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Today's page is a little light because my only daughter is moving to L.A. and we had a farewell thing for her. Today I have to move her furniture. Things will be normal by Sunday's page for sure, hopefully by Saturday's, because I want to watch Nic Roeg's new film and review it.


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I Am Dina


This two hour costumer, performed by an international cast in English, is the most expensive film ever to be made in Scandinavia.

As a young girl, Dina causes an accident that results in the painful death of her mother. Her father backhands her as her mother is being carried off screaming. A neighbor hides her. She grows up feral until it is clear she needs help, so a teacher is hired. He plays his cello, and she is fascinated. He teaches her, and she has an aptitude. They also become close friends. He tells her that she released her mother from the pain and suffering in this world, and she buys into that idea. Then her father decides to send the teacher away, and to marry her off to a fat businessman (Gerard Depardieu).

On her wedding night, Depardieu tries to "mount her like a horse," and she rebels, finally making him promise never to do that again in front of all the neighbors. As time goes on, she nearly rapes him. In fact, he starts trying to escape her voracious sexual appetite. She also proves to be a better at running his business than he is. When he falls off a roof and breaks his leg, and then gangrene sets in, she heads off to a hospital with him, but pushes him over a cliff. Enter a Russian, that she spends the rest of the film with.

The above are only some of the highlights in  Dina is a severely conflicted character, but still sympathetic, and was played brilliantly by Maria Bonnevie, who gave the performance of her career, and did full frontal and rear nudity. I found it worth the watch.

IMDb: 6.4, with well over 2,000 votes.

It is available from in a Region 2 PAL, in English with optional Scandinavian subtitles. Click on the image below for information.

I Am Dina (2002)









La Punition


Today we do some caps from film clips that were in Tuesday's edition of the Fun House, taken from "La Punition" aka "The Punishment." This one starred one of my favorites from the seventies Karin Schubert.  The lovely Karin bares all for us and even does a brief "Babe in Bondage" scene.








Notes and collages

Mulholland Falls


Jennifer Connelly









2007's Numb is a comedy, allegedly. It does indeed have some amusing scenes, but basically, Numb left me numb with boredom. It's simply too slow-paced and laid back, which coincidentally, is the plight of its main character.

Screenwriter Hudson suffers from acute depersonalization disorder. This basically means he could care less about anything going on around him; he's numb to life. He lives alone being unable to maintain a relationship, and watches the Golf Channel all day. Financially well off, he shoplifts just to get his adrenalin up. A string of therapists fail to solve Hudson's problem, until the day he meets Sara (Lynn Collins), a young woman with her own baggage. Together, they help each other.

I didn't hate the story, nor the acting. The problem is that, in attempting to explore what Hudson's life might be like, they made the movie the same way: drab and boring

Lynn Collins Holly Eglinton








Film legend Jeanne Moreau in her first nude appearance, 1958's The Lovers

Dita von Teese doing what she usually does.

Film Clips


Kelly Reilly in Puffball (samples right). This is Nick Roeg's latest, his first full-length fictional film in more than a decade. I have a copy of this film, and will review it tomorrow if my daughter's furniture doesn't occupy my entire day today. Sample right.

Kate Luyben in two films, her first and her most recent: Misbegotten (1998) and Semi-Pro (2008). There is a sample from Semi-Pro to the right.

Two women in Bloody Mary: Danni Hamilton and Kim Tyler