Today's images
Scoopy Jr's Pics of the day
  • Here's a sneak preview from tonight's MTV Movie Awards. Since I know that all of six visitors will be tuning in, I'm willing to bet that this is one of the highlights. Here is Carmen Electra, and her revealing dress.
  • O.K. sports fans...Anna Kournikova is probably one of the hottest tickets on the net right now. In fact, she's most likely a close second to Sara Michelle Gellar. (We'll have some of Buffy in tomorrow's edition!) This one is from Rolling Stone magazine.
  • We've run this one before, but it's a fabulous scan of the young tennis star.
  • Sharon Stone
  • Sharon Stone has played a wide variety of characters in her movies, but I never thought of this! Although disguised as a model shot, I'm convinced that this is a test run of her character's look in a new movie about a psycho who has an unnatural obsession with Martha Stewart, an unquenchable lust for cleaning, and a passion for murder!
  • Another peek at her lunatic Martha character. This time without the feather duster.
  • One more of Ms. Stone from an almost Milla-esque photo shoot. Thanks to Crow for all of these scans.
  • Variety
  • It seems to be becoming a trend these days for us to run some truly classic screen legends. Well, thanks go out to scanmasters like ZonononZor for helping us feature these gone, but not forgotten beauties every so often. Today we have the wonderful Jean Harlow.
  • From the Anonymous Guy, another young tennis star, Martina Hingis.
  • This is probably the best vidcap collection I've seen of Sally Kirkland, from "Eye of the Stranger". Personally I've never really liked her, but I thought these were worth a second look.
  • Closing out today's images with French beauty Maria Schneider. Vidcaps from "Last Tango in Paris".