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Although Wisting is a Norwegian series, one of the stars of season one is Carrie-Anne Moss from the Matrix! Norwegian detective Wisting teams up with an ex-FBI agent to catch a serial killer. Given my love of Norway and detective stories, I'll bet I would really enjoy this show, but there are only so many hours in a day, so I'm not trying to hunt it down. Yet.

Thea Green Lundberg

2018, 1080hd

uncut version, non-simulated sex scene

Victoria Carmen Sonne appeared in a scene you won't watch with your mom!


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"Altered Carbon"

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Marta Higareda

This received tremendous support for "scene of the year" in our annual poll. It finished 4th.

This week, Italian movies.

The trouble with these early movies is that they don’t show decent credits. They list the cast but not the role they play. The IMDB helps a lot but I’m not convinced it is always accurate.

All the Colors of the Dark

Plenty of naked women in All the Colors of the Dark aka Tutti i colori del buio (1972), including:

Edwige Fenech

Lisa Leonardi

Marina Malfatti

Nieves Navarro

A couple not listed

Dangerous Game

1988, VHS!

Johnny's comments:

Dangerous Game is a 1988 thriller in which a group of university students plan a night out mainly so they can hook up. Meanwhile, crazed Irish cop Murphy (Steven Grives) is harassing one of the students Jack (Marcus Graham) because of past history with Jack's father. After a incident as Jack is about to tell his superiors about the harassment, Murphy is suspended. The uni students get together where Jack bets so-called computer hacker David (Miles Buchanan, brother of Simone and Beth) that he couldn't hack into something big. David claims to have opened the door of a major department store downtown, so the group check and it turns out it is open. They decide to have a bit of fun in the store but they are followed by Murphy who wants to continue his harassment. Murphy takes the computer override key which locks the doors and leaves the students locked in the store with Murphy who attempts to torment them, but while throwing a knife at a target, he accidentally kills Tony (John Polson, again tagging along with angst like he did in last week's movie Raw Nerve). Murphy doesn't take killing Tony too well and decides to take it out on the remaining group and the rest of the night becomes a fight for survival.

A strange mix of stalker-thriller and typical 1980s computer-thriller where they haven't worked out what computers can actually do yet. It doesn't really work as either and is clearly made for an American market as a ticket into working in America. And it worked. The director, Stephen Hopkins, would go on to direct Predator 2 and the similar Judgment Night.

I swear I'd seen this movie before but couldn't remember one moment from it. Strange.

Anyway, Kathryn Walker (who is capped below) would only ever appear in 3 movies, this, the rare Australian western Bullseye and the struggling dancer movie Belinda that I should get around to capping one of these days. Strange scene below where she exposes her breasts that comes completely out of nowhere. Decided to put a few VHS caps of the nudity as the scene is mighty quick.

Kathryn Walker film clip (collages below)

Jaiden Thompson and Da Leigh in Hell's Belle (2019) in 1080hd



Samantha Ivers in Once Upon A Time In Brooklyn (2013) in 1080hd