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Black Scorpion


Joan Severance (and body double) film clips. Captures below.

Although Severance did nude scenes before and after this film, this one was performed by a double. When recording her commentary for the DVD, Severance walked out before she got to the nude scenes!

Heather O'Ryan film clips. Captures below.

unidentified actress film clips. Captures below.




Happy Birthday to Me


This slasher is best known for featuring Laura Ingles from the Little House on the Prairie in her skivvies.

Melissa Sue Anderson: brassiere then cleavage in bathing suit.


(le tv series)

Went through the entire guest cast list looking for "nue danseurs" (strippers) and dead hookers.

Myriam Lamontagne: Lofters reality contestant shows her tits in le episode 3,

Kim Williams: bare butt in le episode 4.



Quebec play about some old whoremonger.

Catherine-Amelie Cote: boob and cameltoe.

"Reves chimeres et mascarade"


Another Quebec play.

Jennyfer Desbians: nude in poster.



Found this next to the German sheister porn section at a closing Blockbuster outlet. Despite being made in Canada the DVD for this movie based on a graphic novel is only available in Germany. Schadenfreude.

Steph Song: Sanctuary star in her skivvies.

Jeny Cassady: sexy as werewolf hooker.



Recent DVD release.

Hallie Switzer: no nudity but hopefully she will take her some career advice from director mother Ingrid Veninger and do a full nude streak before the camera.

Laura Slavikova: Romanian actress pulling down top, dark sex scene.

Une vie qui commence

(2010; aka "Life Begins")

Recent Quebec DVD release.

Julie LeBreton: upskirt only.

"How to Look Good Naked Canada"

(reality series)

Never caught an episode but here's natural g-cup girl Danielle I. Szlawieniec-Haw in a poster (discreet nude)

"B.J. Fletcher: Private Eye"

web series

Lesbian detective web series at Unfortunately only the gay detective productions show their stars naked.

Lindy Zucker finding herself in bed with Dana Puddicombe and Vanessa Dunn in season 2 finale.

"True Crime Scene"

episode: "Dirty Deeds"

JoAnn Norstrom and Christina McLean: brassiere in lesbian scene.

"Single White Spenny"

episode: "Revenge Sex"

New Showcase series and the first post-"Kenny vs. Spenny" episode by Spencer Rice.

Chantal Quesnelle: sexy as female lawyer who screws clients figuratively and literally.

"Almost Heroes"

episode: "Terry and Peter vs. Episode One"

Another new Showcase series.

Meghan Heffern: sexy with Lauren Ash.


episode: "Mr. Black"

Katharine Isabelle: a lot of cleavage.

"She's the Mayor"

episode: "Gimme Shelter"

Naomi Snieckus: sexy as swinger.


"Breakout Kings"

episode: "Queen of Hearts"

My question about this A&E series ... If U.S. Marshals are teaming up with some ex-cons to help track down escapee prisoners, you'd think the ones they would really consult are the ones who never got caught.

Christina Cole: sexy.

Serinda Swan: sexy doing the cockteaser interrogation method.

"Breakout Kings"

episode: "Where in the World Is Carmen Vega"

Season finale and obligatory strip club episode.

Virna Kim: buns and mega cleavage as stripper.

Natalie Gauvreau: another stripper.


episode: "Frontierland"

April Telek: bloomers as saloon girl having fully clothed sex.

"Urban Legends"

episode "Out of the Blue"

The ol' baby-in-a-dumpster tale.

Lesley Bowen: cleavage.



Film Clips

Pegah Ferydoni in Ayla (2010). See below.

Her family is Iranian, but she grew up in Berlin.

Annamaria Clementi in L'Infermiera di notte (1979). See below.



Nicoll Dawson in Circle of Pain (2010)

Darlen Escobar in Circle of Pain (2010)

Bai Ling in Circle of Pain (2010)

Shannen Lepard in Circle of Pain (2010)

Ubermodel Candice Swanepoel

Jessica Gomes

Rosie Huntingdon-Whiteley

Bar Rafaeli

Crystal Renn

Jessica Stam

Edwige Fenech in Madame Bovary (1969)