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Season Three

today: s3e2

Jenna Lind



Mansion of Madness


Brainscan's comments:
These clips (with caps) come from an unusual 70's psycho-horror called Mansion of Madness.  In the niche genre of movies that look at what happens when the inmates control an insane asylum, Mansion is not horrible.  So it does not blow chunks, as many 70's horror movies do; there is some fine acting going on here and although the characters do way too much talking and way too little doing, the dialogue ain't half bad.  But the movie also has not a bit of horror to it.  I wasn't afraid for the life and health of anyone at any time.  The scenes in the clips are as violent as it gets - what does it say when the only T and A in a movie comes during a semi-hemi-demi rape scene and something that is supposed to be human sacrifice, except the presiding judge crushes grapes over the nekkid body of a gal?  Anywho, there is not one little thing to make a viewer uncomfortable and there is no reason to worry about what might happen next.  The two women who give up some goodies are Monica Serna and Ellen Sherman.  Monica had a long career in European movies and it is unlikely this is the only time she went topless on the big screen but it is the only one I have seen.  And Ellen is a case of a woman who worked at the fringes of movies and TV for a while and then moved along.  Mansion was her first movie and it is apparently her one shot at on-screen nudity.  She would finish her career on TV as a character in a sitcom that lasted all of six episodes.  She was a pretty woman with a serious caboose on her and some acting talent but then Hollywood is just chock full of women who fit that description.


Tin God


Johnny's comments:

Another quickie from an Australian film, this time a recently released one.

Tin God is a very low budget drama about two brothers who couldn't be more different than one another. Ethan (Tana Smith) is a bit of a wanderer who constantly contemplates everything, including suicide. Jesse (Benjamin Doolan) is a ladies man who owns a club and couldn't be more cocky. Their already tenuous relationship is about to be tested by the arrival of the troubled Sasha (Whitney Duff), who both men take a shine to, but Ethan saw her first and calls first dibs. But, Sasha seems a little standoffish towards Ethan, so in swoops Jesse, which causes Ethan to have a fling with his ex Cassie (Joey Kingman). Ethan brushes Cassie off, still interested in getting with Sasha, but Sasha seems to want to play the two brothers against each other and with Cassie concerned about what is happening, it is going to end in tragedy, one way or another. A rough and tumble drama which offers no respite from the misery, which I don't mind, but it's near impossible to go with any of the character because their behaviour is appalling. And all bar Jesse are highly troubled. And there's a fascination with cutting one self which is highly disconcerting. One moment is very shocking indeed. Very hard film to like and very tough to recommended, but at least it's something a little different.

As this film is mostly set at night and filmed with a digital camera. The quality of picture isn't great, but it's better than the VHS rips I've done. It's not bad, but it ain't quality either.

Film/TV clips

Up-and-coming Aussie supermodel Montana Cox topless in Monster Children Magazine (outside link; 720p)
Stana Katic in For Lovers Only (2010)

Noomi Rapace in Daisy Diamond (2007). She doesn't have the body of Eva Green, but in other ways this could compete with Eva in The Dreamers for the title of best nude performance of the new millennium. Samples below.

Fily Keita in Who Killed Bambi (2003)


more of January Jones in Sweetwater (clip in yesterday's edition)

J-Lo with a kinda sorta wardrobe malfunction

Annamaria Marinca in The Politician's Husband, episode 2