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Confessions of a Young American Housewife


Confessions of a Young American Housewife (1974) This Joe Sarno film stars Mary Mendum as a young housewife deeply involved with her husband (Eric Edwards), and their neighbors (Chris Jordan and David Hausman). The four have been a constant foursome nearly since they moved in. It is into this mix that Mary's widowed mother (Jennifer Welles) is to visit. The two couples figure their fun and games are over for the duration of mom's two week visit - until they get a look at mom. Suddenly, mom's dance card is full, and even Mary is having incestuous feelings, which mom shares.

Joe was simply showing the period's sexual mores, and the incest angle was based on people he knew. The characters are believable. I especially enjoyed Chris Jordan, who was eating whenever she wasn't having sex. The women are attractive, the acting is wonderful, and the story is strong enough that the 105 minute running time flew by. I find myself in the same position after nearly every Joe Sarno film I view, highly recommending it. If you like soft core with a point, Sarno's work is hard to top. Kudos to Seduction Cinema for making his work available in good quality DVDs.

Chris Jordan

Lana Joyce

Jennifer Welles

Mary Mendum








The Godson


We finally wrap up "The Godson." Casey Lorraine, nice tits getting roughed up a little by our bad guy. Caps and a clip.


The trio of Uschi Digard, Maria Aranoff & Orita De Chadwick show off their boobs. Caps and a clip.


Maria Aranoff with more boobage before she gets blown away. They were rough on the girls in this flick. Caps and a clip.


One lucky dude getting it on with Uschi Digard & Deborah McGuire.  Some "Tool Time" action going on here. Caps and four clips.







Notes and collages

A Kind of Loving

1982, TV Series

Joanne Whalley








Olga Kurylenko - collage from two films: Le Serpent and Hitman








This French drama/romance/sci-fi film doesn't necessarily break new ground; it's a story of oppression by a government in the near future, but it is stylish, well done, and creepy. Based on the novel Graffiti by Julio Cortazar, the events are not so impossible to imagine in today's world. After 13 years of battling a rebel insurrection, the government regains control with strict curfews, suppression of most civil liberties, and a war against all graffiti. Anyone caught painting on walls is immediately arrested, and the graffiti is covered up within minutes.

Theo and Elia (Marion Cotillard) are drawn to each other by their love of drawing and painting, and fall in love. But as they continue to defy the authorities they are both caught, and they discover that the punishment definitely doesn't fit the crime.

This is a good one. My only real disappointment was with the horrible quality of the DVD. I've seen VHS tapes with better quality. Too bad, but it doesn't stop this from being a worthwhile flick.

Marion Cotillard







The Hankster sent in caps and clips of Lois Mitchell in The Godson a few days ago. Even though I know next to nothing about her, I can add a bunch of scansof her all nekkid and stuff that I found on the web years back. She does the full monty and sports a caboose worthy of some attention.





Paz Vega caught by a paparazzo on a topless beach

Film Clips


Connie Nielsen in Innocents, aka Dark Summer, 2000

Karin Schubert in La punition. 1974. An intellectual approach to porn, ala Radley Metzger. Good nudity.