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I probably don't have to tell you guys that the two most eagerly awaited DVDs right now are Ask the Dust (Salma Hayek stark naked) and The Notorious Bettie Page (Gretchen Mol stark naked). Surprisingly, there have been very few leaks on these two films, so it's nice to see these captures from Ask the Dust, even if the quality is weak.

  • Here is a zipped file with a whole bunch of 352x240 .jpgs from the outdoor, nighttime swimming scene.
  • Here is a sample: one of the images blown up to 800x546 so you can get the general idea of the scene.

Hey, I know the pics are not exactly DVD quality, but it's a lot more than we had yesterday! And it's Salma Friggin' Hayek, dammit!


Other Crap:

URL says it all:

Colbert Tells College Graduates: Get Your Own TV Show

  • ďGod wrote (the Bible) in English for a reason: So it could be taught in our public schools.Ē

Heather McCartney's porno past

Weekend Box Office Results, June 2-4, 2006

  • As a group, the movies tracked a bit above the expectations. That may be attributable to the inaccuracy of the expectations, since the Top 12 are tracking about dead even with last year, as they have been for the past two weekends.
  • X-Men 3 dropped a precipitous 67% from last week. "Event" movies always tail off when the initial core of geekdom is exhausted on opening weekend, but the especially steep drop probably indicates that the word of mouth has not been especially good.
  • The Break-Up overcame bad reviews to exceed expectations and take the #1 spot. Imagine what a good comedy would do! Unfortunately, Hollywood doesn't seem to have any in the wings. The next big comedy events are Clerks 2 and that Will Ferrell NASCAR movie, which are more than a month away.
  • The Al Gore movie snuck into the #9 spot, despite being in only 77 theaters. It took in nearly twice as much as Just My Luck, which is in nearly 1000 theaters!

Pictures from Old Books

  • "Scanned images, engravings and pictures from old books.They are all public domain (copyright-free, out of copyright) unless otherwise noted, and can be used as historical reference in teaching, royalty-free stock images, scrapbook clip art, or even on your own Web site."

Stellar photography plus photoshop = some impressive images

Next weekend: the World Naked Bike Ride

"200 liters of Diet Coke and over 500 Mentos mints"

NBA Finals: Heat vs. Mavericks

  • ESPN says: "The Mavs swept the season series -- including a 112-76 rout on Feb. 9 -- and have won 10 of the last 12 meetings. Nowitzki averaged 25 points in the two victories this season. But the Heat are a much different team than the one that struggled against top competition this season -- and nothing like the team Dallas beat 103-90 in November. O'Neal was out with an injury and Riley hadn't yet replaced Stan Van Gundy on the bench."

Wedding Crashers wins big at the 2006 MTV Movie Awards

  • The show airs June 8th at 8:30. Not only is it the most entertaining film award show (by an exponential degree), but it's the only one that actually demonstrates genuine enthusiasm for the films it honors.
  • And, more often than not, it makes better selections than the august Academy.

'Doing Nothing,' by Tom Lutz - The New York Times Book Review

  • So why am I linking to a NY Times Book Review? Because the Times always tries to engage reviewers who are experts in the subject matter. This one was written by an expert on doing nothing - columnist Dave Barry

"Larry and Andy Wachowski, the creators of 'The Matrix' trilogy, may write and direct the Speed Racer feature film."

  • If ever there was a movie crying to be made! I wonder if a big screen version of Colonel Bleep is on the horizon.
  • Just for fun, download the entire Speed Racer theme song here

The First Rocket Launch from Cape Canaveral



Movie Reviews:

Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe). White asterisk: expanded format. Blue asterisk: not mine. No asterisk: it probably sucks.



