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Bittersweet (1995), or Suolaista Ja Makeaa stars Paiva Akonpelto in an award winning role as Anna, a woman who can't resist Lauri (Petri Hanttu), even though the two can't get along, and seem to only make love to make up after a fight. When the film starts, they are both university students. His best friend resents the time he spends with Anna, and her best friend doesn't approve of him, and is not thrilled to be her support system whenever her relationship is on the rocks. He graduates and becomes a doctor, and she runs out of student loan eligibility. Everyone but them can see that their relationship won't work. Will they find happiness together, or at all?

The story includes many symbols, unusual photography and lots of narration, but the performance by Paiva Akonpelto makes it well worth watching, as does her body, which she doesn't hesitate to show.

IMDb says 5.1, but with only 45 votes. It won awards for Best Actress and Best Sound Design in Finland. It is in Finish with English subtitles. For fans of foreign art fare and offbeat romantic comedies, this one is worth the effort.

Paivi Akonpelto


Today we wrap up "The Adult Version of Jekyll & Hide".


Breasts from Laurie Rose


Jane Tsentas returns for some lesbo action with Laurie Rose (film clips)


Then things get a little rough, as Linda McDowell gets whipped, tied up and raped and killed. (film clips)


Linda York is also a "Babe in Bondage" who meets the same fate. (film clips)

Here is former model turned actress Tracy Scoggins showing a bit of breast exposure in a scene from "Ultimate Desires". This 1992 movie is one of the early directorial efforts by Fun House hero, Lloyd A. Simandl.

Vanessa Angel is best known as 'Claudia' the busty grifter from 1996's "Kingpin", but she did some 'barely fitting into clothes' work on the small screen as well. Here she is in a variety of skimpy outfits from the mid-90's TV version of the 1985 John Hughes classic, "Weird Science".

The better half of is Angelina Jolie showing off a bit o' breast in scenes from 1999's "Pushing Tin"

Spanish babe Leonor Watling showing off breasts and bum while gettin' it on with Frodo in scenes from "The Oxford Murders"

film clips

Leonor Watling, the bonus round. Here she is showing a bit of breast exposure in the 2004 film "Inconscientes"

film clips

From the "Assorted, Fully Frontally Nude Models from Down Under" is Tiah Eckhardt

Film Clips

First up, from the 1988 George A. Romero movie "Monkey Shines"..."Northern Exposure" co-star Janine Turner shows some side-view rear nudity, while Kate McNeil shows a bit of breast.

Next, from the 2002 movie "The Scoundrel's Wife"...Tatum O'Neal shows a little bit of breast exposure during a love scene, and former "Party of Five" co-star Lacey Chabert shows a little bit of leg and a has a scene with a very nice side breast view.

Finally, another "Party of Five" is Neve Campbell's nude shower scene from "When Will I Be Loved" (2004).

Pat's comments in yellow...

I Did NOT Have Sexual Relations With That Man! - Actress Gina Gershon of "Bound" and “Showgirls" fame is demanding a retraction from Vanity Fair over an article in which they implied she was dating Bill Clinton. She calls it an irresponsible lie, but the magazine claims they didn't say that the two were having sex and an apology is not warranted. Meanwhile, Clinton's office issued an apology for his language, saying that even though he was justifiably upset at the article accusing him of being out of control and filled with anger, he should not have called the author "sleazy," “slimy,” "dishonest," and "scumbag."

*He thinks those are four of the Seven Dwarfs.
*Certainly not "dishonest".
*He’s just really frustrated that he still hasn't had sex with Gina Gershon.

Take The Hat Off! - Police in Bucharest, Romania, are searching for an attractive young woman who has a unique way of making money on the subway. Once the car starts rolling, she plays Tom Jones' "You Can Leave Your Hat On" on a boom box while stripping down to a bra and G-string and dancing around one of the poles that subway passengers hang on to. She then dresses and passes the hat. She's been caught on cell phone cameras, but police haven't identified her to charge her with indecent exposure and public begging. One passenger said he didn't think it was proper, with all the kids who ride the subway, but he admitted, "I can't say I didn't like the show."

*And subway ridership is up 50 percent.
*It was a pleasant change from all the naked guys he's seen on the subway.
*They’ll never catch her: by now, she’s made enough money to buy a Porsche.