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Borrowed Life, Stolen Love

Borrowed Life Stolen Love (1997) is something of an oddity. You could make a case for calling it a couples soft-core porn, a thriller, or even a romantic comedy since it was directed by Valerie Landsburg and definitely shows a woman's touch.

The premise is kind of a softcore variation on Single White Female. Michelle Agnew plays the Bridget Fonda role. She is having hot sex with a sculptor who lives in her basement, but he has little interest in material things, and she wants more from life. She works as a sous-chef, and dreams of owning her own restaurant. To make ends meet, she also does stripping telegrams, and phone sex. Despite all of that, she is way behind on her rent, and is saved from paying with her body by the arrival of Melissa Carlton, answering her ad for a roommate, and thus playing the Jennifer Jason Leigh role.

Carlton has plenty of cash, and is welcomed with open arms. Like Jennifer Jason Leigh in SWF, Carlton seems to be trying to become her roomate, and even wears her clothes and chases the same men she is interested in, including the doctor who lives on the penthouse of her building. It is obvious that Carlton is up to something, the question is what.

Bo Zena Shows everything. Melissa Carlton shows breasts. Michelle Agnew, Gina Jackson and Janine Stillo show everything.

Unlike SWF, this film has a satisfying resolution. Along the way to finding the happy ending required by the romantic comedy genre, several women get naked, and the mysterious agenda of Carlton holds your interest till the end.

This is a C as a "couples erotica" film with lots of naked women to watch with your wife or girlfriend.

IMDb says 5.2, but with only 11 votes.

Borrowed Life Stolen Love DVD

  • 96 Minutes
  • English dolby stereo
  • Spanish optional subtitles
  • 4/3 fullscreen transfer
  • Chapter Menu
  • Region 1/4
  • The video quality is somewhat lacking in this film. It tends toward grainy and washed out.

Borrowed Life, Stolen Love (1997)



Bo Zena


Melissa Carlton


Michelle Agnew


Gina Jackson and Janine Stillo







Watchful Eye

A little soft-core erotica today with Watchful Eye. Some nice looking ladies and lots of bare boobies with some bush thrown in.

Julie Cialini leads it off and looks great by the pool.


Nikki Fairchild and Juliet Cariaga hook up for some lesbo fun.


Melissa Barmes gets some action with a guy on the couch.


Nikki Fairchild decides to do it with a guy this time.


Nissa Hall doing a photo shoot with her boyfriend.


Renee Rae is the star and one sexy lady as she bares it all.









Another low budget horror, this time a serial killer makes some crazy friends who like to kill women after doing striptease, but the killer has another kind of show in mind.


Chantal Petrin


Catherine Daly






Notes and collages

Helen Mirren - Day 1

Calendar Girls and The Passion of Ayn Rand


Calendar Girls


The Passion of Ayn Rand








Big Tit Superstars


Go looking for performances by Uschi Digart that haven't shown up at the Funhouse and you run into some slim pickings. So when something entitled Big Tit Superstars wanders into the mailbox it tends to get your attention, because right there is Uschi playing all nice and nekkid with another gal. Gonna get to that one soon but today is another of the self-proclaimed superstars.

Her name is Roberta Pedon and anyone who has picked up a 70's nudie magazine will tell you this gal had the kind of body you just don't see every day. Or week. Or month. Or...well, you get the idea. Roberta dressed like something of a hippie, so long as she kept her clothes on, and she had a small, almost delicate frame. But my oh my, what came attached to that frame was breathtaking. 

Enough talk. Here are more than 20 collages and 4 clips (divx avi format) of Roberta Pedon naked. Sweet words.









A film clip of Drew Barrymore's shower scene in Gun Crazy: Unrated. Low quality samples to the right.

Britney in Mexico, looking like she needs a lot more exercise

Sonja Walger in The Vice


The Comedy Wire

Comments in yellow...

Monday, a US appeals court ruled that the FCC was "arbitrary and capricious" when it set a new standard for defining indecency after Cher and Nicole Richie blurted out the F- and S-words during live awards shows. The networks weren't fined, but the FCC decided that broadcasters could be fined for such moments by up to $325,000 per incident.  The court overruled that and ordered the FCC to clarify how to deal with "fleeting expletives."  But the FCC may appeal to the Supreme Court.  Chairman Kevin Martin angrily declared, "If we can't prohibit the use of fuck and shit during prime time, Hollywood will be able to say anything they want, whenever they want."

*  And then there'd be freedom of speech!  It's insanity! 

*  I notice that he decided it was okay for him to say those two words.

Poland's Polsat TV reports that Jan Grzebski was hit by a train and went into a coma in 1988.  After 19 years, he finally woke up to discover communism was gone and everything was much better.  He said when he went into a coma, there was meat rationing, gas lines, and only tea and vinegar in the shops; and now, there are so many goods, "it makes my head spin."  He said, "What amazes me today is all these people who walk around with their mobile phones and never stop moaning.  I've got nothing to complain about."

*  Even the coma was better than communism! 

The Daily Telegraph reports that researchers at the University of Michigan's Brain Cognition and Action Laboratory say the modern idea of "multi-tasking" - that people can, say, talk on a phone while e-mailing and reading the paper - is a myth.  Director David Meyer said it's like believing you can talk to yourself about two things at once.  New studies show that using a lot of gadgets at once over-stimulates the brain and reduces your attention span and ability to focus.  He said when kids do their homework while watching TV, texting and listening to an iPod, they just end up failing. 

*  Hey, we just said we can do a hundred things at once; we never claimed we could do any of them well. 

Paris Hilton is doing her jail term.  She ended up being put in a private cell without no cellmate after all, and she was allowed to keep the makeup she had on at the MTV Awards and the hair extensions she was wearing.  Officials say she's being very quiet and a model prisoner. 

*  She just sits in her cell, staring mindlessly into space with a blank expression. She's either going stir crazy or she's Paris Hilton. 

*  There's no special treatment: her cell is so small, there's hardly room for the Jacuzzi.