience each night."
Kathrin Nicholson Unknown actress, but what a body! Vidcaps from and episode of "Red Shoe Diaries"
Miranda Richardson Great topless 'caps, but I have no clue as to the source!
Mari Marrow Nice collage with variety of images from "How to Be a Player".
and ...
Vanessa Paradis B&W scan by Blackshine. No skin, but she is wearing a cool, shiny black outfit. Latex maybe?
Adriana Lima Great runway stuff with nice posterior views.
Kim Cattrall More new 'caps of Kim from "Sex and the City"
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"Shaft in Africa", from Tuna

Tuna's thoughts: "Shaft in Africa" produced some great images. It was released today, and has the only exposure ever of Neda Americ -- gorgeous, and 66 credits at IMDB. Also, native women with bouncing boobs, good nudity of Zenebach Tadesse (only credit, but probably has been in more). Also, a nice butt shot of Vonetta McGee, also her only known exposure. There is also a major flub I captured. Roundtree is stick-fighting. Starts off nude, then suddenly has blue pants on, then a probable jock. In the following scene, he is nude again.

A much better movie than Shaft in Finland, in which he had a hard time doing any undercover work.

thumbnails Zenebach Tadesse (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) Vonetta McGee (1, 2, 3, 4) Neda Americ (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16) Natives (1, 2, 3, 4) The Blooper (1)



"Risky Business", from Tuna

I think you all know the movie, and we've talked about it on various occasions, so here's Tuna's comprehensive version.

thumbnails Rebecca DeMornay (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11) Francine Locke (1, 2, 3)



"Girl, Interrupted", from Johnny Web

Formula to make a movie: take an existing classic and change things a little bit to try to hide it. OK, let's take "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest" and re-write it so that it is told from Brad Dourif's perspective instead of Jack Nicholson's. Then let's change the characters to women. BINGO! "Girl, Interrupted"

We see Winona Ryder committed to a mental institution, apparently for a severe case of attention deficit disorder. No, she doesn't have it, she causes it in others. She is so completely trite that everyone she knows suffers from a wandering mind when trying to talk to her. Her parents, her boyfriend, even her shrink - all find her too boring to talk to. She must have some real problems, but who the hell cares? Apparently, acute ennui was considered a mental condition in the 60's. George Sanders actually died from it. He literally bored himself to death. Why, "back in them days", talking to Hugh Downs was considered a major health risk. Al Gore can only thank God he didn't live then, or he'd have been in electro-shock treatments.

Unfortunately, this isn't all that good a premise for socko entertainment. Hey, let's make a movie about somebody really boring. Let's do a biography of the guy who played Higgins on Magnum, P.I. Well, actually, that would probably be more interesting than this character. They remade Cuckoo's Nest, only this time it's about friggin' Billy.

And that's pretty much the problem with this handsome, flawlessly-acted movie. It's a solid effort, and it has scene after scene of earnest and sincere attempts to portray accurately the author's autobiographical two year diary of her stay in a private psychiatric clinic. There are even some good moments that will hold your attention. But only briefly. And then your attention will wander again. And when it is over, you will find yourself wondering why they thought they should put so much talent behind making this humdrum movie in the first place. That is, if you can remember that you just watched it. Because, after all, a serious movie still needs either an interesting lead character or dramatic tension or both, McMurphy is still a helluva lot more interesting than Billy, and this lead character's struggle is almost entirely internal, and therefore not easy for us to become involved with.

The charismatic performance of the movie is Jolie as female-McMurphy, all feline sociopath looking for a way to be herself, or briefly for a better self. In the history of the cinema, very few actors have had "it" - that magic charisma that stops the movie, makes you divert all attention from anything else that's going on, and focus only on what they are doing. Nicholson has it. James Cagney had it. Groucho had it. Jolie seems to have it, too. I guess you never know when it will appear. Perhaps her father is a better actor, but he did not have IT. With Jolie, every facial expression, every reaction is an act of creatvity. I sit there and marvel at how she thought of those reactions - what made her turn her head or lift her eyebrow that way. I wonder what thoughts cause her to find those flashes in her eyes. She apparently does it all on instinct, not on training, and every gesture she makes, every tilt of her head and stolen glance is laden with extra layers added to her character. It's amazing what she can do when given the right role, because on the surface she doesn't appear to be a serious enough craftsman to be a great actor. But either she is, or she is so charismatic that she doesn't need to be. She won the Oscar, the Golden Globe, The Blockbuster Award, the Broadcast Film Critics Award, and the SAG award. The only major award that eluded her was the New York Film critics award (That went to Catherine Keener, "Being John Malkovich")

Winona also does a reliable job as female-Billy, playing her usual role of someone lost forever in excessively sensitive and posturing female adolescence. Of course, she's like 73 years old now, and she's playing an 18 year old, but to her great credit she does pull it off convincingly, and even the intense close-ups don't really betray her.

Despite the rumors, there is no nudity in the deleted scenes. And thank god these scenes were deleted. There's a traffic jam and some other moments of equally high drama. They are, unbelievably enough, actually duller than the scenes that stayed in. Winona did show more than expected in the regular scenes, when she was in the tub in her hospital gown. Winona was obviously topless in the sex scene as well, but she rose from the bed with her back to the camera. some woman running naked around outside the hospital Winona Winona Winona


"Fight Club", from Johnny Web

I can't talk all that much about Fight Club, because the premise involves keeping secrets from you, and the movie isn't anywhere near as cool without the secret(s). I will say a few things about this imaginative black comedy: It has some strange changes in tone. The first act is pure social satire, about the meaninglessness and ennui of the lives of generation X. The second act is a portrait of madness. The finale is dark, dark humor, and reminds me a lot of the end of Dr Strangelove. Normally this kind of tone shift can be disorienting, but I think it will become clear to you why it happens when you know the secret(s). Tuna and I give it two thumbs WAY up. We both loved it, although I think we both expected to hate it when we popped it in, because neither one of us is into high testosterone flicks, and that's what we were expecting. It is some of that, but much more as well. We were both kept guessing long enough to really get our curiosity going. The DVD package is the best design ever. Way cool artwork and presentation. The DVD itself is TWO disks - one entire disk just for extras. Good total package. The director's commentary explains that this is not Helena Bonham Carter. It is a combination of pure animation, body doubles, Pitt and Carter. (And the director is very clear on this point, including the use of body doubles) How much of it is Helena? Hard to say, but very little. Those are not even her breasts, according to reports. (Although the illusion is good, the size is right, and it looks like it really could be she.) enhanced HBC enhanced HBC

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