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There were many anonymous nudes on Game of Thrones last night (s6e7) in 720p


Here are the highlights of Naked News on dailyjune16/5

Six anchors play versus ball hockey

an audition from Kat

Eila Adams and Carli Bei exercise outside


The latest two episodes of O Negocio in 720p

Gabriella Vergani in s3e5

Juliana Schalch in s3e5

Aline Jones and Michelle Battista in s3e6



Rafaela Mandelli in s3e6


Nina Jankovic in the latest episode of Vere i Zavere (s1e11) in 720p


See the latest from Marjorie and Candice Renoir in the French Nudity Section below

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Open Window

2006; 1920x1080

Robin Tunney


"Peaky Blinders"


Gaite Jensen



unknown in Marjorie (s1e1) in 1080hd

unknowns in Candice Renoir (s4e9) in 1080hd


Clementine Pons in Spaghetti Man (2012) in 1080hd

Karin Viard in Lulu Femme Nue (2013) in 1080hd

Ornella Boule in Zeropolis (2012) in 1080hd



Observance is a thriller where private investigator Parker (Lindsay Farris) takes a mysterious job watching Tenneal (Stephanie King) for an unknown reason, but he needs the money to help salvage what is left of his marriage. He views Tenneal being apparently attacked by her fiancée Bret Buchanan (Tom O'Sullivan), a man from a rich family with an apparently notorious past and sketchy reasons for their wealth, which tempts Parker to call the police, but is talked out of it by the mysterious employer. When he takes a shower, he cops what he assumes to be a severe burn, but he does not get it checked out and it causes him to become violent ill. But, he continues the job even when he is warned off doing so by Bret and a glitch in his sound recording of Tenneal's place. But what is going on and why is Tenneal being targeted and Parker being used to watch her?

No really, please help because I've got no fucking idea what's going on. There's a great mood set for something big and surprising to happen, but the ending seems inevitable even though I have no idea why it happened. It doesn't help that there's a late shift in the focus of the movie which muddies the reason for Parker being there. I'm sure it's more obvious than I say it is, but there's so few clues as to why anything is happening, I just don't understand. Maybe I was just looking for a big pay-off, since the mood is very eerie and deserving of one. Instead, the ending seems obvious, even if it isn't explained fully. Probably just me...

And let's forget about the sadly poor attempts at American accents to help with getting overseas distribution.

Stephanie King film clips (samples below)

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The women of Kill Your friends (2015) in 720p

Georgia King

Holly Coleman, Danni Kemp, and Sophie Rose



Sophie Rose

Jo Evans and Holly Erikkson



Emily Shaw


Julia Hummer, Sarah Grether and Anna Eger in Top Girl (2014)

Jennifer Lopez in the fullscreen version of The Money Train (1995)


Kate Hudson