TV Recap

Sense8 is a new Netflix series from The Wachowskis, who created The Matrix. Here are some 720p clips:

Episode 1

A love scene between Jamie Clayton and Freema Agyeman. Various other scenes.

Episode 2

Amy Mussul nude, various others sexy

Episode 4

Doona Bae's butt and side-boob

Episode 6

Another love scene between Jamie Clayton and Freema Agyeman. Various other women.


Some segments from the June 5th edition of Naked News

Natasha Olenski hosts Hollywood XPress

Kirra auditions

Carli Bei goes to fetish night at Hedonism resort

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"The L Word"

continuing with season four ...

1080hd. s4e9

Rose Rollins and Leisha Hailey

Continuing soft-core time and good old-fashioned naked ladies, and not much else. There is no time for a plot or story in these cinematic masterpieces.

Sexy Warriors

Sexy Warriors (2014) sees Christine Nguyen,

Erika Jordan,

Jazy Berlin

and Misty Stone starkers.

Wild Spirit

The nudity in Wild Spirit (2003) is by:

Beverly Lynne

Kelly Wales


Natallie Moore




I noticed that I spelled Glori-Anne Gilbert’s name incorrectly in the "Vegas Style" collages. Here are the corrected versions:




Jessie Wiseman


Film and TV Clips

Nicole Kidman and Debrah Farentino in Malice. This is kind of an odd movie - a 1993 theatrical remake of a film which had appeared on TV only three years earlier. The remake had an upgraded cast and a punched-up script by Aaron Sorkin. In some case it might make sense to remake a film so soon, but not really in this case because it is a movie that depends on a surprise reveal, so the remake is totally spoiled if you saw the original. Details here. (TOTAL spoilers.)



Pics and Collages

Kendall Jenner hanging around Beverly Hills. Not nude, but a great shape.

Miley Cyrus. Upgrade of older picture

Ewa Matula and Anna Mielczarek in Onirica (2014)

and a few more from Celebrity Bottoms (and more to come):

Chiara Caselli in My Own Private Idaho

Hanna Alstrom in The Kingsmen

Maria Schneider in Last Tango in Paris