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Eyes Wide Shut


Wow - ten years have passed.

Aesthete will spend several days on covering this project in 1920x1080 resolution. The remainder of the days will focus on film clips. Today: the collages.

Nicole Kidman

Abigail Good


Julianne Davis


Leelee Sobieski (dressed)

Various Others










Today the Time Machine takes another trip back to the seventies for "Exposed" starring Christine Lindberg. ("Exposed" is AKA "Exponerad" and "The Depraved.")

Christine shows it all as she poses for the camera in these caps and three clips.

Tomorrow in part 2 we look at the kinkier side of this film.



TV Land

Meanwhile, over in TV Land, Kate Snow shows off the legs on "Good Morning America". Caps and an HD clip.







Notes and collages

"Just Shoot Me"

Tiffany Amber Thiessen

s6, e5 (late 2001)


The Road to Wellville

Traci Lind











Cannibal Taboo



Regina Russell and Jessica Simone film clips, samples below








Meat Pie


"Coming of age is difficult for any young boy, but it is a little harder for Jono Smith. His secret fetish for kitchen appliances has caused him to lose his manhood in a flight of passion. Fortunately the recent death of a porn star makes a transplant possible and with the help of his crazy friends Jono just might get laid again."

To hell with Breaker Morant and Gallipoli. Here's Aussie cinema we can relate to.








Lily Allen - topless in public yet again - ashore and at sea


Torrie Wilson (not nekkid) in "I'm a Celebrity ..."

She has aged a lot since I saw her last.

Nieves Alvarez and Eugenia Silva on the cover of Vanity Fair (Spanish edition)

Iran Castillo, Mexican actress

Film Clips