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Dangerous Invitations

Dangerous Invitations (2002) is an erotic thriller, long on the erotic.

Glen Meadows is a top game designer, and his girlfriend, Beverly Lynn, is a photographer. His company is about to launch a new game system, and management expects him to support the launch by conceiving the best game ever. His boss sends the two of them to a resort for the weekend, along with a coworker. While there, they decide to have a threesome with Shauna O'Brien. It is the next day that they discover she has a husband. Meadows and Lynn were counting on a one-time fling but O'Brien, and especially her husband (Evan Kennsington), seem to be looking for much more. Kennsington at first asks to sleep with Lynn, and then his real goal comes out. He wants to steal the design data to the new game system to sell to a competitor.

The photography is very well done, as is set design, all of which made for amazing nudity.

  • Angel Cassidy shows breasts posing for photos for a surprise for her boyfriend.
  • Beverly Lynn shows everything including gyno shots in a girl/girl, a boy/girl, a boy/girl/girl, and a shower scene.
  • Shauna O'Brien shows everything including gyno shots in two boy/girl scenes, a girl/girl and a boy/girl/girl.
  • Serria Tawan shows everything in a boy/girl.
  • Jacy Andrews shows everything in a boy/girl.
  • Tiffany Mason shows everything as an outcall stripper.

IMDb readers say 2.8, which is grossly unfair. Given the number of naked images and sex scenes, you would think the plot was a complete throwaway, but you would be wrong. The film moved quickly for me, and is couple-friendly, with strong female characters. I suppose it is a D as an erotic thriller, but as a couples softcore, it is a solid C: lots of naked people well photographed, and a nice little story.

Dangerous Invitations (2002)



Angel Cassidy


Beverly Lynn


Shauna O'Brien


Shauna O'Brien and Beverly Lynn


Serria Tawan


Jacy Andrews


Tiffany Mason







Saving Silverman


Today we come up short in the nudity department as we look at Saving Silverman, but both of the Amandas are cute and sexy.


Amanda Detmer in her nice pink bra.


Amanda Peet likewise looks great in her black bra and some revealing street wear. Then she even becomes a humorous Babe in Bondage.



Vita coi figli


We loved Scoopy's film clip of Monica Bellucci in yesterday's edition and could not resist doing some caps of our own. So here is super hot Monica in Vita Coi Figli.






Fin de Curso


Spanish comedy ala American Pie.

Jaime (Jordi Vilches) is the loner of the class, the good guy that claims no attention for good or bad. The conflict starts when a teacher asks the class to decide where they want to go for their "fin de curso" (end of class) trip. The rich ones want to go to the elegant and boring Paris, while the hippies yell to go to Benidorm, a place of endless orgies and parties. The main problem is that the two sides have the same number of votes so the independent Jaime will cast the deciding vote. Both teams will do whatever is necessary to convince him.

Not a good movie at all, but at least there is some nice nudity.


Aida Folch

Carla Salguiero

Sara Graca







Notes and collages

In the Cut


Meg Ryan








Anthony's Desire


Crazy movie. Raven Alexander and Debra Beatty.










Right to Die

From Showtime's excellent Masters of Horror series comes the 2007 episode Rob Schmidt's Right to Die, a chilling and fun story of sex, deception, and of course, death.

After being caught cheating, a Dentist and his wife take a getaway trip to try and reconcile. She unbuckles her seat belt to reach for something in the back seat, and just then he hits a tree that has fallen across the road, and they wreck.

The man is not badly injured, but his wife is thrown from the car, and covered in gasoline. When the gas ignites, she is horribly burned. She teeters on death, and the doctors tell the man she will die unless she gets a full body skin graft, but there is no donor available.

Several times, she actually does die for a few minutes, only to be brought back by modern technology. Each time this happens, the wife appears to the man, in a rather vengeful state of mind. After a few such incidents, he decides his only choice is to help secure a donor for the full body skin graft.

This very cool episode, chock full of the usual horror twists, has a nice wry ending as well. Very worthwhile.

Julia Anderson Robin Sidney






Christina Cole: captures and assorted film clips from the first few episodes of Hex, and even a bit o' nudity in S1, E1. (Leftmost collage)

Alex Meneses in Cockfight

Lori Singer in The Man With One Red Shoe

A few non-nude paparazzi shots: Britney Spears

Scarlett Johansson

Tea Leoni

Jessica Bohrs in body paint

Maureen Flannigan in Teenage Bonnie and Klepto Clyde




The Comedy Wire

Comments in yellow...

Nashville oilman Gary Milby is being sued by 60 investors who accuse him of defrauding them of $4.5 million.  But the lawsuits haven't been served because nobody could find Milby - until they turned on MTV's "My Super Sweet 16" and were outraged to see him throwing a lavish 16th birthday party for his daughter Ariel.  MTV showed him giving her a shopping spree; a new BMW; a princess party with Cinderella coach, ice sculptures, castle tents and fireworks show; and a helicopter ride to an oil field, where she declared, "I love oil! Oil means shoes and cars and purses!"  The A.P. was unable to locate him after the show aired.

*  They'll catch him next year: his son has a bar mitzvah coming up.

A survey by Telecom Italia found that 25 percent of Italian women say they use Italian salami as an aphrodisiac.  A fertility expert told the Daily Telegraph that a hot salami called Nduja is known to increase blood flow and has chilis that release a substance that acts like natural Viagra.  21 percent of the women said they prefer to rev up their sex lives with a hunk of Italian cheese.

*  By that, they mean Fabio. 


A new UK government pamphlet suggests that fathers bond with babies by taking off their shirts and holding them to their bare chests while gazing into the child's eyes.

* The pamphlet was written by Michael Jackson.

Within her first three days at the Promises rehab
center, Lindsay Lohan was reportedly allowed to leave
at least twice for personal errands.Each errand took
1-1/2 days.

* Hey, it was just a couple of beer runs!