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"The L Word"

continuing with season four ...

1080hd. s4e7

Jennifer Beals

Rachel Shelley and Sandrine Holt

Continuing soft-core time and good old-fashioned naked ladies, and not much else. There is no time for a plot or story in these cinematic masterpieces.

Undercover Sex

Undercover Sex (2003) has nudity by Ananda St. James,

Angelica Costello,

Beverly Lynne

and Wendy Divine.




Karine Fallu


All comments by Johnny Moronic:

A couple of horror movies today.

The Devil's Hand


The Devil's Hand is a horror thriller set in an Amish-like religious sect where almost 18 years ago, 5 girls were born on the same day and according to the sect this will cause the devil to come back to Earth 18 years from now and inhabit the last girl standing. In the now, Mary (Alycia Debnam Carey) and the four other girls are counting down to their 18th birthday, but when one of the girls goes missing, possibly killed by a sinister force, the sect begins to panic as it seems the prophecy is coming true. When a second girl dies along with a local boy she was making out with and they are found in the forest by Mary, a full on panic grips the sect with Sarah's (Leah Pipes) dad sacrificing himself and the sect leader (Colm Meaney) begins to proclaim the devil is coming much against the Mary's father Jacob (Rufus Sewell), who is skeptical of the prophecy. Mary becomes more inquisitive and when he stepmother (Jennifer Carpenter) admits to her that her real mother isn't dead, but shunned by the sect, Mary goes about finding her mother who has a surprise of her own.

Rather hysterical horror movie where most of the behaviour of the backwards sect is all very creepy or extreme and all seems a bit much for a city slicker like me. I know religious sects can behaviour erratically, but some of the things that happen are all quite baffling or illogical. Debnam Carey is pretty good here, but that's not saying much because all of the women are hysterical or panicky idiots and she's the only character with any real depth here. A time passer if you're into religious horror movies, but otherwise forgettable.

Alicia Debnam Carey film clip (collages below)

The Hike


The Hike is a survival horror thriller where a group of girls go on hiking and camping weekend to the woods. Led by Kate (Zara Phythian), who has just arrived back home after a stint fighting in Afghanistan and seeing her boyfriend die in a firefight, she brings along four of her friends who are all very foreign to camping it seems. Along their hike, they meet three men who are doing a bit of abseiling in the forest and a group of foreign campers who are quite surly to the girls. One girl goes looking for some firewood, but seems to be taking a while, so the girls go looking for her, but along the way meet up with a couple of the men playing around naked in the river. After having a bit of a play in the river with the men, they continue to look, but along the way, Kate is pushed off a bunch of rocks and breaks her arm and gets knocked out, possibly by one of the men. It seems the men want to have a bit more fun with the girls. And by fun, I mean their version of fun which involves violent sex and death. So, who is going to survive the night.

A movie that so wishes it was far better horror movies like Eden Lake or The Descent (especially this movie as it was an unsubtle cameo from that movie's star Shauna Macdonald), but isn't even close in quality. Just the fact that apparently this rape and death binge is a regular occurrence already rings the alarm bells, but considering the men seem to be able to pick up the ladies without violent persuasion but still want it their way, including at one stage necrophilia, stretches the credulity of the movie. Hell, the only credible bit I can think of throughout the movie was the character of Kate, but even then they lumped her as the only character with the ability to fight back. There are far better movies that this of a similar variety, including ones already mentioned. This is a total last resort of a movie.

Emma Bulivant film clip (sample below)

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Jill Evyn and Stephanie Edmonds in Safeword (2015)



Tuppence Middleton in Jupiter Ascending (2015) in 720p

Felicia Porter, Laura Shields and one other woman in the explicit version of the music video for Timberlake's Tunnel Vision (2013) in 1080p

Barbra Streisand, narrowly avoiding some nipple exposure in The Owl and the Pussycat (1970)

Back in the old days, Graphic Response made the only known film clip from the uncensored version of this scene. (See below)

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Bojana Novakovic in Satisfaction (s1e8)

Valerie Kaprisky in The Public Woman