Monique (1969) is one of a spurt of sexploitation films that were released in the late 60s, taking advantage of relaxed censorship. Most were inane comedies, but this one actually deals with believable people that have human motives. Bill (David Sumner) and Jean (Joan Alcorn) are parents of two and living in suburbia. Jean is tired to death of spending all day talking to three foot high people, and Bill and Jean's sex life is rather lackluster. Jean comes up with the idea that an Au Pair would help the situation, and that they could afford one if she went back to work. She had no idea just how much sexy French au pair Monique (Sibylla Kay) would help. She was literate, spoke excellent English, was great with the kids and easy on the eyes. Bill wasted little time making his more on her. He was in for the shock of his life, however, when he came home unexpectedly and caught Monique and Jean in a hot embrace.

The film did not dwell excessively on the more salacious aspects of the relationship, but rather showed the family day to day life, and more or less made a point that Monique probably saved their relationship. Both Sibylla Kay and Joan Alcorn show breasts and buns.

IMDb has only 17 votes, but rates it 4.8. I suppose a film advertised as sexploitation that is really a sensitive relationship film would have trouble finding its audience. Not only does the film reflect a very 60s mind set about sexual freedom, but is a time capsule in other ways as well. As sexploitation, I am afraid it only scores a D, but compared to Bob and Ted and Carol and Alice, it is in the same league, and merits a C.

Joan Alcorn

Sibylla Kay


A doubleheader today.

First from "Broken Flowers", "Invasion" co-star Alexis Dziena does a sweet full frontal walk through the living room and ChloŽ Sevigny shows off her legs.

Alexis Dziena

ChloŽ Sevigny

Then from "What Boys Like" aka "The Groomsmen" (2001). Jennifer Gareis bares her breasts and Gabriella Harding plays a stripper at a bachelor party and also shows off her robo-hooters.

Jennifer Gareis

Gabriella Harding


This disk, Electric Blue: Sex Model File #2, was put together from episodes of Electric Blue that cover quite some territory. Two of the babes, the previously offered Carla Fernandez and today's Charmaine Sinclair, were active at the time this thing came out on videotape. That means a few things. The video quality is much better than that for the other gals, the two women involved give serious goodies (a quick translation of that sentence: the gyno-cam comes out to play when they are on the screen) and even the style of shooting is different. Carla and Charmaine act as though they are really part of a photo-shoot. They stop and hold a pose and then move on to the next. At the same time the video camera moves slowly and with some purpose. The result is a boat-load of high-quality captures. So just as with Carla, Charmaine's exposure includes 21 collages. And there are 5 clips to cover the same territory more thoroughly.

A note about Charmaine Sinclair. Some of the images I have seen on the web indicate she was truly a sex model, of the professional boffing variety. Not here, of course. Electric Blue was more a baby blue when it came to that sort of thing.

Now, about the blonde "photographer" whose rumpus and nether regions show up in both the Carla and Charmaine clips...I do not know who she is. IMDb says Nicole Simmons is on this disk, but she was nowhere in my viewing. This can't be her unless she got chunkier and blonde and taller as she aged. The first two are a possibility...even a likelihood...but the last? Who knows?

Charmaine Sinclair
Charmaine Sinclair videos (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)


'Caps and comments by Dann:

Felicity Huffman does an incredible job playing a man playing a woman in this very good 2005 drama.

Bree is a male-to-female transsexual who has been working two jobs to have the final operation that will complete her change to a female. She is only a week from her operation when she learns that she has a son from a relationship 17 years ago, and the son is in jail in New York. Her therapist convinces her that she should deal with this problem before the operation, so she goes to New York to spring the kid from jail.

Posing as a church worker, Bree secures the boy's release into her care. Without revealing her identity to the boy, she convinces him to return to Los Angeles with her, secretly planning to leave him at his stepfather's along the way.

Eventually, the truth comes out, as Bree finds it not so easy to dump the boy as she had expected. An excellent story, good acting, and good script all add up to an outstanding movie that is poignant and funny at the same time.

Felicity Huffman

From ZonononZor, here is a great collage of Anne Hathaway featuring her wonderful toplessness from "Havoc".