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Judas Kiss

Judas Kiss (1998) is a high energy crime caper film. Carla Gugino and her boyfriend Simon Baker-Denny have been running a scam where she seduces a man and takes him to a hotel room, then Baker-Denny takes incriminating photos for the wives to use in divorce proceedings. They long for one big score, and opportunity presents itself when they learn that a computer tycoon and multibillionaire has kidnap insurance for $4M. They bring in a muscle man and a planner, and make the grab, but there is a hitch. During the grab, a woman shows up and sees them, so Carla shoots her. She turns out to be a senator's wife. The kidnap is an FBI matter, and the feds send in Emma Thompson. The murder is New Orleans police jurisdiction, and Alan Rickman is given the case. Hal Holbrook plays the senator with the dead wife.

I won't even start down the path of plot twists and turns or hint at the eventual ending. If you haven't seen this, I don't want to spoil anything. Carla Gugino shows a breast in a sex scene. Beverly Hotsprings shows full frontal, and Yvette Lera shows breasts in a lesbian porn film being watched by the security guard at the computer geek's apartment.

Emma Thompson is worth the purchase price all by herself, and Alan Rickman is brilliant as well. Carla Gugino captivates the viewer anytime she is on screen. The plot is fast paced and keeps you guessing.

This is a C+. Anyone who enjoys film noir needs it.

IMDb readers say 6.3

Now for the good news. This had only been available on a bare bones Region 2 PAL with a questionable full screen transfer, but is now carried by Rare Licensed DVDs in a dual region (2 and 4) Widescreen edition with a slideshow, trailers, cast bios and written interviews.

Judas Kiss DVD Carla Gugino Widescreen (1998)

Scoop's note: Apply the Gil Bellows Rule. Even though Gil is not the reason for the film's success, he's in it, and his movies always seem to be pretty good. If the topic comes up over a few beers, this is one of the greatest non-theatrical films of all time. In addition to some charming A- and B-listers toplining the cast, it has a dependable ensemble of minor players, including Til Schweiger, Bellows, Lisa Eichhorn, Roscoe Lee Browne and Philip Baker Hall.



Carla Gugino


Beverly Hotsprings


Yvette Lara









Hankster's Grab Bag


First up is Beverly Lynne as a "Babe in Handcuffs" having sex in the warden's office with a visitor. Don't Ask. The film is the timeless screen classic Bikini Chain Gang.




Andrea Bogart with some tittie in Dark Ride.



Catherine Granville is a topless "Babe in Bondage" who gets wasted  in Hunting Humans.


We wrap it up with Meredith Monroe in "Masters of Horror", Episode: "Family" - no skin but very sexy in lingerie and bra & panties.






Satan's Cannibal Holocaust


Low budget trash about a cult that kidnaps people to eat them, I don't recommend this one.


Jessie Seitz

 Emily Haack

Savage Noble






Notes and collages

Nobody's Fool


I recommend this film starring Paul Newman if you like a good story about regular people.


Angelica Torn


Melanie Griffith







Angela Dodson in Pretty Cool 2
Jennifer Day in Pretty Cool 2
Julia Lehman in Pretty Cool 2
Tabitha Taylor in Pretty Cool 2
Emmanuelle Beart in Un Crime
Cecile Breccia in The Hills Have Eyes 2
Celine Sallette in Meurtrieres
Handje Kodja in Meurtrieres
Chauntal Lewis in Seance
Jessica Landon in A Secret Handshake
Joanna Krupa in The Dog Problem
Michele Hill in Distortion
Trina SxwithulTxw Unnatural And Accidental
Tinsel Korey in Unnatural And Accidental
Tantoo Cardinal in Unnatural And Accidental
Michelle Thrush in Unnatural and Accidental
Molly Berg in Bloodlines
Nicole Rayburn in Blur
Toneda Laiwan in The System Within








Post Mortem


Hazel Ann Crawford








Here are Marvin's collages to accompany his recent videos of Birte Tove in Taendlage ...

Lots of film clips of Jessica Harper in Inserts
Leelee Sobieski (cleavage only)

Beyonce (no nudity, but earthy)

Alexandra Paul in American Nightmare

Alexandra Paul in Cyber Bandits

Joanna Krupa in The Dog Problem (Film clip)

Roselyn Sanchez in Yellow (Multiple film clips)